Autumn Term 2021

Week commencing 29th November 

  This week has been assessment week, where the children have tested their knowledge on Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Problem solving and Reasoning as well as Science. They have worked extremely hard and produced some fantastic results, that can they be VERY proud of!

We have also been learning all about Mountains in Geography: what a mountain is, what the features of a mountain are and what the climate of mountains are. The children have found this really fascinating. Particularly the fact that mountains on the equator, still have snow!!!

We have also been learning about the Islamic rites of birth - the children learned about Bismillah and that Muslims donate a significant amount of money to charity, depending on how heavy the child's hair weighs when it is shaved off after a week.

Week commencing 22nd November 

Links for Home Learning:

Multiply by 10

Multiply by 100

Divide by 10

Divide by 100

Multiply by 1 and 0

Divide by 1 and itself

Geography (Mountains):

Georgraphy (UK):

Science (Body): 

Week commencing 15th November 

   Another fantastic week from Year 4! We have been looking at how our body turns food in to energy and also the role our teeth play in this process. We spoke about how important it is to keep our teeth heathy!!

   In Maths, we have continued to develop our knowledge in Addition and Subtraction - making sure we can EXCHANGE when adding and subtracting. We have also been working hard on our vocabulary as this is an important step in Maths Mastery.

  In English, we have been learning more about Father and his unhealthy relationship with his son. We spoke about some of Father's regrets about his relationship with son and what he may wish he had done before he went to war!

We have been continuing to play our Toots with Tom from Lincolnshire Music. We have pretty much learnt how to play Hold Back The River by James Bay and it is sounded INCREDIBLE!!!!


Week commencing 8th November 

    Welcome back to Autumn 2 term. I must applaud the children on how they have returned to school after a two week break - sometimes it is difficult first week back but the children have been incredible!

   We have begun our Addition and Subtraction unit for Maths, which will link back to our knowledge of Place Value a lot as well as stretching our knowledge on Year 3 Addition and Subtraction. In English, we are reading a new book - FaRther. Although, the children have yet read much of it as we have been inferring the knowledge from just the pictures in the book.

   We have been looking at mountains in Geography and in History, we have been discovering why Lincoln has a castle.




Week commencing 11th October  

    Another great week in Year 4. We have been ordering and comparing numbers in Maths as well as finding 1000 more or less. Again, the children have been working so hard and I'm so impressed, day in, day out!

   English has been interesting...The clip of Varmints we have been using to base our work around and taken a dark twist...lots of confusion and questions have been asked from the clip, which has enabled us to produce some incredible work.

  We have been learning more about our local area this week in History and more about how food travels around the world in Geography. In PSHE we have been talking about acceptance of people's views and beliefs. 

Week commencing 4th October 

  This week, we have been learning more about Place Value: looking at rounding larger numbers, partitioning numbers and the number line to 10,000. The children have worked hard. More and more children are completing problem solving questions on a daily basis now.

   In English, we have been reading our new book: Varmints - although a lot of our work has been based around the video clip of the same name. The story is about a Varmint, who attempts to keep a plant alive during a complete destruction of his word - was it all a dream or was it reality? We'll find out when we watch the entire clip...

   In our afternoon sessions, we have been learning about religious ceremonies in RE, classifying plants in Science and finishing our final pieces in our Art. As well as this, we have been completing our music knowledge through composing songs on Garage Band, performance gymnastics routines in PE and reading and writing simple vocabulary in French.

Week commencing 27th September 

   This term is FLYING by so quickly. We are already half way and have achieved so much! This week we have been using lots of descriptive writing to describe our characters and thinking about how they can move and interact with people. 

In Maths, we have been rounding numbers. Again, the children's desire to learn and make progress have blown me away - what an incredible bunch this team is!

In our afternoon sessions, we have been looking at how important the Carre family were in Sleaford and the legacy they have left behind. In Science, we have been working out different way we can group and identify plants. We have been using GarageBand to create our own dance tracks, which sound incredible! We have been learning some new words in French: I hope the children have been conversing with you at home in French! In PE, we have been using our hands to create balances and different levels.

Week commencing 20th September

  Another awesome we in Year 4! We have begun our Place Value unit in Maths and discovered lots of new numbers; writing them in words and digits. Did you know our numbers are Arabic numbers?

   In English, we have created our own ‘giant monsters’, using well-known materials and animals or humans! THE GOLDEN DUCK was a particular favourite!

   In Geography, we have been learning that our food can travel tens of thousands of miles: literally half way around the world, in order to get on to our plates! We calculated the distance a simple pizza may have travelled.

  We have been looking at Christian ceremonies in RE. We discovered that we had all been to a Christian ceremony and although they were different, they all had the same features!

Week commencing 13th September

   This week, we have been further immersing ourselves in to our book: The Iron Man and completing some basic writing tasks around the novel.

   In Maths, we have been continuing with Shape – we have studied 2D and 3D shapes as well as making 3D shapes.

  We have been learning where some of our food comes from: ‘Farm to Fork’. It was a surprise to some children how food is produced! In History, we have learned about Cogglesford Mill and how important it was throughout the history of Sleaford.

   In PSHE, we learned how it is important to accept everybody for who they are and that we are all different, yet amazing at the same time!

Week commencing 6th September

  I’d like to begin by saying WELCOME BACK to school and to express how excited I am to begin this year. I have so many exciting lessons, experience and trips planned and I really can’t wait to get started!

This week has been about settling in to a new year group – understanding expectations and getting used to the new school day.

We have completed our baseline assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths.

In Maths, we have begun to recap on previous years’ shape units as they were hindered due to COVID lockdowns. In English, we are using the novel: The Iron Man to inspire our writing. In Geography we are studying Food/Trade and In History, we are learning all about our local area: Lincolnshire!