Autumn Term 2021

 Autumn Term 2!

  • We will continue to change books in class on Mondays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.Your child will receive a home reading book to share with an adult and two phonics books which will be decodable.
  • Homework will go out on Mondays. Please return on Friday. We will continue with our letter formation and writing spellings. We will also be working on our maths number bonds.
  • PE days will continue to be Tuesdays and Thursdays so please come in PE kit on these days.
  • Hold the date: KS1 Christmas Nativity Play: Monday 20th December 1.30pm.


WC 20th December 2021.

We made it! All the Year 1 team are super proud of Year 1! Finishing the Autumn Term with a fabulous Nativity Play!
We have sung, danced,we have read, we have ordered and written great sentences (using finger spaces), started to count in tens and ones, used natural materials (including pine needles and some foraged ever green leaves!) to make Christmas trees in Art and also been finishing off our topic learning! We have of course enjoyed a few Christmas party games, decorated Christmas biscuits (thankyou Miss Burrows!) and loved sharing all our christmas stories!  
Everyone will be ready for a lovely rest and we look forward to seeing everyone back on January 4th 2022!
There is only one last thing to say and that is... We wish you a very Merry Christmas holiday.

WC 13th December 2021.

In English, we have been busy using coordinating conjunctions to write about a Superhero.

In Maths we have started counting to 20. We have been reading and writing and ordering numbers to 20. Fabulous start year 1!

We have continued to learn about symbols of Christianity in RE. In Geography, we have started to learn about cities and how they compare to our town and thought about human and natural features of these. We performed our dress rehearsal for our KS1 Nativity Play and the older children were impressed. Everyone should be very proud of themselves.

On Wednesday, as a whole school we visited the Pantomime! …Oh yes we did!! Everyone enjoyed the bus ride aswell as the performance and ice-cream!We prepared our delicious 'Krispie Reindeer Lollipops' ready to sell at our School Christmas Fayre. We hope you enjoyed one!

WC 6th December 2021.

What a fun week, the School has really got into the Christmas spirit!

In English, we have continued reading our Superhero story and we have been turning statements into questions. We have been exploring using suffixes, plurals and exclamation marks!

In Maths we been investigating 3D and 2D shapes. We have recognised and labelled them. We have made patterns and began to explain their properties.

In RE, we have thought about how Christians express their beliefs.  In Art, we have enjoyed a special visit from the Civic Trust to learn all about printing. We were able to print our own cowslip plants based on our previous learning. We were all really impressed with the beautiful outcomes - a big thankyou to the Civic Trust for helping us. We have also been busy experimenting with dough, making our own 3D Christmas decorations. On Wednesday, we also enjoyed our whole School Christmas lunch! We also thoroughly enjoyed decorating our classroom and taking part in the School Christmas competition. The Classroom is looking really lovely thanks to all the children's lunch time craft club efforts.


WC 29th November 2021.

This week has been assessment week so the children have been busy reading, answering comprehension questions, answering maths questions and science questions. Well-done everyone for trying your best.

In English, we have continued with our new text ‘Send for a Superhero!' by Michael Rosen and Katharine McEwen. We have developed our use of adjectives to add detail and written to a powerful, fearless superhero to ask them to help us with the baddies!

In Maths we been completing work on addition and subtraction. We have been exploring how to find the difference and compare number sentences.

We have continued learning about Christianity in RE and we are enjoying Advent by sharing our interactive calendar and a Christmas story at the end of each day. In Science, this week we have started to think about what we do in Winter. We have looked at animals and how they adapt to the cold. We also had some interesting Bee-Keeper visitors who showed us how to extract honey! What a treat! We hope you enjoyed it on some toast?

WC 22nd November 2021.

In English, we have had a busy week! We have completed our Space fact files and we finished our learning with an immersive space adventure using NOWPRESSPLAY. Children had a go at making a glossary and putting the words in alphabetical order! We have also started our new text ‘Send for a Superhero! by Michael Rosen and Katharine McEwen. We have heard all about two ‘baddies’ who are on the loose called Filth and Vacuum! We have completed sentences using conjunctions to explain what may happen if they attacked Earth. Wow! We have also used some horrible adjectives to describe them!

In Maths we have continued to work on addition and subtraction. We have been developing our subtraction skills by crossing out, counting back and finding a part. We have been using part whole models and number lines to help us. Accurate subtraction work!

In Geography, we have continued to consider the area we live, we enjoyed observing Sleaford on google Earth and have started to record our ideas. We have continued our History learning and added to our memories about our area during lockdown. In Music, we have had an exciting expert visitor session using percussion instruments. See if you can have a go at making your own percussion instrument from recycled objects! In French, the children have been counting this week! We have also been doing lots of phonics and reading – keep working hard on this Year 1!:)

WC 15th November 2021.

In English, we have continued to research facts about space. We have used non-fiction texts and the internet to do this. We have started writing our own fact file about ‘The Moon’. Everyone has remembered interesting facts and used lots of the key features such as a subheading in capital letters! We finished the week fact finding about ‘Constellations’ in more depth and even made some using cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows!

In Maths we have continued to compare number bonds and impressed all the teachers with accurate use of inequality symbols. Great recapping on this year 1! We have started to use addition strategies; including counting on using number lines and finding the missing part in addition sentences.

We have continued our History learning and recounted our memories all about what we did in our spare time during lockdown. In Music, we have considered why ‘Stomp’ was such a successful production and designed a recycled percussion instrument of our own. We have also started to learn our nativity songs; you may hear your child singing them around the house! 😊 In Science, we have noticed it is getting chillier and it is getting dark earlier. We have begun to explore images of winter and how the season is now changing. In PE, we have been marching to the beat during our dance lessons. Mr Godson was super impressed with everyone – well deserved gold cards year 1. Keep up the great learning attitude.

Thankyou for all the donations today for Children in Need 😊 We hope you enjoyed the School Council pranks on the brave teachers!

WC 8th November 2021.

It is great to be back and it has been lovely to see so many smiley faces and positivity. Everyone has come back well rested and settled back well into our learning routines.

We have continued to think about Space and recapped our reading of our story Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max. We have used a question mark at the end of a question this week and worked with partners to read our questions to them and see if they could answer them. We have also had fun hunting for homophones and choosing the right spelling for the sentences. Wow! We finished the week by exploring non-fiction texts. We are getting ready to write our own factfile all about Space!

In Maths we have been finding number bonds within 10. We have been using different resources to help us with this. We have started to compare number bonds. We have also started to use the addition symbol in our number sentences. We have been building our number fact knowledge and began practising counting on.

We have also been excited to receive our new Rekenrek maths resources to help us continue to develop our understanding of numbers within 20 and the relationships between them.

We have been thinking about how our seasons change in Science and learning about Autumn. We have continued our learning about Christianity in RE and everyone has been very excited about our new Nativity Christmas performance. Your child will have been given details about this. 😊

WC 18th October 2021.

It is hard to believe we have already reached the last week of our Autumn term! What a final week we have had! A FABULOUS Strictly Come Dancing dance lesson, a theatre production of Jack and the Bean stalk and we had the privilege of being part of the Gregson Green Community Planting Project with The Civic Trust (Science, Geography and History learning!)Thankyou to The Civic Trust and Sleaford Museum for this. I know we'll all enjoy seeing the cow-slip plants appear in the spring. 

We have also continued with our new story Astro-girl. We had fun gazing up to the (imaginary!) stars and day-dreamed about what we’d like to see. Everyone used super adjectives to describe how they’d wish to see ‘red Mars’, ‘shiny, silver constellations’ and ‘fast, golden space rockets!’ We have been busy writing a guide for an astronaut. We used our new story to help us with our ideas and rehearsed our commands so we were ready to write them.

In Maths this week we have continued to use addition sentences; this week we have written addition fact families. Great work! We will learn number bonds next term!

As scientists we have completed our learning on the senses by having our own taste test! We explored how sight, smell and touch all affect how we taste things. We then decided to discover which fruit was sweeter. Honey dew melon was our conclusion! We also agreed that our senses are often brilliant on their own, but they work best in a team with each other! As Historians, we have reflected on what rules kept us safe in school during the pandemic and recounted on this. In music, we thought about rhythm and texture by listening to and comparing a variety of pieces of music. We concluded our gymnastics learning in PE by developing our own sequence of movements.

Well-done to everyone for such fabulous reading and phonics this term and completing the weekly homework so sensibly. Enjoy a lovely rest over half term. We are looking forward to seeing you again in November. We have lots to look forward to including a design project, a KS1 Nativity and some seasonal activities in Science!


WC 11th October 2021.

This week in English we finished our learning on the Cave Baby story and some children read their story to the class – fabulous story telling. We also completed our own Cave baby apology letter – we all had agreed cave baby shouldn’t paint on the walls!

On Wednesday we heard some strange roaring and rumbling around playtime. We couldn’t believe our ears!! We went outside to investigate and found a mysterious bag belonging to someone called Astrid! We cleverly deduced from the items inside it that the owner loved space and the bag may have dropped from a rocket. We have discovered it actually belongs to Astrid or Astro-girl - which is  the girl in our new class story. We continued to make predictions and we have written these into our books very carefully and neatly. Super vocabulary year 1!

In Maths this week we have started our learning on addition and impressively used part whole models. We are using the vocabulary of mathematicians! We have even started to use addition sentences. Wow!

As Historians, we have been ordering pictures of key workers during the pandemic from past to present. The children have begun to relate this more accurately onto a time-line and justified their decisions. As a whole school we have all thought about Black History month. Year 1 enjoyed the story ‘Look up’ by Nathan Byron. We learnt about Mae Jemison, the American former astronaut and how she set herself ambitious goals. We then thought about our own ambitions and what we would love to do when we grow up. We have some budding doctors, teachers, police officers and ballerinas amongst our class! In Art, we have explored and experimented using thick and thin brushes with paint. In RE, we have shared Christian stories, using some freeze frames to show the different parts of the story of Moses. Impressive recall year 1!

One more lovely, busy week to go Year 1… what a super start you have made this Autumn. You will certainly deserve a half term break! 


WC 4th October 2021.

This week in English we have worked really hard to write our own story of the Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. The children have literally blown our socks off with all their hard work!

In Maths this week we have been ordering 3 numbers. We have thought about how we can prove we are correct using resources. We have been learning about ordinal numbers. We have also done some mixed up questions to assess our place value learning. Super job Year 1, we are really proud of you!

In Geography, we have considered the question ‘what people might do in Sleaford?’ The children were so enthusiastic and shared some super suggestions including walking by the River Slea, having hot chocolate in a café, getting a train to work, going to one of the parks, swimming or visiting the church and of course trying a McDonalds takeaway! As Historians, we have continued to think about the NHS services and what the key workers did during the pandemic. The children were so sensible and explained how they cared for us and protected us. In RE, we shared our knowledge of Christianity and thought about the different parts of the Bible. Finally in Science, we have continued to use our senses. This week we thought about touch and smell how important this is. We had fun describing and guessing different foods and using our senses to explore outside.

As a whole school we celebrated and raised awareness for World Mental Health Day – thank you for supporting this and wearing yellow clothes.


WC 27th September 2021. 

This week in English we have worked hard to write sentences using a capital letter and a full stop. Any sentences that did not have this were not allowed on our cave! Lots of children quickly edited any mistakes Mrs Glaves had made. We have also been using the conjunction 'and'. Everyone has continued to work hard in phonics and we are starting to see confidence to use our sounds to spell as well as read. Keep it up year 1!

In Maths we have comparing numbers using dice, numicon, our fingers and unifix cubes. We have been learning about the inequality symbols; greater than, less than and equal to. We have We have worked really hard to try and record our great maths in our books using these symbols.

In Science we have continued to think out how we use our senses, including how we see and how we hear. We did an experiment to see what made a difference to hearing the whistle at play time. We all agreed it is easier to hear if we are closer and have our hoods down. We also went on a little sound walk around our school grounds and recorded lots of sounds of Sleaford. As Historians, we have continued to think about the NHS services and thought about how we have shown our gratitude of their role over the past two years. We went on to think about what we knew about Captain Tom Moore; and made special medals commemorating and remembering a wonderful and significant man in our recent history.In PSHE, we have thought about what makes us proud and how it makes us feel. This also gave an opportunity for us to tell the children individually what they have done to make us proud in year 1 so far.

In between all this we had an amazing RE Holi day. Everyone made some super clay divas, painted mehndi designs, tried Bollywood dancing and of course the spectacular whole school Holi Festival on our field. See you for more learning fun on Monday Year 1!

WC 20th September 2021.

This week in English we have started to retell the story of the Cave Baby. The children are getting really good at this and added some great actions to go with their spoken word.We have sequenced pictures and carefully used our phonics sounds to help us write words or captions to match the pictures.

In Maths we have been counting one more and one less and comparing objects. Everyone has worked really sensibly, using accurate counting skills and different resources to help us. Some children have also represented our school in some active maths – what superstars!

The children have been Geographers, using clues to work out where we will be studying. They were fabulous detectives and worked out it was our own town of Sleaford! The children have decided we need to go for a walk to observe our local area and listen to the sounds we may hear. The children are keen to see the River Slea, the windmill, the train track and the cafes.

In PE, we have continued with Gymnastics, we have jumped and rolled and began to sequence these movements together. In Music, we have enjoyed listening to and joining in with the production 'Stomp' and trying out percussion instruments. As Historians, we have started to think about the question ‘When was the NHS created?’ All the children did really well ordering photos from past to present day. Encourage your child to ask you about the NHS to help their understanding or to ask an older grandparent.

Finally, not forgetting our fabulous whole school Roald Dahl day mid-week. The children looked fantastic and the day was full of smiles. Thank you for your support.

WC 13th September 2021.

We have continued reading our new English story, Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson, and we have been spotting noun phrases. We have worked together to read descriptions of the different animals in the story and matched them to the appropriate pictures. We’ve also had a go at writing our own adjectives and some children have been writing full sentences using them! Ask your child if they can describe the mammoth in our story! We have done lots of reading as a class, with a partner and with a teacher and have been busy working hard on our phonics. Lots of children have discovered our little reading area and loved stretching out on the bean bags with a friend to share a story, chat or play a little game - this has been lovely to see!

In Maths we have been using counters, pictures and tens frames to continue to count accurately. We have also been counting forwards and backwards within ten and writing our number words. We have started to spot any mistakes made and explain our answers – great reasoning year 1!

For topic learning, we have been developing our art skills by experimenting with drawing lines in different directions (Horizontal, vertical and diagonal) and using different pencil pressure. In Science, we have been learning about how we see and the basic parts of the eye. In Music, we have had fun finding the pulse. We have also enjoyed computing, learning some French and of course using all the outdoor resources together. There have been some super team constructions. What a busy week!



WC 6th September 2021.

Welcome to year 1!

  • We will change books in class on Mondays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.Your child will receive a home reading book to share with an adult and a phonics book which will be decodable.
  • Homework will go out on Mondays. Please return on Friday. We will start with number and letter formation. This will recap and build on learning in Reception.
  • PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays so please come in PE kit on these days.

What a lovely (and hot!) week we have had settling into year 1. We have settled in really well, shown some great teamwork with our friends, explored our new learning areas and already achieved lots of hard work. Well-done Year 1! It has been a really great week getting to know you all.

We have started our new English story, Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson, and we were shocked to see how naughty the baby was drawing all over the cave walls! We will continue to have a go at creating our own cave art in our outdoor area! We have been writing sentences all about the animals in the story and been careful to use capital letters and full stops.

In Maths we have been sorting and counting objects and recording our answers. Excellent number formation!

We have created our own class charter and enjoyed spending some time thinking about our new class and how we would like our classroom to be. In Science, we have thought about the parts of our body and labelled them. In PE, we have taken a fun fitness test which included lots of different activities to have a go at.

Have a lovely, fun and restful weekend. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.