Summer Term 2017


On Friday 30th June six Year 5 children travelled to Helpringham to try something new, Tchoukball. Tchoukball is a fast paced game similar to Handball, in fact it was invented as a warm-up game for Handball. 

The rules were very different to many of the sports the children had played, but I was impressed with how quickly they picked them up. 

The children played six games in total and they improved their skills as they went along. We will definitley be playing some more of it in school!

Mini Olympics

On Wednesday 21st June 24 children travelled to Sleaford Town FC to take part in the anuall Mini Olympics. This year the theme was Change4Life, with all activities based around the motto 'Eat Less, Move More, Live Longer'. The children made a flag representing this theme and they carried this around during the opening ceremony. 

During the day the children took part in a number of different  sports, all with the aim of inspiring more young people to take part in sport outside of school including:

  • Judo
  • Taekwondo
  • Cheerleading
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Skipping
  • Kabaddi
  • Goalball
  • Rounders

Please click here to see pictures from the day. 

Ultimate Frisbee

On Friday 16th June six children from Y5 and 6 travelled to Heckington Primary School to take part in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. There were six teams from different schools, including: Helpringham, St Botolph's, Kirkby La Thorpe, Billingborough, Heckington and Church Lane. 

Each team played the other team once, over a seven minute game. The aim of the game is to score by catching the Frisbee in the end zone, if the Frisbee hits the floor then the other team gains possession. 

The children played really well, they were able to improve their throwing and catching skills throughout the afternoon, as well as developing a better understanding of the game. 

Well done to all who played. Please visit our gallery page for more photographs. 

Rounders Finals

After a number of cancellations due to the poor weather the Rounders finals were finally played on Thursday 15th June at Sir William Robertson Academy. Four schools took part, in what was set to be a closely fought competition. Each of the schools had won there previous qualifiers, where as Church Lane finished in 3rd narrowly missing out, however due to one school dropping out Church Lane were in!

The first game was against Metheringham, who they lost to in the qualifiers. Church Lane batted first, there were some big hits but the Metheringham team were fielding well! At the end of the 20 balls they had scored a respectful 4 1/2 Rounders. Metheringham stepped up to bat, they played to a high standard with a high number of big hitters, unfortunately they were gifted a few rounders, from no balls and poor fielding. Thier final total was 10 1/2. 

The second opponents were Ancaster. They batted first, but Church Lane fielded to a very high standard and were able to get a number of players out very quickly. After their 20 balls they had scored 2 rounders. Church Lane stepped up to bat, however the first two batters were out straight away! They did not let this get them down and played to an even better standard after this, scoring 8 1/2 rounders and taking the win.

The final game of the day was against Cranwell. Cranwell batted first and did so to a good standard. They forced Church Lane to field to thier best and they were able to keep them to a score of 7 rounders. Church Lane knew they could not make any mistakes, a few rounders were scored, but equally a few players got out.  At the end of the 20 balls it was a draw, Church Lane unfortunately lost on the number of players who got out!

At the end of the tournament the results were as follows:

1st - Metheringham

2nd - Cranwell

3rd - Church Lane

4th - Ancaster

The William Robertson Young Leaders also chose a player of the tournament for each team, for Church Lane this was awarded to Maddy F for her determination, encouragement and support for her team mates. Well done!

KS1 Football tournament

On Friday 9th June, five children from KS1 went across to Carre's Grammar School to play in a KS1 Football tournament. Sixteen schools were in attendance from across the Sleaford area. 

The schools were split into four groups and they all played each other in a 5 minute match. After the three games had been played the schools were then split again, depending on thier results, and another three games were played. 

The Church Lane team won two games, the first against Heckington, where Kian scored two goals, the second was against Dunston, where Kian scored again! Two games were drawn 0 - 0 and the team lost 2 - 0 to St Botolph's and 1 - 0 to Leasingham. However during these losses Maddy made three fantastic saves. 

Well done to all the children who took part. 

Year 6 Kwik Cricket

Friday 26th May saw the last Cricket tournament of the week, a team consisting of six Year 6's and two Year 5's, were eager to go one better than the Year 5 team the day before. 

There were twelve teams entered in the tournament from Rauceby, St Botolph's, William Alvey A and B, Leasingham, Navenby, Ancaster, Metheringham, Kirkby la Thorpe, Cranwell, Caythorpe and Church Lane. The teams were split into four groups who each played the other team once. 

Church Lane's first opponents were Leasingham, Church Lane batted first. Oliver and Steven scored a 4 each and Steven also scored a 6, giving them a score of 228 for 7 wickets. Leasingham batted well, even with a catch from Gvins and Archie bowling one out they still finished with a score of 283/2. 

The second game was against William Alvey 'B', they batted first scoring 241/3, with Joe making a catch and two being run out. Church Lane batted to a good standard, Oliver scoring a 4 and Joe scoring two, giving Church Lane a total of 260/1. 

This meant that Church Lane had finished 2nd in the group, qualifiying them for the quarter finals. Up next were Naveny, who won their group. Church Lane batted first scoring a reasonable 252, but crucially only loosing one wicket. Navenby batted and also scored 252, however they lost 2 wickets so Church Lane progressed to the semi-final. 

In the semi-final they were up against William Alvey 'A', unfortunately it did not start well for Church Lane, loosing two wickets in the first over from some superb catching. They were then playing catch up, trying to get the score over 200, and it was for a brief moment, until abother wicket was lost. 198/7 final score. William Alvey batted well, Church Lane tried to keep the score down, with Archie and Oliver making a catch and Connor bowling out a player, just aftyer catching him out. Final score 253/6. 

The team were then into the third place play off where they faced Caythorpe, they batted first and scored an incredible 293/0, Church Lane were unable to take any wickets from them. They had a difficult task ahead of them, Gvins score a 4 and a 6, followed by Steven scoring two 6's, as well as Joe hitting a 4 in the final over, but it wasn't enough, 276/3. 

The final results were as follows:

1st  - William Alvey 'A'

2nd - St Botolph's

3rd - Caythorpe

4th - Church Lane. 

Well done to all who played. 

Year 5 Kwik Cricket

Thursday 25th May was the Year 5's turn to take part in a Cricket tournament, a team with a mixture of eight Year 4 and 5 boys travelled across to Sleaford Cricket Club for a tournament.Eight teams had entered, including: Our Lady, Winchelsea, Cranwell, St Botolph's, Navenby, Kirkby la Thorpe, Cranwell and Church Lane. 

The rules were the same as the girls tournament, to start off the competition the schools were split into two groups of 4, the results of this would determine who they would play in the quarter finals. 

Church Lane played Navenby first, they batted first and recorded 235/5, with Matthew bowling a batter out on his first ball and Connor C making a catch. However Church Lane were only able to score 222/6, with Connor M hitting a 4. 


Next were Cranwell, Church Lane batted first but were only able to score 203/5, Cranwell however scored 231/2. The final game of the group stage was against Our Lady, a really close game with 1 run in it, Our Lady won 225/4 against 224/4!

 After the group stage Church Lane were drawn against Winchelsea, who had won all of their group games. Church Lane batted first and scored the highest number of runs they had scored all day, Winchelsea could not do enough to beat it, taking Church Lane through to the semi-finals. 

In the semi-final they were drawn against St Botolph's, Church Lane batted first, but some excellent bowling and fielding from the opposition kept them to a low score, which St Botolph's easily beat. This meant that Church Lane were in the third and fourth place play-off against Cranwell, who they lost too earlier in the day. 

Cranwell batted first and the Church Lane team did a good job at keeping the score as low as possible, however a final score of 255 was a difficult one to beat. It was too close to call through the overs and with one over left to bowl Church Lane were 9 runs behind. However some excellent batting from the duo of Connor's gave Church Lane the win with 263 runs and bronze medals!


Girls Kwik Cricket

On Tuesday 23rd May eight girls from Key Stage 2 went across to Sleaford Cricket Club to take part in this years Kwik Cricket tournament. In each game the children each bowl one over, and bat two overs. Each team starts on 200 runs then 2 runs are awarded for a no ball or a wide ball and 5 runs are deducted for every wicket. 

There were teams from seven different schools: William Alvey, Heckington, Digby, Cranwell, Kirkby la Thorpe, St Boltoph's and Church Lane. The schools were split into two groups and played each of the teams once. 

Church Lane's first opponents were Digby. They chose to field first so Church Lane stepped up to bat. The girls batted well hitting some 4's and scoring a few single runs their final score was 256. They then stepped up to bowl, a very shakey start saw a few no balls being bowled, however Kayley was able to get two wickets in her over and they managed to keep the score to a low 213, winning their first game. 

The second team they faced were Cranwell, Church Lane won the toss and chose to field first. Some better bowling from the Church Lane team, however some amazing batting from Cranwell gave them a score of 250. Church Lane batted to a better standard and again hot a number of 4's, however Cranwell fielded to a high standard and kept Church Lane to a score of 223.

The third game saw Heckington as the opponents, Church Lane won the toss and chose to bowl. They worked hard and were able to get a number of wickets, the score was a strong 223. Church Lane stepped up to bat and it was clear that this was going to be close. Church Lane lost some wickets, but with some excellent batting in the last two overs they were able to take the win, scoring 234.


After only loosing one game in the gorup stages the girls were through to the semi-final, where they faced the winner of the other group, St Boltoph's. The girls new this would be a challenging game, but gave it their all. St Botolph's batted first, scoring a number of 6's and 4's and finishing with a score of 260. Church Lane new they had a hige task ahead, but kept their heads held high and scored 213. Unfortunately this meant they were now fighting for 3rd or 4th place.

In the final game they were up against William Alvey, this was an extremely close game with both teams wanting to take third place. William Alvey batted first, but Church Lane's excellent bowling prevented the score from becoming out of reach, 250 with 1 wicket was the score to beat. They started well, scoring a number of single runs, it was very close...too close to call. However as the game went on William Alvey took three wickets, even with a 6 and some 4's they could only get to 240 for 3 wickets. 

The final positions were as follows:

1st - St Botolph's

2nd - Cranwell

3rd - William Alvey

4th - Church Lane


Basketball competition

On Friday 19th May four children from year 5 went over to Carre's Grammar School for a Basketball competition. Children from eleven different schools entered and were split into two groups. 

The Church Lane team were drawn against Caythorpe, Rauceby, Dunston and Helpringham. The first game saw Caythorpe as the opponents, the game was very close both teams having a number of shots. However, the game ended as a 1 - 1 draw. 

The second match was against Rauceby, this started as a close game, Church Lane had a number of shots but were not sucessful. Rauceby however had a number of shots and scored everytime, winning the game 5 - 0. 

Next were Dunston, both teams were getting tired by this point and it was showing. The game was closely fought with lots of interceptions and shots being made. Dunston scored first which was then quickly followed by a Church Lane equaliser. Both teams were determined to get the win, but it was Church Lane who managed to steal it within the last few minutes. 

The final game of the group stage saw Helpringham as the opponents, another great game with end to end play, finishing in a 2 - 2 draw. 

At the end of the group stage Church Lane finished third in group 1. To finish off the event each team then played the team from the other group who finished in the same position, which was William Alvey. A good game to finish off the tournament ended in a 3 - 0 win to William Alvey. 

Well done the the four chldren who took part, developing their Basketball skills to a good standard. 

Click here to be taken to the gallery page to see more pictures of this competition and others that have taken place over the year. 


Football tournament

On Tuesday 16th May the Church Lane Football team took part in their last tournament of the year. This was a nice way to finish the football season. Four teams took part in the mini tournament, playing each other once, in a game lasting 8 minutes each way. 

It was a horrible wet evening, but this did not stop some fantastic football being played. Church Lane's first opponents were Cranwell. It was a close game from the start with both teams having opportunities to score, Cranwell however scored first, just before the half time whislte. In the second half the Church Lane team showed excellent teamwork skills and pulled back a goal, making the final score 1 -1.

The second opponents of the evening were Kirkby la Thorpe, a team who we had lost to in the league. The Church Lane team were determined not be defeated in the same manner again. They played well for the first 5 minutes, keeping the score at 0 - 0, however an amazing goal from Kirkby took them to 1 - 0 up with minutes left to play. But they did not stop there and scored two more before half time. The Church Lane team unfortunately let this get to them and in the second half let in another 3 gaols, 6 - 0 at full time. 

The final match was against Winchelsea, the team had picked themselves up from the defeat and showed much better determination. It was a very close game, end to end all the way through. Winchelsea scored first, but Church Lane responded quickly and got an equaliser, 1 -1 at half time. With only 8 minutes to play ot was still too close to call, Winchelsea scored first, which was followed by an amazing goal from Gvins to equalise again. 2 - 2, with only a few minutes left to play, it looked like it was set to be a draw, however Winchelsea scored in the last few seconds. 2 - 3. 

The final results are below:




Kirkby la Thorpe

Church Lane








0 - 3

0 -1

1 - 1



- 4


= 3rd


3- 0


1 - 2

3 - 2



+ 3



Kirkby La Thorpe

1 - 0

2 - 1


6 - 0



+ 8



Church Lane

1 - 1

2 - 3

0 -6




- 7


= 3rd


On Friday 12th May six children had a go at something a bit different, Boccia. Boccia is a precision ball sport, related to bowls and pétanqueBoccia can be played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three. All events are mixed gender. The aim of the game is to throw leather balls — coloured red or blue as close as they can to a white target ball, or jack.

Children from Helpringham and Billingborough joined two Church Lane teams in a mini competition. Points were awarded depending on how many points were won during their 'end'. 

After playing each team twice the results were as follows: 

1st: Helpringham - 9 points

= 2nd: Church Lane Red - 8 points 

           Billingborough - 8 points

4th: Church Lane White - 7 points

Click here to be taken to our gallery page, look in the sports competitions album to see more pictures of the event. 

Mini Red Tennis Tournament

On Thursday 11th May, eight children travelled across Sleaford to Sleaford Tennis Club, to play in the annual Mini Red Tennis tournament. There were four children in a team, Church Lane entered two teams. There were sixteen teams in total, each split into four groups. 

The children then each played one child from the other schools, meaning all children got to play three games. 

All of the Church Lane pupils worked really hard in their matches, making massive improvements throughout the competition. At the end of the round robin matches, bith Church Lane teams finished 3rd in their groups. Unfortunately not enough to qualify for the semi-finals, bit an excellent effort nonetheless. 




Rounders tournament

On Friday 5th May nine children travelled to Chestnut Street Primary School in Ruskington to take part in the Rounders qualifiers. There were four different Rounders tournaments taking place on the same day, with the top two from each competition qulaifiying for the finals. 

At our event there were teams from Metheringham, Digby, Dunston and two from Chestnut Street. Each team was to play each other, one innings of 20 balls per team. 

Church Lane's first game was against Digby, they won the toss and chose the field first. Digby batted well and were able to score 4 1/2 rounders. Church Lane stepped up to bat and were able to score 5 rounders, winning the first game. 

The second game saw Metheringham as the opponents, they won the toss and chose to field first. Church Lane struggled to score in this game, they were hitting the ball well, however Metheringham were excellent fielders and kept the Church Lane score to a low 3. Unfortunately when Metheringham stepped up to bat the Church Lane fielding was not quite as 'slick' and they were able to score 8 1/2 rounders.

After two games Church Lane had won one and lost one, which was excellent, but the next opposition were Chestnut Street B and the team were confident. Church Lane won the toss again and chose to field. Church Lane displayed some fantastic fielding skills and kept Chestnut Streets score to a low 2 1/2 rounders. When it was Church Lane's turn to bat, they knew they had an easy target, but Chestnut Street were not going to let them win and put up a good fight. At the end of the innings Church Lane had scored 3 1/2 rounders, narrowly taking the win. 

The next game was against Chestnut Street A. Church Lane won the toss and again chose to field, they kept Chestnut Street to a relatively low score of 4 1/2, but knew they had a challenge on their hands. Some amazing batting skills from Connor and Gvins gave Church Lane an agonising 4 rounders. 

Church Lane had one more game to play, unfortunately the event had run over and there was not time for the last game. This meant that Church Lane finished in 3rd place narrowly missing out on a spot in the finals. 

KS1 Kabaddi

On Friday 28th April, five Key Stage one pupils travelled across town to St Botolph's Primary School to have a go at a new sport, Kabaddi. Kabaddi is an Indian game, where the two teams are trying to 'Tag' the other team by pulling off their 'tail'. 

There were eight team in attendance from Billingborough, Helpringham, Kirkby la Thorpe, St Botolph's, Chestnut Street, Tatershall and William Alvey. The children got the opportunity to play against all the other schools. They all started over very tentatively and by the end they were all getting 'stuck in' and enjoying themselves. Well done to all who played. 



Change4Life Adventure

On Friday 21st April two chldren from Year 5 travelled to Bloxholm Woods for a Change4Life Adventure event. The chosen activity was orienteering, the children had to navigate their way around Bloxholm Woods using a simple map to guide them, on the way there were ten points which the children had to get to. At each point was a riddle, along with bonus points dotted throughout the course. 

The children did extremely well, completing the 6.5km course in 1 hour and 38 minutes.