Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2!

PE days will continue to be Mondays and Thursdays - from 7th March bring your PE kit into school to change in school. 

We will continue to change books in class on Mondays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.
Your child will receive a home learning book to share with an adult and two phonics books which will be decodable. Please also ask your child questions about the story and talk about any new vocabulary with them, to help their understanding.
Homework will continue to go out on Mondays. Please return on Friday. We will continue to focus on reading and answering questions and we will also include some writing tasks linked to our topic learning.

WC 28th March 2022.

Miss Burrows and Mr Godson have been really impressed with everyone for the last week of term and everyone has continued to stay busy and focused. In English, everyone has written their own report about their Sock puppet alien. In addition, everyone has prepared a story plan and started to write their own version of the Beegu story! Super job! Also, keep reading over the holidays!

In Maths, everyone has done an amazing job continuing to learn about weight and mass and also capacity. This meant using lots of different containers for measuring and thinking carefully so we use the correct mathematical vocabulary to compare.

In History, the class thought about why Nelson Mandela is a significant person in our past. We have completed our Gymnastics PE lessons for the term by performing in pairs our sequences (where we have linked movements together and balanced on different body parts). Good partner work year 1. In RE, we have finished our learning about the Muslim faith by comparing the ways in which people express or practise their beliefs as a community. In Music, we have used a Disney movie clip to help children compose their own music. They have been working together to start and finish at the same time and prepare to perform it to each other. Finally, we have completed our Pop Art learning by having fun exploring with paint to create art using animal images – something everyone was keen to do.

Have a fun and restful Easter break. Look forward to seeing you after the holiday.

Don’t forget about the 1 minute maths app to keep you entertained or try some counting in 2s, 5s or 10s to impress your parents!


WC 21st March 2022.

In English, we have continued to read our story about Beegu the alien. We have decoded some rhyming words that Beegu said - as she only speaks in nonsense words!Super phonics Year 1! We have also been on a journey with Beegu, through the busy town, listening to all the sounds she heard. We have written about the ringing phones, honking car horns and chatting children that she will have heard. We have also had a lovely time with Miss Burrows and Mrs Hudson making our own Sock puppet alien (thankyou for sending in your old, odd socks). Next, we will be describing how it looks, moves and what it eats!

In Maths, we have started learning about weight and mass. Miss Burrows was super impressed with everyone’s practical skills to prove which objects in her shopping basket were heavier or lighter. We have worked accurately to compare mass.We have also continued to do lots of mixed maths questions. Super effort!

In PSHE we have been thinking about how we can tackle new challenges and overcome challenges. In Geography, we have started to learn in more detail about the continents. We became researchers to learn facts about the continents Africa and Antarctica. In small groups we composed some postcards to tell Mr Clay all about the amazing things we had found out and read them out beautifully. In Music, we continued to explore mood and atmosphere by experimenting with different instruments. We have now started to think about the summer season in Science. Some children finished our week by representing our school at a sport event with Mr Godson – excellent job!


WC 14th March 2022.

In English, we have started our new book ‘Beegu’ by by Alexis Deacon. We were most surprised to find something strange on the school field! We discovered something unusual had landed, of course we wanted to investigate and had lots of questions. Everyone has been captivated by the lonely, little alien called Beegu who had landed at our school. We have described her and designed our own posters and written a letter all about how to look after her.

In Maths, we have been accurately measuring lengths and heights using non-standard units and started to measure using a ruler. We have added and subtracted lengths. We have also been doing lots of mixed questions including our Spring assessments. What a busy maths week we’ve had! We will be adding and subtracting in our sleep!

We have continued to do lots of phonics and reading – including our Spring reading comprehension assessments. Topic this week has included impressive geographical knowledge of the globe and we had lots of fun finding the continents. In Art, we continued with our Pop Art – giving opinions on different work and finishing our own creations. In Music, we have started to think about how Music can create atmosphere and mood. Miss Burrows used the music from the Disney Soundtrack Brave to help children consider this. Next, the children will be experimenting with instruments to create atmosphere. We have completed a Science assessment and reflected on our Spring Walk – enjoying our local photos (thankyou Hayley – expert photographer of everything we spotted 😊).

Finally, thankyou for all the generous and heartfelt donations for the Ukraine. Everyone was so mature and caring as we reflected on this.

WC 7th March 2022.

Fantastic, hard work all week Year 1!
In English, we have completed our own story about ‘Billy and the Beast’ – well done remembering capital letters and full stops! There were some really thorough stories and the stamina to write was really fantastic to see! Lots of funny ideas included too – such as slamming the soup lid on the scary Beast and going home for chunky, yummy chips at the end!

In Maths, we have completed lots of mixed questions on place value within 50 – super work. We have also been counting in 2s and in 5s. A fabulous start with this. We are now going to think about measurement and will be comparing lengths and heights.

We have continued to do lots of phonics and reading. We have been asking and answering questions in guided reading and we have started to record our answers to comprehension questions. In Science, we went on a local Spring nature walk. We were keen to spot the signs of Spring and of course feed the ducks on the lovely River Slea. We checked if our bulbs were growing on Gregson Green. Thank you to everyone helping us – it was great to be out and about in our local area as a class. In History, we are now thinking about the significant person - Nelson Mandela. In RE, we have been recording our ideas about the Muslim faith.

WC 28th February 2022.

In English, we have been busy making (and writing!) the Beast’s recipe for terrible soup. We included all sorts of unusual ingredients including pinecones, spicy mice, foxes tails, onions and feather dusters! Everyone was adding lots of vegetables to the soup pan alongside the poor animals! Brilliant use of plurals and commands!  We have also made a plan for our own story. Everyone did a superb job remembering the story sequence.

In Maths, we have been ordering numbers within 50. We have made the numbers with resources to compare them and we are also getting really quick at using our number chart to help us. We have also started counting in 2s – we have played counting games and used resources to help us (including pairs of socks!) We are getting quick at this and lots of children were noticing the even number pattern. Try counting in 2s at home - challenge yourself to count in 2s backwards :)

In Geography we made our model Globe - there was fabulous partner work adding the ocean! In Science, we enjoyed lots of Spring activities - we planted seeds, printed spring flowers and made our own clay hedgehog emerging from hibernation! In PE, we are sequencing our movements in gymnastics - thinking about the different ways we can travel and balance. In Art, we have began to think about Pop Art and started to make our own class masterpiece with Miss Burrows.  

Finally, we have enjoyed seeing all the fabulous book character costumes for World Book Day. We had a fun scavenger hunt in year 1. As reading detectives we had to find objects linked to the stories we have read together this school year. We sorted them to match the correct story - great recall Year 1!  Welldone to the lucky reading vending machine winners - keep reading - the more you read the more chance of winning a book in the draw!

WC 21st February 2022.

Great to be back Year 1!

In English, we have continued reading our new book ‘Billy and the Beast’ – there has been some super reading and roleplay of the story. Brilliant sentences,using conjunctions, have been written.We have had lots of fun thinking about what unusual things we could hide in our ‘super hair’ to help us on our journey through the forest.

In Maths, we have been counting to 50 and using lots of equipment to make numbers using tens and ones. We have been counting one more and one less.  Keep counting forwards and backwards everyone!

In Geography we have started to think about the question: What is the Globe? We enjoyed exploring a model of the Globe, asking lots of questions about it and finding out the answers. Next week we are going to make our own model Globe! In Science, we have started to think about the seasons again –Spring. Today we even spotted a completely blue sky and it was a little warmer already! In RE, we are continuing to think about the Muslim faith and prayer. We have completed our learning on abstract art by bravely using primary colours to paint lines and shapes.

World Book Day: Friday 4th March – come dressed as your favourite book character.



Spring Term 1!

PE days will now be Mondays and Thursdays so please come in PE kit on these days.

We will continue to change books in class on Mondays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.
Your child will receive a home learning book to share with an adult and two phonics books which will be decodable. Please also ask your child questions about the story and talk about any new vocabulary with them, to help their understanding.
Homework will go out on Mondays. Please return on Friday. We will focus on reading and answering questions and we will also revisit letter formation and rehearsing high frequency spellings.

WC 7th February 2022.

A fabulous last week Year 1 - keeping up the stamina and showing so much enthusiasm for all your learning. 

In English, we have started to read a new story ‘Billy and the Beast’ by Nadia Shireen. We could not believe how a Terrible Beast had entered our classroom. Luckily we had our very own eye witness in the school who could help describe him! We have enthusiastically written wanted posters for this Beast – so keep a look out! We have also been busy reading the start of our new and exciting story book. We have written some super adjectives and sentences about what we have found out so far. The main character certainly sounds a plucky girl! Year 1 couldn’t believe she kept her snack doughnuts in her hair but we are intrigued to find out what other useful things she may stash in there that may help save the animals from the Beast…! (Have a read of an extract from the book in your homework book :)  We will be making our own Terrible Soup next term!

In Maths, we have completed our learning for addition and subtraction by trying mixed up questions. We will keep using our resources and counting strategies to help us. We have also finished the week exploring numbers to 50! We have started to think about how can we can count a larger number of objects more easily by using our tens frames to organize them into tens and ones. A really great start!

In Geography we have completed our learning by identifying and labelling natural and physical features found at the coast. In Science, we have continued to think about suitable materials for different objects and enjoyed learning about the importance of recycling and reusing for materials that don’t decompose. We also saw some lovely partner work as children created recycled plant pots, pen-pots, bird feeders and other creations! We have continued to think about what makes great partner work in PSHE. Finally, we have continued with our Abstract Art and this week replicated a piece of art by Mo Tucay.

We were sad to say farewell (and a big thank you for all she has done) to our trainee teacher, Miss Brown who returns to KS2 at another school. Miss Burrows will re-join us at the end of February.

Thank-you for all your support with homework There were lots of gold cards given today (for effort and completion of tasks every week!). Have a lovely half-term break. We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school on the 21st February. 😊
PE days will continue to be on Mondays and Fridays.

WC 31st January 2022.

In English, we have had a busy week! We have completed our own sequel story – I want my friend back! What super stories year 1! It was great fun using a different coloured pencil for each character in the story. Everyone has worked hard and really enjoyed writing their own ideas. We were very impressed with the stamina for writng shown and it was lovely reading about all the woodland creatures. I also enjoyed that everyone had a happy ending! Children found their friend Bear and were so affectionate towards him - how kind. :) 

In Maths we have continued to work on subtraction within 20 and are becoming more confident. We have been using our number bonds to help us subtract. We have also started to learn how we can use subtraction to find the difference and we have completed related facts. It has been tricky learning! we will keep rehearsing those number bonds!

In Geography, we explored different coasts around the UK. In Science, we have explored the question ‘ Can we use any material to make any object?’ – we investigated the best material for curtains. Some children loved the idea of using play dough to make curtains and proved they wouldn't be transparent by shining a torch on this material. Watch out for some potentially interesting bedroom curtains! We have also started learning about abstract art; we have considered what we like and dislike about different paintings. We also recreated our own art based on work by the artist Yayoi Kusama. A wonderful start year 1!

WC 24th January 2022.

In English, we have completed our ‘Bear’s Bad-Choice Beat Rap’ – fantastic rhythm Year 1! Thankyou for all the support - everyone looked fabulous wearing caps and accessories! We have now been busy finding out about the Rabbit Character, writing a letter to her and a list to help her pack. Fabulous phonemic awareness. Everyone finished the week thinking about how we could sequence a story sequel - 'I want my friend back'. Some super roleplay between the story characters – impressing Mr Godson and Mrs Hudson! We are really looking forward to your stories next week!

In Maths, we have been doing some tricky addition, thinking carefully how we can add to the next ten. We have also started subtracting within twenty too! Keep rehearsing your number bonds to ten! We are also continuing to practise moving numbers to 10 on our Rekenrek maths equipment. The children are getting much quicker at this.

In Geography we are now learning about the coast. We thought about what we see at the seaside – great coastal features knowledge. In Science, we have continued to identify materials by playing games and thinking about the different ways we can group them. We have now completed our garden centres logo in Design and Technology – it needed some
careful cutting of he felt to create an accurate logo. In RE, we have enjoyed answering the question: What is the Night of Power? We made our own Moon and Star decoration which looks lovely! We have been doing lots of reading and trying to make sure our letter formation is really clear – well done! Keep reading at home 😊 

WC 17th January 2022.

A fabulous and busy week Year 1! Thankyou for all your hard work:)

In English, we have been enjoying our new story; ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen. We discovered all sorts of hats in our classroom and asked lots of questions about them. We have considered what we know about the Bear character in our story and had lots of fun roleplaying and writing a conversation between our Bear and Rabbit character! We finished the week performing a 'Bear's Bad-choice Beats Rap!’ We hope you can enjoy performing this at home! A copy is in your child’s homework book. We are on the lookout for any rap experts to help us!

In Maths, we have started learning addition methods. We have been using counting on and exploring how we can use our number bonds. Everyone is working carefully to be accurate mathematicians.Try out the 1 minute maths app!

In Science, we are now thinking about how we can investigate and describe the different properties of materials through exploration and asking and answering lots of questions. In History, we have continued to think about civil rights and how they have changed in more recent history. We talked about the links to our class charter and agreed some additions. In RE, we are learning about the Qur’an and why it is special.  We have sequenced The Creation story. We have continued with our mini-Design and Technology project and started to make our Garden Centre logo using the material felt. In Computing this week Year 1 had a go at stop motion. Finally, in music we have continued to explore Folk music and we tried out an Irish Jig! 

WC 10th January 2022.

In English, we have completed our story. What impressive work! We have had a go to read our work back and talked about what we have written. We have written it up in best just like a real author would publish their work. Some children have written lots of dictated sentences and been composing their own sentences to write. Super job! Everyone certainly has a lot of knowledge about Superheroes and whether they are powerful or strong enough!We have painted our clay Superheroes.We have also been working carefully on letter formation in handwriting sessions. We now have a new story to read ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen.

In Maths, we have been comparing objects and numbers within 20. We have also answered lots of mixed-up questions as part of our assessment.

In Geography we have looked more closely at the features of the country. In Science, we have explored objects around the school, thinking about what material they are made from. We have continued with our mini-Design and Technology project and created our own garden centres logo design. In History, we have been learning about civil rights, acting out our learning through role play and talking about lots of new vocabulary. For PE, we have been active with team games and dance. We were very excited to meet our new Dance teacher, Miss Cheryl (from our Strictly Come Dancing experience). Finally, some children took part in a dodgeball school sports event – they were all so happy and exhausted when they got back to the classroom this afternoon!

WC 4th January 2022.

What a wonderful start to 2022. Everyone returned sensibly and we have had a very smooth start to the New Year! The children are even looking more grown up, as we keep celebrating more 6th Birthday’s within our class! :)

In English we have remembered our story about the evil Super Heroes, Filth and Vacuum! We have described their characteristics and made our own story plans about them. We also made some clay super heroes and it was lots of fun (and a bit squishy!) adding very strong, muscly arms, magic boots, torches and t.shirts with initials on! The children agreed those mean villains want to attack our School! We have written the beginning and middle of our story and we are impressed with everyone’s stamina and the skills used in our writing.

In Maths, we have continued to count in tens and ones within 20. We have used lots of different equipment to help us. We have recorded our answers in our books. We have also been doing lots of rehearsal of one more and one less – using different mathematical vocabulary to answer questions and saying our answers in sentences aloud. Super maths everyone!

In Topic, we have got straight into full swing with our learning! We have been Geographers and explored town and country. We have read the story of the Town and the Country Mouse, looked at lots of different images with our friends and worked independently to read and sort different geographical features. In Science, we have started to think about what a material is. We explored different materials using our senses, described them and spied different objects around our classroom and what material they were made of. We have started a mini-Design and Technology project, learning all about garden centres and logos. In Music, we have started to learn about folk music, listening (and dancing!) to a jig and learning a folk song. What a busy week!