Summer Term 2018

Week commencing 2.7.18

 It has been assessment week for the class this week. We have been taking Maths, Reading and SPaG tests. The results have been strong and have showed that all children have (thankfully) improved from last year and the start of this year! YAY! 

Also this week, we have been completing our SRE lessons, the children have shown great maturity with this and have asked lots of important questions. I feel the class have learnt a lot and have shown they are mature enough to deal with any personal issues that may arise in the future.

Week commencing 25.6.18

  Change up week

Week commencing 18.6.18

  World Cup fever has hit Church Lane this week. We have been completing a variety of Maths, English, History and Georgraphy lessons! We have watched the afternoon games and completed match reports; talking about the best and worst moments of the games. In Maths, we have looked at the stadium capacities and worked out how many people will watch games at them during the World Cup. Each class also has been designated 4 teams (we have Portugal, Russia, Tunisia and Australia) and we have completed historical and geographical studies on them throughout the week!

Week commencing 11.6.18

jIt has been another hard-working week in year 5, this week! We have continued discovering more about measure. We have learnt how to find the perimeter and area of compound shapes. In English we have been comprehending areas of Goodnight Mr Tom. We have developed our understanding of the text and have really immersed ourselves in to the world of World War 2. In Topic we have been looking at what happened during the evacuation process once War broke out. We have been looking at the body in Science; particularly how we need to look after ourselves.

Week commencing 4.6.18 

Welcome back, I hope everybody is feeling refreshed. The children have certainly come back refreshed and ready to go.

We began with our pre-test in Measurement, the children have achieved some nice scores in this and I'm confident going forward that we'll be very successful in the post-tests later this term. In English, we have begun reading our novel "Goodnight Mister Tom." The children have really immersed themselves in to this book which links to our topic of World War 2. We have looked at a timeline of events before further investigations about the subject. We are looking at the body in Science. Learning about how to look after ourselves better and how to be more hygienic.

Week commencing 14.5.18

With it being SATs week this week, year 5 are using the quiet time to complete their setting description writing. Their challenge is to use 15 different types of SPaG in 15 sentences whilst still keeping the decsription interesting. The challenge was tough but the children worked hard and have managed to complete with great success!!

We have been working extremely hard during the week to consolidate our knowledge of protractors. At first we found it tough, however, through extreme hard work and determination, we can officially say we can all use protractors correctly, and efficiently! 

The children have also been completing a mosaic over the past couple of weeks with local artist Louise, along with Jon Moody, who has been taking us out into the community, working with us on our local history project (pictures to follow).

Week commencing 7.5.18

Shape is the name of the game in Maths. We have been discovering angles. We have looked at how to spot an acute/obtuse and reflex by just looking at them. We have also learned a new 'trick' using a ruler and checking what shape it is. Psssst. Don't tell Mr Clay as it's a 'cheat' trick!

  In English we have begun watching 'Beyond the Lines' which is a short war inspired clip about two boys reading their grandfather's letters. It has inspired some great emotive and thought-provoking questions.

We have continued to learn about World War 1 in topic, this week we have been looking at how the soldiers travelled round the trenches as well as equipment they used.

Week commencing 30.4.18

This week we visited the Sleaford Islamic Centre, as part of our learning about the local area topic. We walked along the high street down to the train station and opposite the train station is where the Mazjid (Arabic for Mosque) is located. During our visit we listened to the Imam talk about the Muslim culture and dispell some common beliefs around Islam. Once finished, he was open to questions from the children and gave open and honest answers. Following on from this, we were treated by watching their afternoon prayer, where we were also joined by members of the public. The children were very respectful and listened attentively. Finally, we were gifted with crisps and drink as a thank you for visting their place of worship. A huge thank you to Jon Moody for arranging this visit for us.

    In English we have been writing our play script, most children were able to finish and then type up their script on microsoft word using an old typewriter font to add that extra effect. Some made for very interesting war-based conversations.

   In Maths we have finished our topic of Statistics and are moving on to Geometry. We FINALLY have achieved a 100% in our post test - not just 1 though but 3!! A huge well done to those children. The class average for this post test was beyond any before it so a massive well done to the whole class! Very proud moment!

  We continue to learn about WW1 in topic and have been looking at propaganda posters and have even created some of our own which are looking extremely good!

As well as the exciting trip to the Mosque, we travelled all the way to Manchester to visit the Imperial War Museum. The children were a real credit to the school as mentioned by members of the public, members of staff, who said they had never had such a well-behaved school, and also by the coach driver, who commented that considering the length of journey, the children were fantastic! Well done year 5! Another very proud moment for me!

Week commencing 23.4.18 

     Another fantastic week comes to an end. We have worked extremely hard on statistics; learning how to collect and interpret data from timetables as well as draw and input our own data. Time seems to be a very tricky concept for us, so if there is time (excuse the pun) at home, please continue to work on analogue and digit time with your child.

    We began to write our play scripts this week. The children have loved learning about play scripts and have gained an incredible amount of knowledge - they don't seem so keen to be young actresses and actors though! We'll be working on this throughout the term!!

   The woeful World War lived up to its name this week. We have been discovering how bad it actually was to be down in the trench for a large chunk of time. The class found it almost unbelieveable at some of the information that we discovered - "Rats the size of cats! GROSS!!" "Not washing for years? DISGUSTING!!"

    In Science, we learnt all about mammals. What they are, why they do what they do and what makes them different from all other living species. We learnt that a mammal can control their body temperature regardless of living conditions; How TWO mammals still lay eggs and how reproduction in mammals is very similar across the species.

Week commencing 16.4.18

    What a lovely week we have had. The children have all come back completely refresh and ready for their learning. It was a tough term last time out but the attitudes shown already from all of the class show me that we are going to be in for a brilliant time.

    In Maths, we have begun our data understanding. This week we have looked at line graphs, how to read them, interpret them and also draw them as well as plotting data on them ourselves. We have shown great resilience through this as it is not an easy task.

   We have started our class novel 'War Horse' in English. This is the most advanced book we have read together, but we have begun to infer lots of information already and are transfering our knowledge from WW1 (topic) into our English lessons. The children are beginning to make links between the information in topic and the information in the novel.

  As previously mentioned, we are looking at WW1 in Topic lessons, we began by looking at how the war started (or how many believe it started). We also looked at the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance, which countries formed them and where their loyalties layed.