Miss Brand

 Favourite colour: Red

Favourite chocolate: Kinder Bueno

Hobby: Reading

Food: Pasta or pizza

Drink: Smoothie

Favourite sport: Cycling

Team: Chelsea

Favourite subject: History

 Interesting fact: I can dislocate my shoulder on request









 10.2.2021 - Message to Parents/Carers from Miss Brand, Hayley and Miss Richardson 

                                                                                                   Wednesday 10th February

Dear Parents/Carers,

On behalf of myself, Hayley and Miss Richardson (our new student teacher), we would like to say thank you to YOU! You have worked so brilliantly hard these last five weeks and we want you to know it is very much appreciated.

For those of you who have had your children at home, thank you for getting your children logged on to Google Classroom, accessing live lessons and helping them to take part in all the extra pieces of work and assignments that we have given. You have kept going despite many disconnections and tricky lessons to get to grips with. It has been so nice to see so many of you get involved in our lessons too!

For those who have been bringing children into school, thank you for your smiles every day and kind words of encouragement - it has truly kept us going each day. 

Next term will start off in much the same way as this term so we ask again for your continued perseverance and determination to help your children access the live lessons,  submit their assignments and keep going.

Without your support, this would have been a very tricky term to get through for both the children and us. You are all doing a great job under these strange circumstances!

Thank you once again,

Miss Brand, Hayley and Miss Richardson :)