The School Day

Below is a general outline of the school day. There are some slight variations between year groups.

8:30 School gates opens

8:45 Registration (Watch the news) and school gate closes- All children to be in by this time.

8:50-9:05 Spelling

9:05- 9:35 Phonics and guided reading

9:35-10:55 Maths (See break times below)

10:40-10:55- Reception and KS1 break.

10:55-11:10 KS2 Break time

12-Reception and KS1 Lunch begins (Play first and eat second)

12:30 KS2 Lunch begins- Eat first play second.

12:50- KS1 lunch ends

1:20 KS2 lunch ends

2:50 Intervention afternoon

3:10 EYFS Finish

3:15 KS1 finish

3:20 KS2 finish