Spring Term 2018

This term we are learning:

Term 3

Week commencing 5.3.18

   After the eventful week last week, it was back to reality and back to working extremely hard - making up for lost time! We have been losing ourselves in the world of fractions. To begin with we found this hard but once we used some concrete objects and diagrams, all became a lot clearer and we are motoring through now!

As well as the mountain of maths, we are continuing our English work around the Victorians. This week we have begun to plan and write our discursive text on whether Jim (our main character) should escape the workhouse...there are many reasons as to why he should but also many reasons why not - what will the children decide! I can't wait to find out!!

Week commencing 26.2.18 

  Just as we get back in to the swing of thing, the 'Beast from the East' gave us three snow-days. I sincerely hope everybody made useful time of the 3 days off by enjoying some family time, making snowmen/snow-women, having a snowball fight and simply enjoying the snow - we don't get it often so why not enjoy it properly! Hopefully everybody will come back even more refreshed and most importantly, in one piece on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

commencing 19.2.18 

    Hello and welcome back! We had a fantastic time in Paris where the snow was deep and the rides were fast! The children that didn't go on the Paris trip create some outrageously brilliant models of the journey of a river! Well done to both sets of children that represented the school fantastically!

    This week though has been straight back at it! We began by looking at fractions - what they were, what they looked like and what they meant in the real-life. Throughout this week we have been looking at equivalent fractions which I believe the children have really got a grip of!
  In English, we introduced our class novel - Street Child, which is based on a true story in Victorian Britain. It is about a boy who is unfortunately made homeless and ultimately an orphan. I'm certain there is more to be revealed in the later chapters. We have been focusing on writing from different perspectives particularly looking at emotive language.

   Our topic is Victorians, we have looked at Queen Victoria's family tree and how she is related to our current queen - Queen Elizabeth II. We have also looked at where the Victorian era sits in the bigger picture of British history.

  Well done to the children in how they have begun the term!

Week commencing 29.1.18 

    We had to bid farewell to our Science lesson's at Carre's Grammar School this week, we were all extremely sad as we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have learnt so much during this term! It's an experience we will all miss! A huge thank you goes to Carre's outreach and Dr Robinson for helping us discover our inner scientist!!

    We have had to cram in a lot of Maths this week, ahead of our post-test. Multiplication and Division has proven difficult for many, however, the effort and determination the children have shown towards their work has been commendable - well done, year 5!

   In English we have been looking at adding in relative and subordinate clauses in to our work - we have used the trailer for Avatar (Pandora) to assist us with our descriptive writing!

     Finally, we have come to an end of our topic on Rivers. We finalised the topic by creating some truly brilliant water-coloured art work that will proudly go on display in school and the originals will be sent on and hopefully they will find a place in your homes (or an art gallery).

Week commencing 22.1.18 

     Bonjour! As we near the Paris trip 2018, the children are beginning to get very, very excited! This hasn't stopped them from working extremely hard throughout the week though. 

    We have had a little trouble with multiplying by 2 digits, however, we turned a corner on Friday and feel we are in a good place to attack this again early next week. 

  I had the pleasure of reading the children's most recent big write. It was a persuasive text about a river activity centre. I can truly say, it is THE BEST the children have ever written. I have been blown away by the persuasive techniques on show and I am so proud of every single one of them! Well done!!

  This week, we have been learning about magnets during our Carre's visits. We discovered that the Earth is a magnet!! :-O
   It was mind-boggling! Just one of the quotes from the children this week! A big thank you to Carre's for enabling us to have this awesome experience every week this term!!

Week commencing 15.1.18 

     "When I first looked at it, I thought it was boring. Once we started to have a go, it was amazing!!" How could I begin this week's update without this quote. Not only is it by a year 5 pupil about our recent science lesson but it pretty much sums up how people perceive almost everything. This is why it is important to give children as many 'experiences' as possible whilst they are growing up and discovering the world! What a fantastic midweek 'buster' that quote was. 

It pretty much sums up the rest of the week for year 5 after that, they have stuck their teeth in to their work and have made a great attempt to improve their work ethic and ability. In Maths we have been smashing through our multiplication and division knowledge, particularly looking at Factors, multiples and prime numbers this week. In English we have begun writing our persuasive text after lots of research in to activities that can be done around a river. In science we looked at biology and used microscopes to look closely at a variety of materials and formerly 'living' things!

Well done Year 5. Keep going!!!!

Week Commencing 8.1.18 

   The first full we after Christmas and we are metaphorically flying. The children have been incredible in both their attitudes towards their work and their attainment. We have continued to challenge ourselves with some tricky multiplication and division problems - particularly looking at squared and cubed numbers as well as multiples.

   In English we have begun planning our persuasive advertisement for a new business by a river. We have looked at all the skills and key features of writing a persuasive text and will now put this in to practise next week by writing it up.

  We had the ever-exciting opportunity to commence our annual Science lessons at Carre's this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed an investigation on friction and already are looking forward to next week.

Finally, in our Geography lessons we learned how a river erodes the riverbanks and cause the changing of the land over many, many years.

Week Commencing 1.1.18 

   Welcome back, Happy new year and I hope you all had a nice rest! We have begun the term full steam ahead and have started straight away with mulitplying and dividing by 10, by 100 and by 1000. The children dealt with this really well and have shown great depth in the understanding of this area. In English we have begun our persuasive writing, so I apologise ahead if your child can now persuade you to do things much better than they could before!! For Science, we will be going over to Carre's Grammar School to complete several exciting investigations and in Geography we have just begun OUR journey in looking at a RIVER'S journey!