Summer Term 2016

W/C 18.7.16

W/C 11.7.16

Report week!! Children this week received their reports this week and found out their teacher for next year!! SURPRISEEEEE!! It's still me.... I am absolutely delighted to be taking the class up to year 5 and further developing the children both educationally and into the wider world. I am really excited about the new English project year 5 will be taking on and I am convinced it will improve every single writer in the class! I'm looking forward to September already and I hope you are too!! :)

W/C 4.7.16

It's recording week - a big drive on using the iPads to record the persuasive adverts the children have so perfectly written over the past few weeks. The outcomes were incredible, every pupil was able to take part in one way or another from acting to recording. A huge well done to everyone who really put a fantastic amount of effort into their work! WELL DONE!!

W/C 27.6.16

Paralympics week - For the entire week the children have looked into the Olympics and Paralympics. They all took part in sitting volleyball with Miss Dix and discovered the history behind the sport. In class the focus was on the Olympics and how they began, who has been successful over the years, where events have been held and the morals behind the olympic motto.

W/C 20.6.16

This week the children visited the 'Lincolnshire Show' to take part in the Schools' challenge. We, throughout the year, have been planning how to make the school a healthier place. We have planned to set up a tuck shop at break times from September. We will make our own fruit smoothies and healthy cakes as well as selling the regular fruit and vegetables that you can eat raw. The children had a great time and their behaviour was incredible, as always. Well done year 4!!

W/C 13.6.16

Healthy eating week - this week the children have looked into how we need to look after our body and the foods we eat are not always so good for you. This means that even eating too much fruit can be harmful to us. The children designed their own healthy menu for their newly made up healthy eating restaurant.

W/C 30.5.16

It was a quiet week in year 4 this week, we have studied hard on Fractions and Decimals and have further planned our persuasive adverts. The children will be writing there scripts over the next couple of weeks before finally filming their advert.

W/C 23.5.16

We focused on topic this week, we introduced Vikings and learned all about how they came to the British shores and what they did once they got here. Children learned that not all Vikings were invaders, some of them came over to simply set up a new life - these people were called Settlers. Have a look into your history to see if you have Viking blood!?!

W/C 16.5.16

This week we have begun to film our persuasive advert. Children have worked in groups to firstly design a brand new product to sell in shops - a bit like Dragon's Den. This has been a brilliantly fun activity to do and the children have completed every challenge perfectly.

In Numeracy we have introduced Fractions and Decimals - the toughest of all maths subjects. We have learned how to share chocolate equally between set amounts of children - although nobody wanted to share with Mr Barratt! :( 

W/C 9.5.16

Another week bites the dust as we edge closer to half term. We have focused on RE this week. As a class we have been studying and understanding the 10 commandments. Over the next couple of weeks we will be creating a canvas of the 10 commandment but with a modern twist - Pictures of completion to follow.

   Literacy has been stop/start due to the Year 6 taking their SATs, we have had to spend much of the mornings in silence...Mr Barratt enjoyed the peace and quiet!! Although we had to stay silent we wrote some fantastic persuasive pieces of writing.

Maths was much the same, we have been revising our knowledge of Geometry and on Friday we took our 'post test' the results showed EVERYONE improved from their pre-test but not only that EVERYONE achieve at least a 'SECURE' which is an incredible achievement! WELL DONE YEAR 4!!!



W/C 2.5.16

Some incredible writing has gone on in Year 4 this week! The children have finished their Big Writes and it is safe to say they are the best pieces of writing the class have completed since entering year 4! They have all developed so much!!! :) 

    Geometry - the thing that scared us so much at the beginning is becoming easier and easier for us all. We have realised we know everything already - well almost!

  In science we have planned our investigation about which product erodes our enamel quickest. We will place boiled eggs into 5 different substances and predict which will have a bigger effect on the shells. We're all excited to see what happens!

W/C 25.4.16

This week the children have been continuing to discover stories from different cultures. We have looked into the country Pakistan and the culture surrounding their lives. We have begun to plan our Big Write story, where the children will use their information of different cultures and create their very own story from another culture!

 We have started to get a grip hold of Geometry - there are lots of shapes and properties to remember!! We have learnt about Parallel and Perpendicular lines too!

We have continued to understand what the Vikings did during their ruling of the UK and discovered their house were called longships and they only had 1 ROOM!

W/C 18.4.16

Wow! What a week we have had parents! This week we learnt some cool yet gruesome facts about our digestive system. We discovered that is takes 7 seconds for a piece of food to hit the stomach after being swallowed!! Try drinking some really cold water - you can feel it happen!

We further delved into the world of the Vikings this week, particularly looking at their invasion of Lindesfarne. We found out that Vikings came down from Scandinavia, invaded England and left with gold before selling in markets all around the world.

It's been a strange week in Maths - we have had our post test in measure which showed excellent improvements from ALL pupils in class from their pre test score and we have had to take our pre test in Shape (Geometry) which proved to be very different from year 3 Shape.

Actors and Actresses took to the stage (front of the classroom) this week in Literacy as we performed a silent movie scene from our 'Sugarcane Juice' story. There were some interesting facial expressions and body movement to re-enact the 'lurching bus scene'

pupil's freeze frame  year 4 rehearse    Year 4 drama

W/C 11.4.16

A fantastic start to the summer term has seen year 4 come back more ready than ever to learn. We have continued our understanding and development of knowledge of measure. This has involved us looking at adding and subtracting money which includes decimals. We have also been learning to not just tell the time but to convert between analogue and digital times - which is extremely tricky!

   In literacy we have begun a new short story (from another culture) "Sugarcane juice." Why not ask your child if they can recall the story to you - you'll certainly enjoy it!

Vicious Vikings is the name of the game in History. We are discovering where the Vikings came from this week.

Well done year 4 on a fantastic start to the term!!