Autumn Term 2021

Reminder: From 13th September, homework will be given out on a Monday and expected back on a Friday. This includes: 4 x reading a week and spellings practice.

Reminder: PE is on a Thursday, children are to come to school in their PE kit. Swimming lessons are on a Friday, the children need to ensure they have their kit with them, including a swimming cap. 

W/C 20th December

This week we have completed our Design and Technology Project. We look at the task, which was to create a toy using a electrical circuit. We researched existing products and looked at our target audience. We carried out research by undertaking a survey with children across the school. This then supported us in generating ideas to support creating our design criteria. 

We created a plan from our research and an exploded diagram to help design our product. 

We then created our games, using wood, wire, nails, hot glue, electric wire, batteries and buzzers. 

Once our toys were completed, we then used our design criteria to evaluate what we had made. 


W/C 13th December

We have had a very busy, but exiting week this week. We have been hard at work making our items for the Christmas Fayre, which was held on Friday and we also had a trip to Blackfriars theatre inBoston to watch the Pantomime.

We have continued our work in maths on multiplying a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number. Click the link below for some extra work on this to support your child.

In English, we have continued to look at 'The Tempest' and how to write a playscipt using the iambic pentameter. Have a look at this video clip to support your child with this.

In Science, we have learnt about what life is like for adults and old people, completing the lifecycle of a human. 

We continued our work on printing in Art, planning and creating a printing block out of polystyrene and using to make a pattern. 

We then looked at sculpture, using clay and tools to create detail and enhance a sculpture. 

W/C 6th December

This week we have completed our first unit of multiplication and division and undertook our end of unit assessment. We then moved onto the second unit of multiplication and division, looking at multiplying a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number, then moved onto multiplying a a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number. 

In English, we have continued our reading of 'The Tempest' looking at how to write dialogue and stage directions. 

In History, we looked at the challenges that the Anglo-Saxons faced in establishing settlements. 

In Music, we developed our work on 'The King and I' learning to sing the song 'Getting to know you'

In Science, we continued our work on the lifecycle of humnas, focusing on what life is like for teenagers and the changes that occur. 

W/C 29th November

Christmas has started in Year 5! The children have been busy creating decorations at home for our classroom, which we put up on December 1st! We are having a bit of a compaetition to see which class can decorate their room to the best standard, so keep making things at home!

In Maths we have been working on square number, cubed numbers and using the inverse. Please keep practicing your times tables at home!

In English, we have been reading the Tempest and have been writing character descriptions as well as a diary entry from the point of view of Alsonso, who was on the boat in the storm. 

In Geography, we have continued our owrk on time zones, comparing the UK with Australia. 

In RE, we looked at how Christians worship together, focusing on different types of prayer. 

In Art, we looked at how printing blocks can be created. We had a go at creating our own blocks, using a variety of different materials and resources. We then used the blocks to make some different patterns. 

W/C 22nd November

Another productive week in Year 5. We have completed our Maths work on Addition and Subtraction and completed our end of unit assessment. We have now moved onto Multiplication and Division and spent this week looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers. 

In English, we have finished our DIRT Activity for our Sci-Fi stories and have moved onto our new book. We are now reading Shakesperes 'The Tempest'. We have read the first Act and have looked at the relationships between the characters. 

In History, we have looked at the similarities between the Anglo-Saxons and the Picts and in Geography, we have continued to look at different time zones across the world. 

In Science, we looked at the development of infants, toddlers and children and what changes occur during this time. 

W/C 15th November

A very productive week in Year 5. We have published our own Sci-Fi stories and i am pleased with what the children have written! Next week, we will be undertaking our DIRT Activity and then moving onto iur new book!

In Maths, we are coming to the end of our work on addition and subtraction. We have looked at using the inverse to check answers and a variety of problem solving questions. 

In Science, we have started of new unit of work on how our bodies change. This weeks focus was on, what is life like for a foetus? We looked at the different stages of growth from embryo to baby and looked at what changes occur inside the womb. 

In RE, we continued our work on Christianity, look at commual celebrations. We focused on Holy Communion and Pentecost. 

On Friday, we came to school in non-uniform to raise money for Children in Need, to top it off the staff were also pranked, to help raise even more money! Have a look at the pranks on our gallery page

W/C 8th November

It was lovely to have everyone back in the classroom after a well deserved two week break. We have hit the ground running with our new areas of learning! 

In Maths, we have started our work on addition and subtraction, looking at adding and subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits. We have also looked at rounding and estimating to check our answers. 

In English, we have continued our work on 'Robot Girl' and have planned and started to write our own Sci-Fi narrative. We will be continuing with this next week. 

In Geography, we have started our new area of learning on time zones. We looked at the Prime Meridian this week and where this line of longitude runs. We recapped our previous learning on why we have day and night and how it is a different time of the day in different countries across the world. 

In History, we have continued our learning on the Anglo-Saxons and Picts, this week we compared their reasons for migration to the reasons of migration today. 

In Music, we have finished our work on the Pentatonic Scale, writing our own accompainment and melody and then practicing ready for our perfomance. 

We enjoyed our session with two officers from Sleaford Police station, on 'Random Acts of Kindness' and have been set a challenge of spreading kindness across the school. Our Mini Police have been chosen and these children were set a secret mission! Good luck to all of our Mini Police.


W/C 18th October

What an exciting end to the first term! This week we have enjoyed having former Strictly Come Dancing professional, Robin Windsor, in school. We were lucky enough to have a dance lesson with him, teaching us the Charleston! We took part in our own mini version of Strictly, with the winners crowned at the end of the session! Click here to view the pictures in the gallery.

We also enjoyed M&M theatrical productions, version on Jack and the Beanstalk, who performed to the whole school on Thursday!

Alongside all the excitment, we have finished our Maths unit on 'Place Value' and carried out our end on unit assessment. We will be moving onto addition and subtraction after half term. 

In English, we are coming to the end of 'Robot Girl' and have just found out an interesting twist. We will finish reading the book after half term and move onto our Big Write. 

We have completed our first Science topic and answered the question, How do plants and animals reproduce? We will be moving onto a new area of learning after half term. 

In RE, we have completed our first unit on Christianity, answering the question 'How is Christian belief expressed collectively?'. We will be contuning to develop our understanding on Christianity after term, looking at a new question. 

We have also completed our first Geography unit focusing on the continent of America, completing our end of unit assessment. We will start a new Geography topic after half term. 

I am very impressed with how all Year 5 pupils have worked during this term, have a well deserved break and I look forward to seeing you all back on 8th November. 

W/C 11th October

Another great week in Year 5. We have been working hard in Maths, looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. We then looked at negative numbers. 

In English, we have enjoyed reading the first few chapters of Robot Girl. We have been making inferences from what we have read and had a go at creating our own freeze frames to support creating our own narrative of the story. 

In History, we have worked on ansering the question, Who were the Picts? Looking at where they orginated from and why they tried to invade Northern England. We learnt about why the Romans built Hadrians Wall and Antonine Wall, during Anglo-Saxon times. 

In Science, we have continued of our learning on reproduction and life-cyles, looking at fish and amphibians. 

We have continued to enjoy our Music and Computing lessons with Junior Jam and on Friday developed a breaststroke leg kick in swimming. 

W/C 4th October

We have been working really hard in Year 5 this week. In maths we have continued our work on place value, comparing and ordering numbers up to 1 million. 

In English, we have started our work on our new book (which we do not know the title of yet!). We have been looking at books under the genre, Sci-Fi and have been looking at similarities and differences if some Sci-Fi books, Films and TV programmes. We have completed some work on atonymns and synonyms, creating shades of meaning for the word clever! Finally we answered the question, Can genius be defined or created?

In Geography, we have continued our learning on the continent of America, focusing on the countries that make up South America and thier capital cities. We alos looked at the main forests and rivers if South America. 

In History, we looked at where the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain, naming the seven kingdoms that exsisted during Anglo-Saxon rule. We noticed that some of these places still exist today and looked at different towns that took the name from the Anglo-Saxon period. 

In RE, we have been focusing of the different demoninations of Christianity and this week we looked at how the buildings, rituals and ceremonies differ for each demonination of Christianity. 

This week, we had another special treat. We were taken on a virtual tour of the Houses of Pariliament. We learnt about the differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, had a virtual look around and were able to have some of our questios answered. 

W/C 27th September

This week has been full of excitement, with our Holi Festival on Wednesday. We spent the morning learning about the Hindu Festival of Holi, we took part in some Bollywood dancing and then took part in the festival of colours. The children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed throwing powdered paint at one another. It was great fun and a way of learning about other cultures.

We have started our new topic of place value in maths, looking at numbers up to 100,00. We have learnt how to round to the nearest, 10, 100 and 1000 and developed our knowledge of partitioning numbers and using a number line. 

In English, we have editted the draft of our biographies and then went onto publish them. 

We have continued our learning on lifecycles on Science and in Geography looked at why North America is a continent of extremes. 

W/C 20th September

Another good week in Year 5, producing some excellent peices of work across the curriculum.

In Maths, we have concluded our work on Geometry, finishing with looking at symmetrical figues and patterns before completing our end of unit assessment. We are now moving onto Place Value. 

In English, we have been working on our first Big Write, which is a biography on Phillipee Petit. We spent time completing some research, ensuring we have all the factual information to write a detailed biography. We then spent time drafting our biography and will continu working on this next week. 

In History, we have continued our learning on the Anglo-Saxons, this week we have looked into why the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain. We looked at this from the perspectives of different groups of people, including farmers, warriors and families. 

In Science, we have continued our learning on reproduction and lifecycles, focusing on mammals. We learnt about the three different types of mammal and how all mammals have two things in common, they are warm-blooded and the young recive milk from thier mothers. 

In Art, we have been learning about how poster paint and acrylic paint is different and how we can portray mood with the use of paint. 

W/C 13th September

We have had a great week in Year 5, working hard in all areas of the curriculum. 

In Maths, we have been classifying different shapes, including triangles and quadrilaterals. We then moved onto lines of symmetry inside and outside of shapes. 

In English, we have continued reading 'The Man who walked between the Towers', we have written a Newspaper report about Phillippe Petit tight rope walking between the two towers of the World Trde Centre. We looked at what type of questions we, as a reporter, would ask an eye witness. Then developed the use of quotations and reported speech. Next, we had a go at writing a persuasive text, in the first person, as Phillippe Petit. We tried to persuade the judge not to send us to jail. We will find out next week what happens to Phillipee! 

In History, we were introduced to the Anglo-Saxons and tried to answer the question 'Who were the Anglo-Saxons?'. We researched where and when they came to Britain, focusing on the different countries they travelled from. 

In RE, we have been developing our knowldege of Christainity, learning about the different demoninations and their similarities and diffferences. 

We have also spent some time developing our drawing skills in Art, focusing on how we can create depth and 3D perspective when using charcoal. 

W/C 6th September

What a great first week of Year 5! You all look so smart in your new Blazers! We have been busy settling into the new routines and re-familiarising ourselves with the school expectations. It has been lovely to get back to some normal things like whole school assemblies and swimmin!

We have been very busy this week completing our base line assessments, to see what we know and what areas we need a little extra help with.

In English, we started our first book, The Man who walked between the Towers. We have started by looking at facts about the World Trade Centre and the devestating events that occured on 11th September. We were then introduced to Phillippe Petit, and inferred what sort of man would do such a dangerous act. We wrote a formal letter, begging him to re-think his decision of walking on a tightrope 541m in the air!

In Maths, we have started off by recapping properties of shape. We have been looking different types of angles, including right angles, actute angles and obtuse angles. We then moved onto regular and irregular shapes. 

In Geography, we have been introduced to North America, looking at the 23 different countries that make up this continent.

In Music, we are learning about traditional Chinese folk music. We learnt about different traditional chinese musical instruments, sung a chinese folk song and played the pentatonic scale!

In Science, we have recapped the seven life process that all living things have in common - MRS GREN. We then focused our learning on reproduction, looking at the differenes between asexual and sexual reproduction.