Church Lane Academy of Arts


As part of our vision to ensure we provide the best possible education to all of our children, we are prod to announce the launch of the Church Lane Primary School Academy of Arts from September 2022. 

As we know, some children are more creative than academic and struggle with core subjects in school. This can contribute to cause low self esteem, behavioural issues, low confidence and struggles creating friendships. 

The Church Lane academy of Arts will run from 3-5 once a week initially and will give our pupils the opportunty to access professional lessons in the Arts and work towards accredited exams. 

The cost of lessons, uniform and exams will be covered by the school so there will be no cost to families. 

We hope that the introduction of this will support children who are less confident within class, struggle to concentrate and take part in low level disruptive behaviour will learn different skills and ways to express themselves and allow them to feel a sense of achievement and belonging. By tackling these areas, a childs outlook of the way they approach subjects should be ore positive and confident.

We have been lucky enough to have Robin Windsor (of Strictly Come Dancing) agree to be an amabassador to the academy as he is a strong believer that all chilren should have the opportunity in Primary School. 

The initial offer will be Dance and Vocal coaching and we hope that as of September 2023 this will branch out to encompass Art and Drama.