Summer Term 2019


  Preparations will now begin to get your child ready for Year 1. We will be focusing on supporting your child to achieve their Early Learning Goals.

Please CLICK HERE and remind yourself of what your child is expected to be doing by the end of the year.


What can you do at home?


Read story books every night with your child- enjoy talking about the pictures and what is happening.

If you child has a Reading book then please read at least 3 times a week- Rereading the same book increases fluency and understanding of the book.

Encourage your child to write shopping lists, Birthday cards, invitations.

Practice counting and recognising numbers to 20 and beyond.


W/C 8th July 2019

We cannot believe it is the end of the year! It only feels like 5 minutes since we met the class of 2018. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the children grow and develop over the year.

Our highlights from the year:

  • Our trips to Farm Kitchen, Boston Theatre and The Play Town
  • Meeting a footballer and learning some new skills
  • Listening to a local Author read us a story and take part in some linked activities
  • Watching our budding Actors and Actresses take part in our Christmas Nativity
  • Watching the children make special friends and supporting them in solving problems
  • Water play- we have seen the best water slides this year!
  • Construction- the children have excelled this year with their creations
  • Sharing lots of lovely stories together

We hope you have a fantastic summer and make lots of memories that will last a life time!

Keep safe and have fun!

W/C 1st July


A very busy week….


Thank you for attending Sports Day. The children coped extremely well with the heat and did us proud with their perseverance skills. The children did not give up, even when they found it tricky.


We have been designing and making our own Frisbees and boomerangs. This stemmed from a child’s interest. We discussed the shape that we would need and tested different materials to see which material was the most effective. The children decided on cardboard rather than ‘floppy’ paper. We then discussed the history of boomerangs and how they were originally used for hunting.


To make the most of the weather, we set up some paddling pools to cool us down. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience. It was lovely to hear the children chatting and giggling.


In Maths, we have been ‘halving’. The children demonstrated excellent knowledge of this and could confidently half with practical resources.




Reminders: Trip money needs to be ASAP. Thank you for returning all permission slips. We will leave school at 12.30pm and return at 4pm.



W/C 24th June

We have been learning about healthy eating. The reason for this is that quite a few children are choosing to bring in unhealthy snacks at play time e.g. crisps, sausage rolls and sweets. To help promote healthier eating we made some fruit kebabs. The children prepared the fruit themselves by washing, peeling and chopping. The children learnt a new word ‘skewers.’ We discussed why fruit keeps us healthy. We were very proud with the children as they all tried some of the fruit. We ate kiwi, mango, banana, pineapple and strawberries.

Looking after babies has also been a hot interest this week. To follow on from washing the babies and talking about how to keep clean, the children also had the opportunity to make milk using baby formula and baby food.  The children did a tremendous job at looking after the babies. To follow on we will talking about the names of our body parts including Penis and Vagina. This is part of our Sex and Relationships Education. If you have any questions about this please speak to Kelly/Anne.

Please remember that on Wednesday 3rd July you are invited to Key Stage 1 Sports Day. Parents are welcome to spectate from 1.30pm.

W/C 10th June

We have had a very wet week! We did wonder whether the rain would ever stop. We tried our best to continue our learning outside but sometimes the rain got the better of us!

To allow the large scale construction to continue we brought some of the crates and pipes inside. We added giant pine cones and marbles to the area too. We were fascinated to watch the children work together to create a giant marble run. We observed lots of team work and solving problems throughout the exploration. Each day the children adapted the marble run, enhancing it each time.

This week we also used the Bluebots. The children directed the Bluebot to a word. The children had to read the word that the Bluebot landed on. We are getting very good at Reading now!


W/C 17th June

This week we have been practicing for Sports Day on the field. Please ensue your child has trainers or plimsolls at all times. Sports Day is Wednesday 3rd July.

Next Thursday and Friday (PM) our class will be moving up into Year 1 to spend some time with their new teacher, Miss Cragg. Miss Cragg will set the class expectations and Class Charter with the children. If you have any questions about this important transition, then please speak to Kelly or Anne.

Thank you for all those who have returned trip letters. However, we still have a few outstanding. At this stage we really need the permission slip else you child will have to stay at school. Please return the slip ASAP.


Thank you

W/C 3rd June

We have had a great first week back. We hope you agree that the 8.30am start is having a positive impact on the children- the children are settling a lot quicker! Thank you for your support with leaving your child at the green gate. This will really benefit them when entering Year 1.

The children are full of energy and are really keen to please. Our Year 1 preparations are underway and the children are responding very well to the new expectations.

This term we will be consolidating the Early Learning Goals. We also have a lot to look forward to:

  • Trip to the Role Play Centre- please return permission slip ASAP
  • Sports Day
  • Award Ceremony


Please remember that Reading Books now get changed on a Friday only. We will be sending out the book that they have been reading during Phonics. It may seem easy for your child but fluency and deepened understanding of the book will prepare them for the expectations in Year 1.


Thank you for your support.


W/C 19th May

One thing we have noticed about this class is the children’s love for books. A year ago we were beginning to worry that children didn’t enjoy story books. However, this year we have completely changed our opinion. As soon as we get a story out you can hear a pin drop in the classroom!


To inspire the children further we invited a local Author, Emma Pickles, into Reception class.


Emma read ‘Sidney Seagull Starts the Stomp’ to us, using props to bring the story to life. The children listened very well. After we enjoyed the story, the children went and worked with Emma in small groups.


Thank you for those who purchased Emma’s story books. We hope you enjoy sharing them with your child.



W/C 12th May


 We have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine this week. Most children have spent their time outside. We have talked a lot about sun safety and ensuring we wear our caps outside and drink plenty of water. Reminder: Please apply sun cream to your child before they come into school. Bring in a labelled sun cream and we will encourage your child to re-apply at lunch time. Keeping your child safe in the sun is our priority but we cannot accept responsibility for sunburn.


We have also explored our new outdoor woodland area. We used the Ipads to take photos of all the living things we could see. We discussed plants, flowers, seasons and insects. The children enjoyed exploring the area, pointing out their favourite flowers and giving reasons why. The children’s vocabulary was stretched throughout this exploration.


The children noticed that some of the plants were dying. The children were very quick to respond with how they could help. They went and fetched some watering cans and watered the whole garden as a team. Next week, we are hoping to do some gardening as we noticed a few weeds!

W/C 6th May

This term we are focusing on meeting our Early Learning Goals. To support the children’s learning in Reading we have set up a Phonics Hub in the classroom. We are pleasantly surprised will how well the children are accessing the area. The area compliments our RWI Phonic scheme. The children can choose to:


  • Build words using the magnetic boards and letters
  • Sort out alien words from real words by looking for their ‘special friends’ first
  • Read books at their Reading level
  • Practice Reading Set 1 and Set sounds
  • Explore the different Reading games
  • Read high frequency words

 We have loved watching the children help each other in this area. It is one of our busiest areas in the classroom J

This week, we have also read stories that develop the children’s understanding of looking after our world, with a focus on decreasing our plastic footprint. Later in the term, we have organised a local Author, Emma Pickles to come and read some of her stories to us and explore the book further through small world puppets.

Please remember to fill out the WOW stars relating to ICT in the home. We know our children are very savvy when it comes to using the Ipads but we would love to know what they can do in the home.  Your responses will support our ongoing assessments.

W/C 29th April

This week we have been kindly donated a tent for our outdoor area. We asked the children what they would like in it. They asked for blankets, sleeping bags and books. We have really enjoyed watching the children share stories together in the tent. Some children chose to re- tell familiar stories and some children chose to practice their reading skills by applying their Phonic knowledge.



Thank you for your patience whilst we have been changing over our Reading scheme. The new books that we will be sending out will compliment what your child has been reading in school. We are very excited by these new books. Please help us to look after them and return them to school once read. Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue a new book until the existing book returns.