Summer Term 2020



Bubble A

Our ‘Story of the Week’ has been ‘What the Lady Bird Heard.’

We have had a fantastic week learning about different facts of a ladybird. Did you know the ladybird is part of the beetle family and their wings are protected by a shell?

 We also looked at the life-cycle of the ladybird and we were really fascinated to watch the different stages. Next time you go for a walk, have a look for small yellow eggs on leaves.

The book encouraged us to talk about positional and directional language. We used the Bluebots and directed them around our own farm. We listened carefully to the instructions on how to use them correctly. Next week we are going to use Google Maps to navigate our way around Sleaford. We will use the directional language learned this week to successfully get from A to B.

We will also be having a mini- sports morning next week too.

WC 6.7.2020 

Bubble B


Another fatastic week this week in Reception B!


This week we have been developing our interest of the outdoors and incorporated our book ‘What the Ladybird heard’ to our learning.


We have created our own ladybird fact file, decorated our own mini beasts, drawn farm animal, created maps around the farm and used google maps to navigate our way around Sleaford using some really fantastic vocabulary: forwards, backwards, left and right. The children also practiced writing their adresses and navigating their way through sleaford to plan their walk to school.


This week and last we had a celebration assembly in school so I would like to say a big well done to our certificate winners:


Last week-


Zoe for always putting 100% effort in with her writing.


Emilia for always being helpful and kind to her friends.


This week-


Olivia G- for trying really hard to use her words when solving problems with her friends


Oskaras for being an excellent mathematician adding numbers without counters.


Teagan- for trying really hard with her reading and phonics this week.



W/C 29th June


Our Story of the week has been ‘Superworm.’


The children thoroughly enjoyed this story as they have really enjoyed learning about different mini-beasts. We have learnt a number of different facts about worms. Did you know worms have tiny hairs that help them move?


We have also learnt how to look after our worms in our wormery. We discovered that the word ‘wormery’ means a purpose built house for worms. We read about the types of foods that worms can eat and foods that they cannot eat. We worked together to create a large poster to display next to our wormery.


We have also looked at repeating patterns. We used our knowledge of repeating patterns to create really long super worms whilst chanting:


Superworm is super-long.


Superworm is super-strong.


Watch him wiggle!


See him squirm!


Hip, hip hooray for Superworm!


W/C 22/06/2020

Bubble A


This week our story has been ‘Giraffes can’t Dance.’


We really enjoyed this story and the children showed great empathy for the Giraffe when the other animals thought it would be funny to laugh when he couldn’t dance. We discussed how the animals should have encouraged the Giraffe to ‘have a go’ rather than laugh. This led us to talk about what we are good at and what we can’t do…yet. Some children said they would like to learn how to ride a bike, so we discussed how they could meet that goal.


We went onto learn about some other African animals. The children were particularly interested in meerkats. We then engaged in some drama and changed the way we moved; we pretended to walk, dig and sleep like a meerkat. We found it fascinating to find out that meerkats fall asleep stood up!


This week has been extremely hot; to cool down we had some fun with ice cubes. The children explored the ice melting in the sun and pretended to make ice creams. The children amazed us with how they instantly knew that if they moved the ice cubes away from the sunniest part of the garden, the ice cubes would not melt as quick!


Miss Hakes bought us all an ice lolly to cool down after a busy day!


W/C 15/06/2020

Bubble B 


This week we have been busy exploring under the sea. Our book of the week this week was ‘Sharing a Shell’, the children explored the moral of the story and showed really good friendship by sharing ideas, as well as sharing their toys but remembering to clean them in between.


From a book this week we have explored different coral reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We have also looked at mermaids and mermen, creating our Mermaid Kingdoms as well as putting on an under the sea puppet show using their own puppets.


The children have also shown an interest in bones, so we explored some real life lamb and pig bones and looked at different bones on the human body.


I am looking forward to seeing what exciting things next week brings. Have a good weekend, stay safe.



W/C 15th June 2020

Bubble A

We are pleased to be back in school and have had a great week.

Our ‘Story of the Week’ has been ‘Sharing a Shell.’ This story was all about friendship and the importance of sharing. We focused heavily on the friendship aspect. We created our own friendship clouds. We had to choose a friend and then write three things that made them a good friend. It was lovely to hear the children talk so positive about friends who were back in school and those who were at home. The children used the following words:


  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Funny

I think we can safely say that we are missing everyone who is staying at home. 

We are now back in the flow of taking part in Maths, Phonics and Writing. The children have shown great enthusiasm to their learning. With having low numbers, we can really tailor to the individual needs of each child. We are now able to deliver 1:1 Phonics which will have amazing benefits on their reading development J  

The sun is due to shine next week- please remember to provide sun cream and sun hat.

W/C 08/06/2020

Bubble A

Before our week was cut short we had enjoyed the ‘story of the week’- Morris the Mankiest Monster.

This book is not for the faint hearted. It is one of the most gruesome books that we have ever read. Morris picks his boils, had fleas under his rolls of skin and even baths in sewage water. We were not impressed with his standard of hygiene! The children were really keen to write posters to inform Morris on how to keep clean. They came up with some brilliant ideas:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Have a wash with clean water and bubbles
  • Brush your hair
  • Do not pick your nose
  • Keep your hands out of your mouth
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds

We used this book to relate to the importance of looking after our own hygiene, especially during this time.

We created our own hand print monsters too. We are looking forward to making slime when we return.

We will hopefully see you soon! 

W/C 01/06/2020

Bubble B 

WOW! Tash and I are extremely proud of all of the children this week. It can be a little bit scary coming back to school and having different teachers and being in a different classroom, but the children have reflected the school values of resilience and courage extremely well. They have come in and settled with their friends fantastically and we have all enjoyed our first week.

Not only have we come in and settled down really well we have also been really busy. This week we have focused on our book ‘Supertato’ and thought carefully about how we have been superheroes during lock down.

Thinking carefully about superheroes we have made superhero masks, created our very own super potato and his evil nemesis ‘Evil Pea’. The children were able to identify that all of our characters in the story where vegetables, so we also discussed why we need to be healthy and even had a go at chopping our own vegetables to make vegetable soup.

We also discovered the mud kitchen and wildlife garden in our new outside area. The children had lots of fun creating mud pies and mud cups of tea for me and Tash to try. They were delicious!

Well done everyone, we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Miss Massingham and Tash

W/C 01/06/2020

Bubble A

We would like to say a bug thumbs up to all the children who have returned in Reception. We are very proud with how well they have all come in and adapted to the new routine and rules. The children have coped brilliantly with having to wash their hands throughout the day and trying their best to keep their social distance.

In Bubble A, we have had a very busy week. We enjoyed reading the story ‘Supertato.’ We chose this as our first ‘book of the week’ as we believe all the children are true superheroes for staying at home over the past 10 weeks to keep everyone safe. We have enjoyed the following activities:

  • Making superhero masks
  • Designing our own Supertato
  • Using tweezers to catch the evil peas
  • Talking about how we have felt during our time at home
  • Creating a vegetable stall
  • Making vegetable stir fry

Alongside the ‘book of the week’, the children have enjoyed playing football, washing babies and constructing houses for the babies.

We are looking forward to next week’s adventures already!