Summer Term 2020

Year 1 A - Mrs Glaves (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Egan-Shaw (Thursday and Friday)


Year 1 B - Mrs Smith

W/C 13th July

Year 1 A

Year 1 B

We are nearly at the end of term, but we have still been cracking on with lots of learning! In English, we have been perfecting our use of adjectives to add detail to our writing. We started off listing the nouns we could see in a series of pictures, we then added adjectives to these nouns to create noun phrases. Finally, we put these noun phrases into sentences, ensuring we had the correct punctuation!

In maths, we have been practising our 10, 2 and 5 times tables. We have been putting objects into equal groups and have introduced arrays. 


We have taken part in a Virtual Sports Week this week. We all had a go at Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump, 40m Sprint and a 5 minute run. We will find out next week who has won each event!!


Finally, I am pleased to tell you that our caterpillars have all turned into buterflies! We came into school on Monday to see that one had come out of its cocoon and were able to see the others come out throughout the week. We fed them sugar water and some oranages, until they were strong enough to be set free. 




W/C 6th July

Year 1 A

Year 1 B

We have had another busy week, packed full of lots of exciting activities. In maths, we have focused on subtraction, using different strategies and methods to support us with our understanding. 


In English, we have been writing letters, ensuring we used our Capital letters and full stops correctly and looked at when and how to use a question mark. 

We have been watching our caterpillars very carefully, as when we arrived at school on Monday they had turned into a cocoon! Hopefully we will see them transform into butterflies next week.


We have been enjoying our art again this week. First, we created patterns using masking tape on paper of different textures. We then mixed our own colours and painted the entire piece of paper. The next day we removed the masking tape to reveal our pattern!


To go along with our love of caterpillars and butterflies, we created another butterfly picture, this time using tissue paper and glue to collage a symmetrical pattern.

W/C 29th June


Year1 A



Year1 B

What an amazing week! We have been focusing on health and hygiene. We carried out an experiment to see what happens when soap touches germs...turns out they move away! We used glitter to represent germs and a bowl of water to represent our hands.   


We also looked at the importance of; catch it, bin it, kill it, creating our own pictures to display in the classroom to remind us of this rule!


In maths, we have continued our work on addition, working really hard to understand the part whole model and bar model, we also tried to remember the number bonds to 10 and 20 off by heart. 

We have again done lots of art this week. We looked at the three primary colours and had a go at mixing them together to see what they make. We then used this to make a colour wheel! Using our knowledge of  mixing colours, we were then able to create our own caterpillar, by mixing our own colours. 


We have some new pets in Year 1 B...Caterpillars! They arrived last Friday and we have been watching them grow and change throughout the week. Hopefully by next week they will have made their cocoons! 


W/C 22nd June

Year1 A


Year1 B

We have been working really hard in all areas this week. In maths we finished off our work on ordering numbers and moved onto a re-cap of the part whole and bar models. We then spent some time reviewing basic addition using these two models. We looked at number bonds, working on remembering the number bonds to 10!


In English, we have been re-telling the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in our own words, ensuring we punctuated them correctly. 

We have enjoyed gardening and working outside this week. We weeded the pots and sowed some more seeds, as well as ensuring our tomato plants had everything they needed to thrive and grow. 



We have enjoyed looking for insects during our time outside, so we decided to make 'Bug Hotels' to encourage more insects to come into our garden.



W/C 15th June

Year1 A

Year 1 B

What a fantastic week we have had! In maths, we have been re-visiting our work on tens and ones, as well as comparing and ordering numbers, using the symbols <, > and =. 

In English, we have been looking at the structure of a sentence and re-reading them to ensure they make sense. We took some jumbled up sentences and tried to put them into the correct order. 

We have been learning about plants, talking about what they need to survive. To help us to understand, we planted some sunflower seeds and tomato plants. This linked in to our learning on healthy eating.


We read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and created our caterpillar own in art. This helped us to understand what foods are healthy and unhealthy. It also supported our understanding of the days of the week!

To finish off the week, and linking with healthy eating, we made some smoothies. The children chose which fruit they wanted to include and chopped it themselves, before blending it into a delicious smoothie. 


W/C 8th June

Year 1 A

Year 1 B

What a busy week! We have started getting back into full swing, doing phonics, maths and english. In maths we looked at counting to 20, both forwards and backwards and one more and one less. In english, we went back to basics, ensuring we can all start a sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop. 

We have enjoyed completing our daily mile and made lots of different crafts including; bird feeders, painting, pom-poms, collage and paper fish weaving! Here are some pictures: 


W/C 1st June

Year 1 A


Year 1 B

It was lovely to have some children from Year 1 back in school this week. In bubble B we did lots of work on health and hygiene, looking at what the changes are in school and what it means by 'being in a bubble'. We created our own bubbles and read some stories to explain the importance of washing our hands. 

We looked at superheroes, talking about the fact that not all heroes wear capes! We discussd how our key workers, such as the NHS are our heroes!

We designed our own superheroes and wrote about their super powers. 

We also did lots of crafts, creating picture frames using different materials and our own superhero mask, which we enjoyed wearing!