Welcome to our class page!

We are delighted to be establishing ourselves in our new SEND Provision and enjoying lots of meaningful and engaging learning that focuses on what the children need.


Mrs Ashford


Favourite colour: Green

 Favourite chocolate: Tony's Chocolonely Dark

 Hobby: Swimming, dog walking and camping

 Food: My Mum's Sunday Dinner

 Drink: Peppermint Tea

 Favourite sport: Rugby

 Team: Wales

 Favourite subject: Guided Reading

Interesting fact: I once lived in Australia and scuba-dived in the Coral Reef!


Miss Slater


Favourite colour: Turquoise

 Favourite chocolate: Kinder Bueno

 Hobby: Gaming, Computing and Drawing

 Food: Chicken Dinner

 Drink: A&W Cream Soda!

 Favourite sport: Badminton

 Team: Chelsea

 Favourite subject: Performing Arts and Dance 

Interesting fact: I am an animal whisperer!!


Mrs Woollas


Favourite colour: Purple

 Favourite chocolate: Malteasers

 Hobby: Walking my dog and cooking

 Food: Italian

 Drink: Irn Bru

 Favourite sport: Rugby 

 Team: England

 Favourite subject: Maths or History 

Interesting fact: I lived in Scotland until I was 16.