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DOORS: 17:45

EYES DOWN: 18:30



Scholastic Book Club.

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6th September 2021 return to school

Dear Parents/Carers
I hope you are all enjoying the summer break and are looking forward to the final summer heatwave that we have been promised. The start of school is quickly approaching and we look forward to welcoming our new nursery starters and new reception class as well as all the other children. 
As you can imagine lots of new guidance has been coming out with regards to the start of school which I aim to share in this email.
As already mentioned we have now confirmed our start and end times for the new year. Children will need to be in school between 8:30 and 8:45 before the gates close at this time. The first lesson starts at 8:50, so it is very important that children are on time. Reception class will then finish at 3:10, KS1 at 3:15 and KS2 at 3:20. 
With regards to P.E, years 1-6 will all have one P.E session on a Thursday starting first week back. If the children come to school wearing P.E kits this will save time getting ready. The children's second slot will be confirmed first week back and the same will apply regarding kit. Reception will have 1 P.E lesson on a Wednesday and the second will be confirmed also first week back. Reception children will come to school in uniform and change into their kit here. This is because changing is a core part of the EYFS curriculum. 
The uniform list is on our school website and can be purchased from the shop in Sleaford or online at Nationwide uniforms. We are excited to introduce our new Blazers for Year 5 and 6 children this year and look forward to seeing how smart they look on the first day back. Children are able to wear their red v neck jumpers under the blazers if they wish but this is optional. 
With regards to COVID, everything in essence reverts back to how we were pre pandemic which will be a bit of a culture shock for everyone however there will be a few changes:
  • Staff will continue to test twice a week, 
  • wearing a mask at drop off and pick up will be optional
  • Children will continue to wash/anti-bac their hands regularly
  • where warm to do so, rooms will have their windows open
  • Carbon Dioxide monitors will be installed in school to measure air quality
  • No more class bubbles (unless required- see below)
  • Whole school mixing
  • Assemblies return
  • After school clubs return
  • Whole bubbles will no longer close if we have a positive test, instead children of contacts advised to book a PCR test. Track and trace and Public Health will now make school decisions with regards to isolation etc. 
  • Information will continuously change and school will update you on this. 
  • Children and adults still required to get a test if they are displaying coronavirus symptoms
Below is a table with actions that we will follow in the result of a positive case:

Number of Cases:






A single child tests Positive

· A single child tests positive for Covid in a class.

· There are fewer than 5 cases in the year group.

· No other year groups are affected.

· The child/staff member who tested positive self-isolates for 10 days. Remote learning will be provided if they are well enough to complete it.

· The parents of the child or the staff member are contacted directly by NHS Track and Trace to establish likely contacts.

· Likely contacts will be contacted by NHS Track & Trace and advised to book a PCR Test. The school will contact parents to advise this if close contacts are known.

· Children do not need to miss school or self-isolate whilst they wait for the result of the PCR test unless they have Covid Symptoms.


5 children or staff within a year group test positive within 10 days of each other.


3 children or staff in a single Class / Club within 10 days.



· There have been 5 cases of Covid across a year group within 10 days which could mean that Covid is spreading within that group of children.

· As above for each positive case.

· The school will discuss the outbreak with Lincolnshire Public Health and agree strengthening protective measures for 10 school days, including:

o   Re-introducing staff social distancing for corridors & communal areas.

o   Adapting, limiting or postponing indoor events, trips, open days and performances.

o   Reverting to virtual assemblies

o   Reducing the amount of classes staff work across.



Covid cases continue to increase rapidly within a 10 day period.


·Despite the measures indicated above, Covid cases within the school continue to rise within a 10 day period with multiple classes and staff affected, suggesting that Covid is spreading widely throughout the school.

·  Incident Management Team meeting held between the school and Lincolnshire Public Health to agree further measures, for a further 10 school days, including:

o   Re-introducing class bubbles.

o   Reverting to class-based school lunches.

o   Limiting all non-essential visitors to school.

o   Postponing all non-essential events.

o   Re-introducing remote learning for individual classes for 10 school days considered.

I hope this email clarifies what school will look like upon our return. As usual, if you have any questions please email: 
Enjoy the rest of Summer and we look forward to welcoming you back. 
Kind regards
Mr Clay

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