Young Carers

At Church Lane Primary School and Nursery, we are aware that some of our pupils are young carers.  

We pledge to work towards implementing a whole school approach to identifying and supporting young carers and are currently working to achieve the Young Carers in school Bronze Award run by the Carers Trust and The Children's Society.


What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is someone under 18 who is caring for, or living with, a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems. They include children whose siblings have an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in place, as well as children with other caring responsibilities - such as being the primary English language speaker at home.

Young Carers may engage in:

• Practical tasks (cooking, housework and shopping)

• Physical care (lifting or helping someone use the stairs)

• Personal care (dressing, washing, helping with toilet needs)

• Managing the family budget (collecting benefits and prescriptions)

• Managing medication

• Looking after younger siblings

• Helping someone communicate


How Can We Help?

We know that young carers may need a little extra support to enjoy and do well at school. At Church Lane Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that all pupils who are young carers are identified and supported effectively.

Maybe they need some time during the day to complete reading or homework rather than at home, maybe they need to let off steam and chat about any worries, or maybe they just need a bit of free time to relax with friends. We may also be able to find additional support for the whole family.


What Should You Do?

If you think your child might be a young carer, or could be affected by any of the issues we’ve highlighted, please let us know by contacting either of the 2 members of staff with responsibility for young carers via the main school office phone number (01529 302696) or by email:

Mrs Kirsten Jones 

Mrs Rachel Wardell