Summer Term 2016

W/C: 11/07/16

We were really lucky this week because Year 3 and 4 went to 'The Rec' for a really big run! Due to working hard all year, our teachers allowed us to have a picnic and run around the park. We had so much fun.. here we are in action!!




Harley collapsed from exhaustion!!!


Another great start to the final two weeks before our well-deserved break. The children have been working hard in Literacy recreating a biography on 'Michael Foale' our local historian. The children haven't just been using pen and paper; they have been using the program 'PowerPoint' on the laptops to show their findings using a presentation format. Year 3 have had a criteria to meet including: transitions, animations, images, font change, adding text boxes and backgrounds. 

Che created a fantastic PowerPoint and taught the class how to include this feature in their own PowerPoints as even Miss Jackson couldn't do it!!! Well done Che! 

Here are some of the children hard at work using their ICT skills:


W/C: 04/07/16

This term we have been researching and learning all about Michael Foale, whom was an astronaut born from Louth in Lincolnshire. We have been focusing our Art pieces based on 'Peter Thorpe', who is an abstract artist, painting a range of different space themed ideas. With Fiona, Year 3 had a go at his ideas themselves.WOW!

  By Bethany                                                                                  By Kamilla


By Nikola                                                            By Mia

W/C:  27/06/16

We are half way through our final term in Year 3! This term we have been cracking on with our Literacy mystery stories. We wrote our own mystery stories thinking about all the features needed to try and make the reader think! Our stories involved 3 suspects, clues and because the 3 medals from the Olympics in Rio had been stolen from the safe.. Who did it??? We are now writing a biography about 'Michael Foale' using Powerpoint presentation. This is a very challenging activity for us as we have to do lots of different things of each slide, such as; animations, font change, pictures, transitions and backgrounds.

This week we have had and Olympic and Paralympic week at school. Our country was China, we found out about their competitive athletes and what their national sport is. We know that China are AMAZING at table tennis. We watched a clip, they play really fast- we could hardly see the ball! Here we are creating posters all about the Olympic values...


W/C: 16/05/16

Today, Year 3 were all Roman soldiers training for battle. They had to be well-trained and well behaved in order to do their best! The commands were all in Latin so they had to listen carefully and follow the instructions! First of all, the children had to get into legion formation, then either; get ready, turn, march forward, tortoise, or charge. They had to listen to the leader or else they were punished!


In Science this week, Year 3 are carrying out an investigation looking at what a plant needs to survive. So we have got four plants; plant 1 has water and sunlight, plant 2 has water but no light, plant 3 has no water with sunlight and plant 4 has no water and no light. We will be measuring the plant on a daily basis to check for growth. Here are our plants after day 1:



W/C: 9/05/16

This week the children have been working really hard understanding fractions in Numeracy. We have looked at what a fraction is and which fraction is the biggest. 

Which fraction is bigger: 1/2 or 1/4? Do you know why?

Here we are working hard:


Also this week, we have been learning all about 'biographies' in our new Literacy Unit. We are looking at Jamila Gavin's life when she lived in India and moved to the UK, understanding her reasons why. We will be using all these features and notes to create our own biography about her life. 

Year 3 looked at 3 different parables from the bible; The Last Supper, Crucifixion and The Resurrection. We have used our understanding of the parable to create a large canvas using a range of Art and D&T skills with Fiona. The completed piece will appear on the page soon, so keep checking back!

W/C: 25/04/16

Hello! What a fantastic start Year 3 have had to the beginning of our Summer Term! We are learning all about the Rotten Romans this term and can't wait to find out about Roman life and the battle formation in order to be the most powerful and successful ancient civilisations ever.

We had a project over half Easter half term to make a Roman shield, check out our designs:


I wouldn't want to face these three in battle! Have you seen Karol's helmet too?

In Literacy, we have started our new Unit of work 'The Enchantress of the Sands'. This Unit explores folktales and other stories from a variety of cultures to explore key features, settings, and dramatic language used in this genre. The children were given a part of this story to act out; one of us was the herdsman (father of the three children), the other of us was the evil enchantress (she steals children). We had to concentrate on how to express our voice and act out the scene using the stage directions given. Here we are presenting our scene to the rest of the class:



Great acting Year 3!