Church Lane Primary School and Nursery



Curriculum Intention 

Here at Church Lane, we feel passionate about learning at every level and we ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity to succeed- with pupil achievement and enjoyment being at the heart of everything we do.

Our intention is to shape and mould children to reach their full potential. We believe that, in order to achieve this, we need a tailor made curriculum that is built around skills, knowledge and personal development.

We aim to do this by creating and embedding a curriculum which allows for creativity and critical thinking whilst also ensuring that children have access to basic age appropriate knowledge; before building on this prior learning in a focused and aspirational way. This aspect of the curriculum is underpinned by a focus on personal development: providing an array of first hand experiences for our children to learn from; ensuring our children have the opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and build resilience in a supportive environment. In turn we hope that children will understand that learning is a vital lifelong skill.

Underlying all of this planned curriculum is our school ethos and community – we work with children and their families encouraging our children to learn the importance of caring for and valuing their community – ensuring their community in turn values them.

By combining our focused curriculum with our school ethos we hope to open our children’s eyes to the opportunities the world has to offer them – encouraging them to be aspirational, ambitious and successful.


What our curriculum looks like:

Our school context is very diverse with the school serving a vast spectrum of pupils on the socioeconomic scale. Underpinning our curriculum, we want our children to have a good understanding of how people and society evolve over time and how this may change societies and individuals attitudes. We believe that by teaching children these key golden threads and the silver strands that branch from them, we will support our children with their understanding of society and their role within it.


Evolving People – Society’s changing views and beliefs’ .

For us as a school it is of vital importance that our Children access ideas, knowledge, values and opportunities that will assist them in social movement. The ideas and concepts below will be found and discussed in all aspects of our curriculum with the overarching context of the impact each has on society and individuals:

1. How we see each other: 

Sexism, Countries, Inequality, Refugees, Slavery, Racism, Class divides, Everyone’s rights

2. Powerful influences:

Monarchy, Rulers, Dictatorship, Empires, Democracy, Lawmakers

3. Religious influences:

Religion and wars, Monotheism, Multitude of gods, Scientific understanding, Religion, education

4. How Technology has helped us advance:

Social media/influencers, Internet, Phones, Computers, Lockdown, tech aid

5. How we see the world around us:

Global warming, Social movements, Pollution, Changing lifestyles to suit this

6. Aspirations

Reading about leaders of their fields (Women in science etc)

Any opportunities that show our children inspirational people/jobs/ideas etc

Any opportunities to develop enterprise skills




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