Year 2

Mrs Egan-Shaw - Teacher

Mrs Glaves - Teacher 

Mrs Simeoli- Brown -Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sambridge - 1:1 support

Mrs Woollas - 1:1 support


Nikita Egan-shaw (Wednesday- Friday)

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite chocolate: I'm not fussy!

Hobby: Walking and travelling with my little family.

Food: Bangers, sweet potato mash and a thick onion gravy. Yum!

Drink: Apple juice

Favourite sport: Now I'm old - hiking. 

Team: Everton FC

Favourite subjects: Psychology and Special Eduactional Needs/ Pastoral

Interesting fact: Before I turned 18, I played for the women's first team at Macclesfield Town FC and Played Cheshire County Hockey.


TV personality resemblance: Nanny McPhee


Sally Glaves (Monday to Wednesday)

Favourite colour: Blue.

Favourite chocolate: Cadburys Dairy Milk.

Hobby: travelling, reading new books.

Food: Everything! I love eating out especially pizza and steak and chips!

Drink: Cappuccino 

Favourite sport: I’m an Olympic standard sleeper! Or Running!

Team: Team GB

Favourite subject: Maths and Art.

Interesting fact: I bungee jumped off the Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand.


TV personality resemblance: Mary Poppins


Mrs Simeoli- Brown (Monday- Friday)

 Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite chocolate: Cadbury's- the walnut ones! 

Hobby: Reading and spending time with my family.

Food: Kebab and chips

Drink: Earl Grey

Favourite sport: Boxing

Team: The A Team 

Favourite subject: Mindfulness

Interesting fact: I am a secret rock chick! 


TV personality resemblance: Mrs Doubtfire


 Mrs Amie Sambridge (Monday- Friday)

Favourite colour: Grey

Favourite chocolate: Maltesers buttons

Hobby: Shopping!!

Food: KFC

Drink: A nice cuppa tea!

Favourite sport: Gymnastics

Team: Arsenal (for my husband)

Favourite subjects: Music, English and PE 

Interesting fact: When I was 13 my two friends and I were in a pop group. We got surprise by ITV, recorded our song and went on the TV!!


TV personality resemblance: Maria from the sound of music


 Jenny Woollas - 1:1 support (Monday- Friday)

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite chocolate: Malteasers

Hobby: Cooking and spending time with my family

Food: Chips

Drink: Irn Bru

Favourite sport: Rugby

Favourite Team: Sleaford Rugby Club and England

Favourite subjects: History

Interesting fact: I love a good sing song and I always wanted to be a pop star!


TV personality resemblance: Miss Honey