Instrument of Government


 INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT:  Church Lane Primary School and Nursery

1.         The name of the school is Church Lane Primary School and Nursery

2.         The school is a Local Maintained Primary School. 

3.         The name of the Governing Body is The Governing Body of Church lane Primary School and Nursery

4.         The Governing Body shall consist of:- 

            (a)        2 Parent Governors 

            (b)        1  Local Authority Governor 

            (c)        1  Staff Governors  

            (d)        1  Headteacher Governor 

           (e)        5 Co-opted Governors appointed by the Governing Body 

5.         Total number of Governors: 10 

            (The Head Teacher to give written notice that s/he chooses not to be a Governor).

 6.         The term of office of all Governors is four years and existing Governors who were assimilated would finish their existing term of office. 

7.         This Instrument of Government comes into effect on September 2021.  

8.         This Instrument was made by order of the Lincolnshire County Council Local Education Authority to comply with Part 5 (Regulations 26-31) of the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012.