Summer Term 2023


W/C 3rd July 23


This week we have been consolidating all our skills that we have learnt over the year. We are particularly focusing on handwriting and writing independent sentences. The children are more than ready for Year 1 and we are extremely proud of how well they can now write!


We have started to make our own cars using junk modelling resources. The children are really taking great care and paying attention to detail to ensure their car is exactly how they want it. We will continue with this project next week.


The children had a challenge set by Mr Clay. He asked them to wash some play cars that he kindly got from another nursery. The children enjoyed washing all the cars and are now looking forward to receiving some popcorn and sweets from Mr. Clay as a reward!


Reception will be having a ‘move up’ morning on the last day of term. They will spend the morning with Mrs Wardell and Mrs Glaves and will be supported by staff from Reception too.



W/C 19th June 23


We have started to learn about different types of vehicles. We have started by looking at different land vehicles and have looked at cars in more depth including very old cars. The children asked if they could have a closer look at my car so we all went out in small groups and explored my car. We really enjoyed looking under the bonnet and identifying the engine and battery. We then set up a car wash outside for the children to wash some of our dirty cars!


We continue to talk to the children about moving to Year 1 and we are now building up their writing stamina to help with the change. Next week, I am meeting the Year 1 teachers to discuss individual needs.


Please continue to read at home- we are now making excellent progress as a class!



W/C 12th June 23

We have written our own rhyming stories based on the book 'Oi frog!'' We have put them on display so other children can enjoy reading them. The children have loved reading this rhyming story so next week we are going to read 'Oi Cat!'

The highlight of the week this week has been the rock concert on Wednesday. We all had an amazing time being rock stars for the day. Everyone commented on how wonderful our rock outfits were. The children loved the loud music and the chance to rock out to the really cool music!

We have also been learning about why bees are important. We discovered that bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers. We have been closely watching the bees in our garden and noticed they particularly like the purple flowers. Most children said they have not tasted honey before so next week we will be trying some honey on toast.

W/C 5th June 23

Welcome back Reception!

In Literacy, we have started our new book ‘Oi Frog!’ This book is one of my favourites as it really is a funny rhyming tale and never fails to make us laugh. We have discovered what a rhyming pair is and have enjoyed completing rhyming strings. Next week, we are going to be writing our own rhyming stories!

This term in Maths, we are consolidating all of skills that we have learnt over the year. We are now focusing on fast recall of our number bonds to 5 and 10.

Before we finished for half term some of the children said they would like to make slime. This week we have made our own slime and the children have loved exploring it.

We really enjoyed taking part in the Songkran festival. The children had great fun and for most it was a new experience!

W/C 15.5.23

In Literacy, we have enjoyed our new story 'Izzy Gizmo.' So far, we have discovered that Izzy likes to invent new things but finds it frustrating when the things go wrong. To support our learning, we have added real tools to our woodwork bench. The children have enjoyed inventing new things to make their life a little bit easier.

In Maths, we have made our own track games. We worked in small groups to make a track game and then played the game. We even used a number track to have a snail race! It would be great if you could play some traditional board games at home to support our learning.

We really enjoyed taking part in the sponsored run. The children did extremely well and some managed to run more than 5 laps of the school!

I have also noticed that some children are not reading at home. Please ensure your are reading at least three times a week. We are now approaching the end of the year and embedding reading skills over the next few weeks is going to be really important to ensure children meet their end of year Early Learning Goals.

Here are the end of year goals for Reading:

-Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs;
-Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending;
-Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words.

W/C 8.5.23

We have come to the end of reading 'The Night Pirates.' To end, we went on own pirate adventure and used a treasure map to find the hidden coins. We found the gold coins and in exchange for every coin found, the children exchanged their coin for a small prize. We had a great time!


We have been super excited this week to find that our tadpoles now have front and back legs. We discovered that they are now called froglets. To support our learning, Mrs Wardell kindly brought in two frogs from her pond for us to explore and talk about.


In Maths, we have been using ten frames to support our number bonds to 5 and 10. In our group activity, we worked in pairs to find pairs to make 10.


We have also explored different materials. The children were challenged to find materials that were smooth, soft and rough. The children worked together to sort them into groups.


What a busy week!


W/C 1.5.23

A short week but a great one!

This week, I have really been impressed with the children's writing. I challenged them to write me a silly sentence and the children worked really hard to write a sentence that would make me laugh... and they did!

In Maths, we have revisited die frames. We have been exploring different ways to make 5. We have enjoyed singing '5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed' to help support our understanding. 

We have also enjoyed learning about the King's Coronation and took part in some activities on Friday. The children looked absolutely brilliant!

Please feel free to share photos of your royal celebrations with us!

Miss Hakes

W/C 24.4.23

We have enjoyed learning about Eid this week. Eid marks the end of Ramadan. We invited some children from other year groups to talk to us about how they celebrated Eid.

In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading 'The Night Pirates.' We have explored some new vocabulary such as 'stealthy' and 'adventure.' We are looking forward to going on our pirate adventure!

This term we are focusing on developing our painting skills. We have started by exploring some art work by Steven Brown. We have been practising painting our own thin lines and next week we will paint our own Highland cow.

We have also enjoyed reading books written by Julia Donaldson. We even managed to blow off the dust to our old CD player and enjoyed listening to some audio stories too!

W/C 17.4.23

We got off to a flying start with our trip to Bowthorpe Farm. We had the BEST day ever. We loved Farmer George and Jenny and met some sheep, lambs, cows, pigs, goats and chickens. We learnt some interesting facts about all the farm animals and also recalled some knowledge that we learnt last term! The children were fantastic and an absolute pleasure to spend the day with.

In Literacy, we have started to put all our clues together and work out what our new story is going to be about. The children think that our new story is going to be about pirates as we keep finding pirates in the classroom and gold coins in the sandpit. Keep your eyes peeled to find out what our new story is!

In Maths, we have been practising our careful counting skills to 20. The children loved it when I made mistakes and thrived on teaching me how to count correctly.

As we are now in the final term, we are focusing on preparing the children for Year 1 and ensuring the children meet their Early Learning Goals. It is really important that we work together to ensure the best outcomes for your child. You can support your child by listening to them read at least three times a week. We currently have a handful of children who are not reading at home and this will slow down progress. Reading on a regular basis at home has a huge impact on reading levels and future success.

Thank you for listening to your child read at home as it is making a big difference!

Miss Hakes