Autumn Term 2019

Cross Country

On Friday 6th December, 32 children travelled to PGL at Caythorpe to take part in the annual Cross Country event. Children in Y3/4 raced against each other and Y5/6 raced against each other. 

The year 3/4 race was run over approximately 1.5 miles, whilst the year 5/6 race was run over approximately 2 miles. 

The course was extremely muddy and wet, but the children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and ran to the best of their ability. A big well done to Esme in year 3, who finished in 10th and Neda, also in year 3, who finished in 16th. 

Here are a few pictures of the event, more pictures can be found on the gallery page. 

Football Tournament

On Friday 29th November the Church Lane Football team travelled to Rauceby to take part in the Football qualifiers. All large schools in the Sleaford area were split into two groups, with Coningsby, Cranwell, Winchelsea, Chestnut Street and Navenby playing at Chestnut Street and Leasingham, William Alvey, Church Lane, Rauceby and St Botolph's playing at Rauceby. 

Each team at each location, were to play each other once, with the top two teams from each group qualifying for the finals. 

First up for Church Lane were Leasingham. For a while it looked like the game was all set for a nil nil draw, but Leasingham were able to sneak in two goals in the last few minutes. Final score 2-0. 

Next were Rauceby, who we lost against on Monday evening. Church Lane uped their game and were able to finish the game 0-0. 

The third match of the day was against St Botolph's, Church Lane had an increased level of confidence and dominated the game, with Joey scoring the first goal of the day! 1-0. 

The final game was against William Alvey, Church Lane held on for a while, making excellent tackles and at the other end some excellent shots. However, with only a few minutes to go William Alvey were able to score. Making the final score 2-0. 

This meant that Church Lane finished in a respectable 4th place, against some much larger schools. Well done to all who played. 

Football v Rauceby

On a wet Monday 25th November, the Football team travelled to Rauceby to take part in a league match. Due to illness, we were down a few players, but this didn't bother the Church Lane team who were eager to get stuck in.

The game kicked off and it was Rauceby who dominated the possession from the off, passing the ball between themselves very well. A run down the wing from the Rauceby attack saw the first goal of the game, very early on. 1-0. 

Church Lane battled hard to win back the possession, but it was quickly 2-0. This did not seem to bother Church Lane, in fact it made them up their game and play better, with Kaci and Joey having a number of chances. But this didn't stop Rauceby, who were able to get a third. 3-0. 

Church Lane still continued to work well as a team, supporting one another, this determination really paid off and Kaci was able to score our first goal of the game just before half time. However, Rauceby were not going to let us have the glory that easily...and squeezed another in just before the whislte. 4-1. 

The second half saw a change of keeper for both teams, Church Lane had not been beaten yet and were confident going into the second half. Some more fantastic football from Rauceby saw them net another three, before Kaci was able to score the best goal of the game. 7-2. 

But it wasn't over, and Rauceby continued their dominating play and ended the game with nine goals! Final score 9-2. 


TAG Rugby tournament

On Friday 22nd November, eight children from Year 5 and 6 travelled across to Carre's Grammar School to take part in a TAG Rugby tournament. Pupils from schools all over the Sleaford area were in attendance and were split into four groups. Church Lane were placed with teams from Digby, Nocton, Our Lady, Leasingham and Cranwell, each team would play the other once, with the winners progressing to the semi-final. 

The scores of the Church Lane matches were as follows: 

Church Lane 2 v 3 Cranwell

Digby 0 v 6 Church Lane

Leasingham 3 v 1 Church Lane

Our Lady 1 v 8 Church Lane

Church Lane 5 v 5 Nocton


Unfortunately, these result were not quite enough to see us through to the semi-final. However, the children played extremely well in all games, displaying excellent sportsmanship, determination and resilience throughout the tournament. Well done to all who played. 


Football v Helpringham

On Thursday 21st November, Church Lane played host to Helpringham Primary School, in their second league match of the year. It was a bitterly cold evening, but this didn't bother the children from either team!!

The match started well for Church Lane, who passed the ball well and made some great tackles. Finley played particularly well, putting some fantastic balls through to Scott. However, the Helpringham team were strong and were able to break through the Church Lane defence. Josh was forced to make some difficult saves early on in the game. Helpringham continued to dominate the play and a shot from outside the area was placed into the top corner, out of Josh's reach. 0-1. 

Church Lane continued to work hard to try and pull it back and showed excellent determination, but an excellent run through the Church Lane defence, saw them on the score sheet again 0-2. Again, Church Lane tried to come back but Helpringham were on fire! A slip up in defence saw Helpringham gifted an own goal. 0-3 at half time. 

The second half saw a change round for both teams. Church Lane again started strongly and quickly started to attack well and had their first shots on goal. Some excellent runs from Kaci, Joey and Scott put the pressure on the Helpringham defence. It was Scott who managed to finally put the ball in the back of the net, 1-3. 

The goal had given Church Lane a new found confidence and all of a sudden they were taking more chances and getting close to scoring again. A shot from Joey was tipped over the bar by the Helpringham keeper, in a remarkable save, keeping the score line to 1-3. 

Well done to all who played. The next football match is on Monday 25th November against Rauceby.

School Games Afternoon

On Friday 18th October, all took part in an intra-school competition, competiting in their house teams, against other pupils in the class. 

The Sports Crew chose the sports in which the pupils were to take part in. Year 3 played Tri-Golf, Year 4 played Seated Volleyball, Year 5 Football whilst Year 6 played Basketball. 

The results were as follows:  (results will be added in due course)

Year 3 Tri-Golf

1st - Oak - 180 points

2nd - Willow - 155 points

3rd - Beech - 144 poiints

4th - Cedar - 136 points

Year 4 Seated Volleyball

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  12-12  19-11  13-13  5  2nd
Beech  12-12 X  13-14  10-10  2  =3rd
Willow  11-19  14-13  X  11-9  6  1st
Cedar  13-13  10-10  9-11  X  2  =3rd

Year 5 Football

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  2-1 2-0  2-0  1st 
Beech  1-2 X 2-0  2-2  2nd 
Willow  0-2 0-2   X 0-2  4th 
Cedar 0-2 2-2 2-0 X 4 3rd

Year 6 Basketball

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  1-2 3-8  0-5  4th 
Beech  2-1 X  4-1 8-0  1st 
Willow  8-3 1-4   X  5-1 2nd 
Cedar 5-0 0-8 1-5 X 3 3rd

Football v Winchelsea

On Thursday 10th October, the Football team hosted Winchelsea in their first Football match of the year. 

There were a number of new players in the team, including a new goalkeeper. Church Lane started the game well, quickly gaining possession and attacking towards the Winchelsea goal. Scott was able to cross the ball to Kaci, who struck it into the top corner. 1-0. 

This early goal, gave the Church Lane players some added confidence. They continued to play well throughout the first half, causing the Winchelsea keeper to make some excellent saves. A few shots hit the post and narrowly missed the goal. However, in the final seconds of the first half, Scott was able to turn his assist into a goal, with support from Joey. 2-0. 

At the start of the second half, Winchelsea passed the ball well and were able to get through the Church Lane defence, scoring their first goal of the game. 2-1. Church Lane did not lose their drive and continued to play well, another goal from Kaci, took the lead to 3-1. This domination continued and Scott was also able to get a second goal, making the score 4-1 with a couple of minutes left on the clock. A final push saw a brilliant cross from Carter into Joey, who scored a half volley just before the final whistle. Full time score 5-1. 

Well done to all who played, the next match is on Thursday 21st November against Helpringham.

Netball v William Alvey

On Monday 7th October, the Netball team travelled across to William Alvey to play their first league match of the year. 

There are some new additions to the team, as well as some who played for the team last year, but this didn't stop the nerves. 

Church Lane won the toss and took the first centre pass, quickly they dominated the play keeping the majority of possession. They passed the ball really well, enabling Jess and Clayton to have a couple of shots. The defenders, of Zoe and Scott, did a great job of keeping the ball out of the William Alvey semi-circle, who also only had two shots. At the end of the quarter, it was all square, 0-0. 

After the rotation, William Alvey started very strong, scoring the first goal of the game within seconds. But Church Lane did not give up and Kaci quickly equalised. Darcy, Kaci and Courtney worked seamlessly in attack and were able to have another four shots, but it was Courtney this time who took the lead for Church Lane. William Alvey did not give up though, even with Libbi and Clayton working hard in defence, the score was still all tied at 2-2. 

The third quarter saw Church Lane dominate, Darcy, Zoe and Scott kept the ball in the attacking end for the majority of the quarter. Eight shots were had by the Church Lane shooters, two of which were successful. Church Lane had the lead into the final quarter. 2-4.

In the last quarter, both teams showed their determination to win. The play was end to end, but it was William Alvey who scored first and clawed their way back to 4-4. With only minutes to go Scott was able to score one last goal, to take the win 4-5. 

Well done to all who played, the next Netball league match is on Thursday 14th November against Winchelsea. 


Seated Volleyball

On Friday 27th September, four children from Year 4 and 5 went across to William Alvey to play in a seated Volleyball competition. This is an inclusive sport in which disabled and non-disabled players play alongside each other. 

The Church Lane team competed against children from William Alvey, St Botolph's, Horbling Browns and Billingborough. They drew one of their games and lost three, but had an amazing time in the process!


On Friday 27th September, four children from Year 6 went across to Our Lady School, to take part in a Volleyball tournament. The compeition was designed to enable pupils to experience Volleyball in a competitive environment. 

The children played the Under 11 rules of Volleyball, in which the first touch of the ball from over the net is a catch. The children worked hard to developed thier use of the set shot in two touch Volleyball. 

Church Lane played against teams of children from Our Lady, Helpringham and Kirkby La Thorpe. They won two of their games and lost one, finishing in second place. 


On Friday 20th September, six children from Year 5, travelled to Rauceby Primary School to take part in a Tchoukball 'try it' event. Tchoukball is a team game played using rebound nets, unlike other team games, players can score a goal at either end of the court. The rules are similar to handball, where you can move only three steps with the ball, but other than that it is quite different. 

The children played against teams from Rauceby, Brant Broughton and Cranwell, none of the children had played the sport before, so the first few games were all about getting used to the game and understanding the rules. 

By the end of the event, all the children were more confident in playing the game and were even able to run the game themselves, understanding when there should be a free pass, a throw in etc. 

Well done to all the children who took part, hopefully they will be able to pass on their knowledge of tchoukball to others in the school!

Active Maths Challenge

On Friday 13th September, four children from Year 3 and 4 travelled across to St Botolph's to take part in an Active Maths Challenge. This event was designed to inspire children who like Maths to be more active and likewise to inspire children who like sports to try Maths activities in an active way. 

The children took part in a series of active Maths challenges, they enjoyed themselves and will hopefully be trying out some of these games at school.