Autumn Term 2021

September 2021

Our literacy learning focus to begin term was Cave Baby. We got involved with familiarising ourselves with the story through dressing up and role play, cave painting, and most recently exploring our understanding of the text using visual literacy called colourful semantics to create sentences or labels.

In numeracy we are concentrating on consistently understanding of number to 10, so understanding 1:1 correspondance (each item we count represents a number), matching numbers to amounts and forming numbers. We do this through a variety of practical resources inside and outside the classroom. So we might be counting natural items outside like leaves or the number of animals in the tuff tray in the classroom. We try our best to follow the children's motivations and interests. 

October 2021

Most recently, in literacy, we are considering the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs and focussing on retelling the story with a view to sequencing the story and recording what we understand happens. The children have been using lots of role play props and construction materials to re-create scenes in the story.

In numeracy we continue to consolidate consistent understanding of number and some children are considering numbers past 20. Active and practical activities we have been partaking in to engage in this learning include splatting soap the correct number of times with a fly swat, finding the right number of items with a spinner and singing number songs. 

After our half term break we are going to focus our literacy and numeracy activities towards the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This story offers lots of opportunites for using Makaton sign langauge, sensory activities such as exploring the mud/water/grass and repetition of story lines such as 'We can't go over it, we can't go under it' to aid with re-telling and story sequencing.   


November 2021 Welcome Back!  

Well the first week back has flown by and we have really immersed ourselves into the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children have taken part in a full sensory experience of the story, Mr. Clay came into our classroom and said he had been transported! Some children are concentrating on developing their understanding of numbers to 10; whilst others have started looking beyond this. We are using lots of practical resources to support this progression such as our kitchen play area with it's variety of food! We have asked some children to problem solve numbers and find a variety of ways of making them.  

Weeks commencing 15/11 and 22/11

So in Everest Room we have continued to forge forwards and the focus has firmly been on using their understanding of the story to sequence the events and then innovate and create a new story setting for the children to go on a Bear Hunt on. This has involved practising our small motor skills to practise formation of letters, putting sentences in our head, using picture prompts as reminders and then committing themselves to transcribing their ideas. The children have decided to go on a Bear Hunt to a jungle, through a thunderstorm and to a ghostly land amongst other ideas. 

Some of the children have started to explore their number bonds to 10, which is one of the foundations of understanding number. They have used numicon, which is a very visual and concrete way for them to piece together the puzzle of these addition sentences. The children have also been using beads, multi-link cubes and an interactive game on the whiteboard. Other children have been counting in various ways to 5 or 10 using practical resources in the classroom, such as our counting can with vegetables and fruit that need to be counted into them. 

Week commencing 29/11

Stickman has arrived in our classroom! We have been engaging with the story using our own stickman and story spoons to get to know the characters and sequence of the story. The children have been using their 'fred talk' to sound out and read nound from the story and we have been exploring their understanding wusing lots of what? Why? Where? and How? questions. The children have then been using their knowledge of phonemes and letter formation to label the nouns from the story. 

In number some children are concentrating on their number understanding to 10, others to 20. We are also looking at addition, specifically number bonds to 10. All this number exploration has involved lots of practical resources, including 'Penguins on Ice'. This resource has a block of ice for penguins to stand in, they choose two colours and illustrate a number sentnce to 10 such as 8 + 2 = 10 with 8 red penguins and 2 green penguins. It's been very weather appropriate!  

 Week commencing 6/12

This week we have been continuing to look at nouns in the story Stickman and using the children's phonics knowledge to sound them out or use our ReadWriteInc 'fred talk'. The children have then been been sequencing the story in readiness to re-tell it using sentences, captions or labels. 

In number we are continuing to concentrate on 1:1 correspondece of numbers to 5, 10 or 20, depending on the child and recogntion of number to 20 out of order. So we have lovely resources such as our squishy fish and the children find them in an untidy fishy pile and must put them back in order. We have also been using various resouces to help with more rapid recall of our number bonds to 10 for some children, this has included using different coloured beads on strings and  different coloured counters on a tens frame (this is a blank box with 10 squares in it for the children to represent 10).