Spring Term 2022

Homework: Homework will be given out on a Monday and expected back by Friday. This includes: 5 reads at home a week and spellings practice, in preparation for spelling test on a Friday. 

Reminder: PE is on a Monday and a Thursday, children are to come to school in their PE kit.

From Monday 7th March, children need to bring their PE kit into school to get changed into. 

W/C 28th March

Last week of term and we have been working really hard! In Maths, we have been looking at fractions and decimals, writing thousandths and fractions and decimals, as well as ordering and comparing decimals. If you would like to support your child further with this, then please click on the video links:

Decimals as fractions -

Understand thousandths -

Thousandths as decimals -

Order and compare decimals -

In English, we have planned our Big Write, which is our own version of 'The Lost Thing', we will be writing these after the Easter Break. Click here to watch 'The Lost Thing'. 

In History, we have come to the end of our work on 'How should we remember the Vikings?' by answering the question 'Who was more successful: The Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings?' We compared both the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and came to our own conclusions. We then completed our end of unit assessment. 

In Geography, we finished off our work on 'How does water travel around our world?' by looking at 'How could humans make a positive impact on the River Slea?'. We looked at ways in which we could prevent pollution and how we can help keep our river clean. Finally, we completed our end of unit assessment. 

We also finished out Art work, looking at the Art Deco movement, we critiqued an art piece using our opinions and those of others and then created our own Art Deco piece of art using the skills we have learnt. 

On Thursday, we travelled to Cambridge Central Mosque, to support our learning of Islam, in RE. We were able to see the key features of the Mosque and walk round, looking at these features and artefacts. The building was beautiful and it was great to see the inside if a Mosque for ourselves. This also supported us in our end of unit assessment, which we completed on Friday. 

It has been a very busy term and I am extremely proud of how hard the children have worked. Enjoy your break, and I look forward to seeing you back on Wednesday 20th April. 

W/C 21st March

We have continued with some assessments this week, completing another Reading and Maths paper, well done to all the children for working really hard on these tests. 

We have also continued our new unit in Maths, looking at decimals. We have learnt about tenths, hundredths and thousandths and how to write these as fractions. 

In English, we have finished reading (and watching) 'The Lost Thing'. We have been developing our use of relative clauses and using the appropriate perpective. We also looked at expanded noun phrases and finished off he week, by summarising the main ideas and using paragraphs. 

In History, we learnt about Canute the Great and why we should remember him. We found out about hoe he became the King of England, Denmark and Norway! 

In Geography, we have been learning about rivers in our local area, we learnt about pollution and how it affects our local river. 

In Science, we answered the question 'Can we combat the effects of gravity on something heavy?' We learnt about pulleys and levers and had a go at getting them to work. 

W/C 14th March

It has been assessment week this week, the children have completed assessments in Maths, Reading and Science, on top of this we also completed our two end of unit tests for our Fractions topic. The children have work really hard and I am very proud of everyone of them!

We did manage to start our new maths topic of Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We looked at writing decimals, which was our first lesson. We will continue with this next week. 

In English, we have continued our work of the book 'The Lost Thing'. We looked at, the subjunctive form and modal verbs, writing a letter of advice and an advertisement. 

In History, we looked at what changed in 954, learning about Eric Bloodaxe and King Eadred. 

In Geography, we looked at how humans use rivers in our local area. In Science, we carried out an experiment focusing on how we can combat the effects of gravity. 

A very busy week, looking forward to some normality next week!

W/C 7th March

This week, we have been working really hard in Maths, continuing with our work on Fractions. We have been developing our understanding of multiplying fractions, as well as finding fractions of amounts and using fractions as operators. To end the week, we worked on problem solving with mixed word problems. 

In English, we did some more work on relatie clauses and then completed our DIRT Activity from our 'Big Write'. We then moved onto our new book 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. 

We started our work on Recorders in Music, and started to play a three note reggae, which we will continue next week. In History, we have been looking at whether the conflict in Britain continued after Danelaw. Then in RE, we learnt about some inspirational Muslims and how they inspire other Muslims. Finally, we finished the week with some Art, continuing our learning of the Art Deco movement, looking at how form, value and line effects a piece of Art Deco. 

W/C 28th February

A busy week in Year 5, we have had a Mini Police Workshop, a Trip to the River Slea and World Book Day!

In Maths, we have continued working on fractions, looking at problem solving with addition and subtraction, before moving onto multiplying fractions by an integer. 

In English, we planned, drafted, editted and published our big write. This was a memoir on one of the four incredible ladies we read about in 'Hidden Figures'; Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Christine Darden. 

On Tuesday, we had our Mini Police Workshop on diversity. We looked at breaking sterotypes and that we are all different and all equal. 

On Wednesday, we walked to the River Slea, using maps to plot the course of the River through parts of Sleaford. We looked at ordnance survey maps and located the source of the River Slea as well as following its path to where it meets the River Witham. We then looked at where this joins the sea. 

On Friday, we celebrated World Book Day, by dressing up as our favourite book character! We spent some time sharing our love of reading with Year 2!

We also completed some RE, looking at the two different Eids and how they are celebrated in the Muslim community. 

W/C 21st February

What a great first week back! We have been continuing with our work on adding and subtracting fractions, looking at finding a common denominator and exchanging from the whole. If your child is still finding this challenging, then please have a look at the videos in the links below.

In English,  we have continued with our work on 'Hidden Figures' looking at conditionsals as well as writing using the appropriate persepctive. We then spent time working on relative clauses. 

In History, we have carried on our learning on the Vikings, looking at why there was so much rivalry between the ANglo-Saxons and the Vikings. 

We started in new unit of work in Science, forces. This week we looked at what forces are and how they impact us. 

Finally, we edned the week with some Art, looking at Art Deco, comparing it to others that we have learnt about. 

W/C 7th February


Some of Year 5 enjoyed a residential trip to Hilltop Outdoor Centre this week, taking part in a number of different actvities, including; Archery, Climbing, Crates, Zip Wire, Bushcraft, Agility Course, Assault Course, Moutain Biking, Orienteering and Tree Top Trail! 

Have a look at our Gallery page to see what they got up to!


Those children who did not go to Hilltop, spent the week with Mrs Minucci. They completed a project, alongside some Year 6 pupils. 

W/C 31st January

This week in Maths, we have been working on fractions, we have been comparing different fractions as well as orsering them in ascending and descending order. We then worked on showing fractions as divisions.  For additonal support in this area, please click the links:

In English, we completed our DIRT Activity, improving our playscripts. We then started to work on our new book 'Hidden Figures'. We looked at images of NACA and NASA and made inferences from what we saw and read. We looked at some key facts about NACA and NASA and sorted them into paragraphs, writing a short piece using adverbs and adverbial phrases. 

In Art we created our own Pop Art piece, using the skills we have learnt this term and in previous terms. 

In Science, we completed our last lesson of this term, answering the question 'Have our views on the Earth and solar system changed over time?' We looked at why in the past people thought the Earth was flat and then looked at key discoveries by Galileo, Copernicus and Isaac Newton. We looked at the geocentric model, in which Ptolemy placed the Earth at the centre of the solar sytem and Copernicus' heliocentric model, with the Sun at the centre. 

In Geography, we completed our final lesson on rivers, looking at all of the key features. 

To finish off the week, we carried out our Geography and RE end of unit assessments. 

Next week, some children will be going on a residential trip to Hilltop Outdoor Centre, in Norfolk, along with some Year 6 children. 

W/C 17th January

We have continued to work hard in all curriculum areas this week. In Maths, we have finished our work on Mulltiplication and Division, developing our knowledge of dividing up to a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number, looking at remainders. We then focused on multi step problem solving questions and then completed our end of unit assessment. If your child needs further wprk on this area of learning, then have a look at the link below.

We then moved onto our new unit of Fractions, looking at equivalent fractions and converting an improper fraction into mixed numbers. If your child has missed this learning, then please take a look at the link.

In English, we have edited and published  our playscripts and carried out some additonal work on playscripts, ready for our DIRT Activity next week. 

In Music, we looked at what concerto is, linking woth our work on Baroque Music. In History, we learnt about why the Vikings were successful at raiding. In Science, we learnt what a moon is and why it is good to have one. We looked at the phases of the moon and why we only ever see one side of the moon. In RE, we learnt about Hajj, which is the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca. Finally, we ended the week woth some Geography, looking at where rivers start and how are they shaped. 

W/C 10th January 


Another great week from Year 5, we have continued working on multiplying by a 2 digit number, using long multiplication. We then moved onto dividing up to a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number, using the bus stop method. We then progressed onto looking at remainders. We will continue to do some further work on this next week. 

In English, we have planned our Big Write, which is a playscript. We based our plays on 'The tempest' with each play including characters which have been stranded on a desert island. WE will continue editing these next week. 

We started our new Music topic this week, looking at Baroque music. We learnt about the History of Baroque music and learnt about some of the key composers. 

In History, we continued our learning on the Vikings, answering the question 'How much fear did the Vikings raid cause?'

In Science, we looked at how the bodies in our solar system move. We went out onto the field and set out the orbits of each of the eight planets around the sun. 

In RE, we have continued learning about Islam, this time looking at what happens during Ramadan. 

We also did some Art this week, we started to look at Pop Art, comapring it to other art movments that we have learnt about in previous years. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our Dance lesson this week with Cheryl from Dance Lobo. We have started developing our routine and look forward to developing it further next week. 


W/C 4th January

A great first week back after the Christmas break, the children have settled back down into their work really well. 

We have continued our work on mltiplication and division and have spent a lot of time working on multiplying by a 2 digit number. This is something that we have all found challenging, so we will be carrying out more work on this next week. To support your child with this at home, click the link and watch the video.

Here is another link to a game to support woth times table knowledge.

In English, we have completed 'The Tempest' by looking at the main themes of the story, creating a zone of relevance. Next week we will move onto our Big Write. 

We have started some new topics this week in our non-core lessons. In Science, we looked at what a solar system is and what ours is like. We learnt the order of the planets from the sun by saying a rhyme...My very easy method just speeds up naming planets. Did you know that Pluto has been de-classified as is now known as a dwarf planet?

In History, we have started our work on the Vikings, in our first lesson we answered the questions, 'Who were the Vikings?'. We looked at where they came from and why they came to Britain. 

In RE we are now learning about Islam. We completed two lessons this week, the first was looking at what happens at a Mosque the second learning about Ummah. 

We also started a new Geography topic. We recapped our previous learning on the Water Cycle and looked at the correct terminology.