Summer Term 2022

Important information: 

PE days: Wednesday and Thursday 

Reading must be completed at least 3 times a week. 

Times Tables and arithmetic are set on a Monday and must be returned on Thursday, Times Tables will also be set on a Thursday to be handed in on the following Monday. 

Spellings are sent home on a Monday ready for a spelling test on Friday. 


Week commencing 20th June 2022 

We are 3 weeks in and only 4 weeks away from the end of term! 

This week we have continued our English where we have been creating some fantastic expanded noun phrases inspired by the pictures from Harris Burdick. We have also recapped present perfect tense and writted a conversation using direct speech (Miss Massingham was very impressed).

In Maths we have been using our knowledge of kilograms and grams to measure mass, compare mass and add and subtract mass.

In the afternoons we have started our unit on Art in industry and have looked at different styles of fashion and why silhouettes are important. We have also begun our RE unit on Pilgrimage exploring what it is and why it is so important. 



Week commencing 13th June 2022 

A busy second week back. 

This week we have continued being writing detectives exploring a series of mysterious pictures including: Archie Smith, Boy Wonder and Under the Rug. 

In Maths we have finished our Unit on time and have become confident with comparing time durations. We are looking forward to starting our Unit on Mass and Volume next week. 

In the afternoones, we have become explores looking at the differences between the northern and southern hemispheres. We have also been getting ready for 'The Big Sing' next week. 


Week commencing 6th June 2022


Welcome back year 3. 


This week we have become writing detectives creating settings and predictions for some mysterious photographs that have been left in the class room by Harris Burdick. 


In maths we have been working hard and learning to tell the time. We have been learning the difference between the minute and hour hand and using our knowledge of our five times tables to help us tell the time to the minute. 


In topic lessons we have been continuing our learning on the ancient Egyptians and in PSHE we have been looking at how we and animals grow. We have also been using practicing our singing with Sophie in music.


Week commencing 23rd May 2022 

We have had a lovely week to end the term. This week we have finished our Maths unit on statistics reading to move onto time next term. 

We have also been finishing off our topics for this term ready to start our new ones. 

Have a lovely break Year 3!


Week commencing 16th May 2022

This week we have finished our Big Write on our twisted tale and getting ready for our next book focus. I wonder what it will be... 

In Maths we have finished our unit on fractions which we have been working really hard on and have started to look at statistics ficusing on pictograms. 

In topic lessons this week we have focused on global citizenship, consolidating our understadning of underwater habitats, exploring the Pharo Akhenaten and comparing the Hindu deities. 

Week commencing 9th May 2022

We are still going with our Maths unit on fractions and this week we have been using the fraction wall to help us with some really tricky concepts. 

In English we have started to plan our Big Write where we are writing a twisted tail on Cinderella of the Nile. 

In Topic this week we have been looking at the different ocean habitats, Hateshput and different climate zones, as well as looking at how to be safe online. 


Week commencing 2nd May 2022


Another super busy week in Year 3.

In Maths we are showing perserverance and determination with our fractions. This week we have moved onto fractions of amounts and have even started equivalent fractions. 

In English we have been using our imaginations and creativity to create character descriptions using similies, metaphors and abstract noun phrases. This is getting us ready to start our Big Write where we will be using the skills we have learnt to write our own twisted tale. 

We have also been continuing with our non-core learning, exploring the Coral Reef, the Great Pyramid of Giza and mood boards in Interior design. 

Week commencing 25th April 2022

our first full week back and it has been an extrmeley busy one! 

On Tuesday we had a fantastic day out in Birmingham with Year 4. We learnt so much about the Hindu temple, and were amazed by how beautiful it was. After the Hindu temple we went to the Think Tank a really cool interactive science museum where we explored the different exhibits, including the outdoors, our bodies, animals, inventions and the world around us. The coach trip was definitley worth it! 

During the rest of the week we have been continuing to look at fractions and how we can find fractions of amounts developing our understanding of numerators and denominators. 

In English we have continued our new book "Cinderella of the Nile", looking at abstract nouns, commands, similies and metaphors. 

In non core lessons, we have been enjoying our dance with 'Dance Lobo', explored lattiude and climates, began our new art topic on Interior design, and explored underwater habitats. 

Week commencing 20th April 2022

It was lovely to have you back this week Year 3. 

We have started the new term with a new book in English: Cinderella of the Nile, where we will be practicing the skills to complete a twisted tale. 

In Maths we are continuing with our unit on Fractions and have been exploring the concept of fractions as numbers. 

We have been very excited to start our new topic in RE this week (Hinduism). We looked at the Hindu creation story. 

The children had a great time celebrating the Buddhist water festival- Songkran on Friday and took much pleasure in ensuring the adults where also taking part in the festival of water.