Summer Term 2016

KS2 Sports Day

On Friday 8th July, children Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in their Sports Day. In the morning the children took part in a round robin of 16 different events. They competed as a team, with the aim of scoring as many points as possible. 


Year 5, trying to hit the Cricket wicket.


Year 5 Standing Long Jump.


Aiming for the flag in Tri-Golf. 


Year 6 Boccia. 


Year 3 Tri-Golf. 

In the afternoon the children competed in a series of races, scoring points for finishing each race. They took part in running races, skipping, egg and spoon, sack and an obstacle race. Some children took on the challenge of the 2 lap and 4 lap races. The day finished with an obstacle relay as well as a sprint relay.

Year 5 Sack race. 

Year 3 Sack race. 

Year 4 Skipping race. 

Year 6 Sprint. 

Year 6 Sack race.

Year 6 Obstacle race. 

Year 5 distance race. 

Year 4 relay. 

At the end of the event the scores were calculated and the winning team were Cedar. 


Reception and KS1 Sports Day

On Thursday 7th July, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in their Sports Day. In the morning the children took part in a round robin of 12 different events. They competed as a team, with the aim of scoring as many points as possible. 

Year 2 Speed Bounce. 


Year 1 Standing Long Jump.

Year 1 Obstacle course. 

Reception Crazy Catch.

In the afternoon the children competed in a series of races, scoring points for finishing each race. They took part in running races, egg and spoon, sack and an obstacle race. The children also took part in an obstacle relay as well as a sprint relay. 

Reception running the relay.

Year 2 Egg and Spoon.

 Year 1 Obstacle relay. 

Reception Sack race.

Year 2 starting the relay. 

At the end of the Sports Day, the winning house were Oak!



Tall Oaks Sports Afternoon

Children in Tall Oaks were treated to a Sports Afternoon. They carried out a round robin of activities, which was led by the Year 6 pupils. Pictures of some of the activities are below. 

Carrying out the obstacle course with help from Miss Dix.

A spot of Tennis!

Practicing the golf swing!

Enjoying the space hopper.

Target throw, aiming for the hoops. 

After the round robin, the children took part in some races over the 40m running track. 

Nutkins and Little Acorns Sports Morning

Mini Olympics

On Thursday 30th June, 24 children from Years 3 and 4 attended the Mini Olympics at Sleaford Town Football Club. 

The event was based around the Rio Olympics with the stations divided into the venues of the upcoming Olympic games. 

The day started with a Carnival style opening ceremony, pupils paraded around the field dancing, singing and showing off their banners and walking floats. 

After a short welcome the event started, pupils were able to try Boxing, Handball, Tennis, Cheerleading, Golf, Free-running, Climbing wall, TAG Rugby, Hockey, Football, Archery, Athletics, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Rowing!!

It was a fanatstic day, below are a few pictures of the day!


A spot of Tennis!

Football against Chesnut Street!


Archery.....Robin Hood in the making!

                     Volleyball                                                Rowing machine challenge!

 Ultimate Frisbee. 



 Boxercise with ex-Olympian Sophie Allen.

Learning a Cheerleading routine. 



 Climbing wall.

TAG Rugby. 

Mini-Red Tennis 

On Thursday 23rd June four children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a Mini-Red Tennis tournament at Sleaford Tennis Club. All childre enjoyed themselves and developed their Tennis skills throughout the afternoon. 

The children played 6 games each, winning, drawing a loosing some. Unfortunately the children did not get enough points to progress through to the semi-finals. 




National School Sports Week

This year for National School Sports Week the children have been learning about the Olympics and Paralympics. Each class was given a different country and and sport to research. They have produced some excellent work which is to be displayed in the school. 

Pupils in Key Stage 2 were also given the opportunity to try and compete in a Paralympic Sport. Whilst pupils in Reception, Year 1 and 2 took part in an Athletics competition. Each competition was competed in the childrens house groups and house points (Dojos) were awarded to the winning teams. 

On Monday Year 4 tried sitting Volleyball. After a lesson in the basics and a run through the rules, the children were split into their house groups. After a round robin competition Beech were the overall winners. 

On Tuesday Year 3 had a go at Boccia. The children learnt the rules of the game and had a go within small groups. The children then took part in an individual and pairs competition, scoring points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. At the end the points were added up and the overall winners were Beech. 



On Wednesday Year 5 had a go at Goalball. Each child was blindfolded and had to use their other senses to shoot at goal and defend their end. Pupils were put into their house teams and took part in a round robin competition. At the end the winning house was Oak. 


On Thursday Reception, Year 1 and 2 competed in an Athletics competition. All pupils raced for their house group against each other and points were scored for each position. After all pupils had competed in an individual race, each year group took part in a relay race. 

At the end of the afternoon the pointed were calculated and the winning team was Willow. 


On Friday Year 6 took part in Blind Football. The children played in 5 a side matches, the only player without a blindfold was the goalkeeper and the teams were also allowed to give instruction from the sidelines. All pupils developed their skills of the game as well as communication and leadership skills. The overall winners were Beech. 




Judo opportunity

Year 5 Cricket tournament

On Thursday 9th June eight pupils from year 5 headed over the Sleaford Cricket Club for the annual tournament. Nine schools entered, including teams from William Alvey, Rauceby, Caythorpe, St Botolph's, Cranwell, Kirkby la Thorpe, Navenby and Chestnut Street. 

The schools were put into three groups and each played two games. Church Lane were up against William Alvey and Navenby. 

William Alvey were the first opponents. Church Lane won the toss and chose to bat first. With plently of 4's being scored the team managed to secure a score of 242 runs, however they lost 5 wickets. William Alvey stepped up to bat and it was clear from the off that it would be close. Church Lane fielded well, taking 2 wickets, but William Alvey managed to score 249 runs. 

The seond game saw Navenby as the opposition, they batted first scoring 247 runs for 2 wickets. Church Lane stepped up to bat and again scored 242, but this time only loosing two wickets. 


After loosing two games Church Lane were put into group three for the final round of matches. They were up against Chestnut Street and Rauceby.

Chestnut Street bowled first, Church Lane had some excellent overs with 6's from Connor, Oliver and Joe. This left them with an excellent score of 259 runs for only 1 wicket. Church Lane stepped up to bowl and immediatley showed excellent determination, some great fielding from Jamie and Katie as well as good bowling from the rest of the team kept their score to 246 for 1 wicket, Church Lanes first win of the day. 

With spirits high Church Lane went into the final game against Rauceby, they batted first. They hit a few 4's early on and showed the Church Lane team that it would not be an easy game. However their hard work paid off and Church Lane kept the score to a reasonable 230 for 1 wicket. The team knew they could win this but had to work hard to get it. A very tense and close batting innings again saw a number of 4's and some 6's from Joe, the final score 241 runs for 1 wicket, another win for Church Lane. 

Well done to all children who took part in the event, the winning schools were as follows:

1st - Caythorpe

2nd- St Botolph's

3rd - Navenby


Inter School Cycling competition

On Thursday 9th June, 10 children who qualified at last terms inra-school cycling competition headed to Sleaford Rugby Club for the finals of the Sleaford Schools Sky Go-Ride event. 

To start with the children took part in individual heats ready for the final. Each race was competed by 10 riders, biking 3 laps each, with the top 3 riders heading straight into the final.

Once both the boys' and girls' individual races were finished, the children competed in an 'Italian pursuit' team race, consisting of 5 riders per team, which allowed the team to bike three laps.

At the end of the competition the results were in. Individual Medal Winners:  

Girls - Gold: Karolina

          Silver: Jennifer

Boys - Silver: Kristers


Team Medal Winners:  Girls - Silver

Well done to all who took part. 

Year 3 and 4 Friendly Football match

On Friday 27th May the Year 3 and 4 Football team played a friendly match against Leasingham Primary School. For some children this was the first time they had represented the school. 

The game started well with Gvins, Josh and Connor working hard to get the ball up the pitch. A number of chances unfortunaltely went wide but the team were playing well. 

Matthew played well in goal, making quick decisions and keeping the goals at bay. Anthony, Linards and Archie played well in defence, effectively passing the ball up to the attckers. 

In the seond half the team continued to play well, working together as a team, passing the ball well and having a number of chances. 

The game was particularly even, with both teams battling hard. Unfortunately the score line remained 0 - 0, a fair result for good well contested game. 

Well done to all who played. 


Sky Go-Ride Intra-School Cycling

On Friday 27th May all children in Year 5 and 6 took part in an intra-school cycling competition. The girls and boys competed seperatley around the oval track, racing against each other in heats. The winners from the heats qualified for the semi-finals, then the winners from the semi-finals qualified for the finals. 


After a full day of cycling ten children qualified to represent the school on Thursday 9th June, where they will compete against children from five other Primary Schools. 


Mini Football Tournament

On Friday 20th May the Church Lane football team went across to Our Lady Primary School for the end of season mini tournament. All schools had been playing in mini leagues throughout the year, top two teams moving up a league and bottom two teams moving down a league. The tournament was played based on the final league standings. Church Lane were in league three and up against Our Lady, Helpringham and Heckington. 

Each school was to play each school once, with three points for a win and one for a draw. Te scores would then be calculated to find out the overall winner. 

Church Lane's first game was against Our Lady. The game started well for Church Lane who quickly dominated, a number of shots on target were stopped by the keeper. The time was running down and it seemed like the score would remain 0 - 0. However with a couple of minutes left Church Lane were awarded a corner, Harvey took then corner and the ball swerved straight into the goal. 1 - 0, final score. 

The second game was against Helpringham, the Church Lane team were in high spirits after their win in the first game and started very well. Kristers and Harvey had a number of shots, hitting the post, the cross bar and pushing the ball wide. However eventually Harvey scored after some fantastic teamwork. This excellent play then continued, another goal was scored by Harvey and a third from Kristers. Final score 3 - 0. 

The final game was against Heckington, Church Lane knew that a draw would be enough to get them the win, but they were still determined to win the final game. An end to end game saw shots on target for both teams, but the Heckington goalkeeper was on top form, stopping all of the shots from the Church Lane team. Final score 0 - 0. 

The scores were in and the results were as follows:

School Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points Position
Church Lane 4 0 +4 7 1st
Our Lady 1 1 0 4 2nd
Heckington 0 0 0 3 3rd
Helpringham 0 4 -4 1 4th

Well done to the Church Lane team who finished in first place. 


Netball League

The results are in for the Sleaford and District Sports Association Main Netball League. 

School Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Against Points
Church Lane 5 4 0 1 49 28 16
Rauceby 5 3 0 2 55 19 11
Cranwell 6 4 0 2 52 34 13
St Botolph's 3 3 0 0 32 13 9
William Alvey A 5 2 0 3 32 46 7
William Alvey B 5 1 0 4 14 54 4
Leasingham 5 0 0 5 14 54 1

Congratulation to the Church Lane team who finished as champions!


Girls Kwik Cricket

On Thursday 19th May eight girls from Church Lane travelled to Caythorpe for the annual Kwik Cricket tournament. Due to high numbers of entries, the competition was split over two venues. Among the schools taking part where teams from Welbourn, Winchelsea, Billingborough, Caythorpe, Helpringham as well as Church Lane. 

The competition was run as a round robin, where each team played all of the other teams once. Church Lane's first opponents were Winchelsea. Church Lane won the toss and chose to bowl first. Some excellent bowling and fielding meant that Winchelsea scored 223 runs, Church Lane knew what they had to beat. They stepped up to bat and finished thier batting with a fantastic score of 252. Oliva (pictured below) was awarded a teamwork award for her positive encouragement to all players. 

Church Lane's second match of the day was against Billingborough, again they won the toss and chose to bowl first. Billingborough scored an impressive 230 runs, giving Church Lane a big target to beat. Some excellent batting from Karolina and Jennifer, scoring a number of fours, gave Church Lane a final score of 238. 

Their next opponents were Helpringham, they won the toss and chose to bowl first. Church Lanes batting was good, but Helpringhams fielding was excellent, giving Church Lane a final score of 233. Helpringham stepped up to bat and worked hard, thier determination saw them achieve 243 runs. 


After the lunch break, Church Lane's next game was against Caythorpe, they won the toss and chose to bowl. Maddy and Alicia bowled well, both taking wickets early in thier over, taking Caythorpe to a score of 221 runs. The excellent fielding gave Church Lane some added motivation, Jennifer and Karolina both scoring two fours each. A final batting score of 267. 

The last game of the day was against Welbourn. The Church Lane team knew if they could win this game then they would be in with a chance to win a medal. Welbourn chose to bat first, some excellent bowling from Church Lane, they kept the score to a reasonable 234. Church Lane stepped up to bat and were on fire! Jennifer, Karolina and Olivia all scoring fours, gave Church Lane another big socre of 267 runs. 

After the game Maddy and Jennifer (pictured below) were awarded a teamwork award for their superb support and encouragement of the team. 


At the end of the tournament the scores were in.Three schoold had one four out of the five matches, so the results went down to the number of wickets lost. The final results were in. 

1st - Church Lane

2nd - Helpringham

3rd - Caythorpe. 

Well done to the team who only lost four wickets throughout the entire tournament. 

The team are pictured below with the Young Leaders from Carre's Grammar School, who helped to officiate the event and David who runs Caythorpe Cricket Club. 




On Thursday 28th April ten Year 3 and 4 children went across to Governors Field to take part in the annual Tri-Golf competition. Children from sixteen different schools took part in a round robin of Golf activities.



Children played ten different games, each game had a practice shot followed by one scoring shot each. 


Some of the games looked at power, with the children having to hit the ball high over a series of cones, other involved close range skill. 


The children developed their putting skills aiming at a series of cones and hoops. 






 At the end of the competition the Church Lane team  scored 152 points. Well done to all ten children who took  part. 




Quicksticks Finals

The four members of the Church Lane Quicksticks Hockey team who qualified on Friday travelled across to Governors Field on Wenesday 27th April to compete in the finals. Eight schools from the three qualifiying rounds were in attendance and took part in a knock out competition, each game was to be played for 6 minutes each way. 

The draw was made and Church Lane's opponents in the quarter final were Rauceby. Rauceby started the game strongly and had a number of chances on goal early on, Church Lane defended well and were able to keep them at bay for a short while. However some excellent play saw them eventually score. Church Lane battled hard and quickly got a goal back, scored by Kristers. 1 - 1 with only a matter of seconds until the half time whistle, but Rauceby broke through and scored again. Half time 2 - 1. 

The second half saw a couple of substitutions for Rauceby and this instantly changed the game. They quickly scored two more goals taking the score to 4 - 1. Kristers and Nathan were able to have a few shots on goal, but the fanstic defending from Rauceby blocked them all. The hard work eventually paid off with Karolina scoring with only a few minutes to go. Rauceby did not stop there and scored two more before the final whistle, taking the score to 6 - 2.

Church Lane did not progress to the semi-final, but still had two more games to play. Navenby were the next opponents, who also lost their quarter final. The team were determined to get a win under their belts and started well showing their strength. Both teams had a number of chances but the defending was excellent. A goal finally came from Kristers taking the score to 1 - 0 at half time. 

The second half got underway and both teams showed great skill and determination. Navenby managed to get an equaliser, but Church Lane quickly took back the win with another goal from Kristers. Final score 2 - 1.

The final game for Church Lane was against Cranwell, who had also won their second game. The weather was getting much colder and both teams were finding the conditions difficult. Church Lane dominated from the off and quickly scored, with yet another goal from Kristers. Cranwell battled hard but were unable to break through. Half time score 1 - 0. 

The second half saw Church Lane show excellent teamwork and comunication skills, this hard work gave them two more goals before the final whistle, final score 3 - 0. 

The final positions were as follows:

1st - Heckington

2nd - Rauceby

3rd - Chestnut Street

4th - Helpringham

5th - Church Lane

6th - Cranwell

7th - Navenby

8th - Digby

Well done to all who took part. 


Quicksticks Hockey

On Friday 22nd April four children from Year 6 travelled across to Winchelsea Primary School for the first round of the Quicksticks Hockey tournament. Two other qualifiers were being played at the same time at Navenby and Cranwell, with the winners and runners-up of each round going through to the finals day, to take place next week. 

Church Lane played Winchelsea first in an end to end close game, which finished 0 - 0. (see pictures below)

The next match was against Heckington, another close game with Kristers scoring two goals. Taking the final score to 2 - 1. 

William Alvey were the next opponents, again another closely faught game ending up in a  0 - 0 draw. (See pictures below) 

The next game was against Helpringham, another close game, unfortunately this tme the team lost lost 1- 0. 

Kirkby la Thorpe were the final opponents for the day, Church Lane battled hard and Kristers was able to score two goals taking the final score to 2 - 0. (See pictures below)

At the end of the competition, the results were as follows:

1st - Heckington

=2nd - Helpringham and Church Lane

4th - William Alvey

5th - Winchelsea

6th - Kirkby la Thorpe

Well done to the team of Kristers, Natham, Emma and Karolina who have qualified for the finals on Wednesday 27th April.