Summer Term 2022


Week commencing 13.6.22 

    WE DID IT!! A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE well done to all of year 4, who have completed the Multiplication Tables Check. I'm sure you will have all done fabulously! Regardless of the attainment, I am so, so proud of the effort you have put in to learning your tables!

    We are enthralled by The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! It is the first time I am reading it - and shamelessly, I have never watched the films either - but we are all absolutely loving the book! I don't want it to end! I do hope Edmund comes to his senses and sticks with his family though!

   We have been playing tennis in our PE lessons since half term. Will we find the next Andy Murray or Roger Federer...

   We continue to work through our Geography, History and Science and look forward to more Volcanoes, Romans and Electricity next week!

Week commencing 6.6.22 

    This week has all been about MULTIPLICATION!! We are going to be completing our Multiplication Check next week so we have been using a lot of our time practising our tables making sure we can answer them in under 6 seconds!

   We have moved on to perimeter and length in Maths. In English, we are beginning our new book: The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. We look forward to reading more!


Week commencing 23.5.22 

   As the term draws to a close, we have been writing our big writes. This time, we have been writing a biography on Howard Carter: the man who discovered Tutenkhamun. What an incredible life he lived! We were all blown away with the hard work and dedication he gave to his job. A great inspiration for everybody!

   In Maths, we have finally finished our Time unit. It has been extremely difficult but we have work very hard to achieve well.

   We have been learning more about the Romans and more about Southern Italy throughout this week. We have now finished our Dance unit with Dance Lobo and we're truly gutted! We have thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the Scholarship to begin next year!

Week commencing 16.5.22 

     A really incredible week from Year 4. It's almost becoming boring with how amazing they are! What a great team.

   We have been smashing English and Maths all week. We have continued working hard in all of our non-core subjects too. 

Week commencing 9.5.22 

    Another fantastic week from this incredible bunch of human beings! 

  We have been learning time, in Maths - even now, writing this, it send a shivver down my spine... It is notoriously one of the most difficult concepts for children to understand, one which seems to be getting more and more difficult due to the influx of 'screens' with a digital clock on them. The children have found it tough but I cannot fault their effort. We will continue learning time next week.

   In English, we have moved on to our Tutenkhamun story - I found the pronunciation of some of the kings and queens of the time, very difficult, but we had a laugh and enjoyed my attempts! :) We also have understood the story very well and it's great to see the children taking such an interesting in a historical subject, when not in a history lesson.

   We continue to dance with Dance Lobo and continue to have a great and successful time doing that.

  We have also worked on how successful the Roman army were as well as learning (and feeling very jealous of the people that live there) about Southern Italy!

Week commencing 2.5.22 

    Can this class get any better? I know they can but WOW! What a class they are!!

   A phenomenal effort towards their English writing. They have been writing descriptive paragraphs about their own islands: describing the journey to each island and what their character finds whilst they are there.

   In Maths, we have moved on to Money and have been looking at simple additions and calculations of money.

  We have continued to work with Cheryl from Dance Lobo, who is producing a fantastic dance show for the whole school to see.

  We have been learning about Hinduism and Sound in our RE and Science topics.

Week commencing 25.4.22  

    What a fabulous week! The children are working so hard in all areas, which makes me incredibly proud!

   In English, we continue to read Gulliver. We have found his journeys incredible to read about and fascinating to discuss. We have been writing our own ship's logs this week - writing in the role of Gulliver.

 In Maths, we have been working on our decimals for the final week - we have been working on problem solving in particular.

   We have begun our History topic on Romans this week, looking at What did the Romans do for us? We have studied Southern Italy in Geography: looking at where Italy is and the neighbouring countries.

Week commencing 18.4.22   

Welcome back to school for the SUMMER TERM. Lots and lots of exciting things happening this term. Stay tuned to find out!

  This week though, we have introduced a new book in English (Gulliver's Travels). The children have not seen this story before and many of them were unsure whether he was a giant or the people he met were tiny people...I wonder if we'll ever know..!?

    In Maths, we have continued with Decimals: this is drilling down to the finer details of Decimals and looks more deeply at comparing and ordering decimals up to 2 decimal points.

    We begun our Dance Journey with Dance Lobo this week: our first session was an absolute success and I was really impressed by the level of determination and resilience shown by all.

    Friday was INCREDIBLE. We learned about the Songkran (Festival of Water Splashing) and then participated in our very own water festival on the field..