Summer Term 2019

Week commencing 1st July and 8th July

We have had an extremely busy two weeks. We have had sports days for both KS1 and KS2, Summer Fayre and endless sporting competitions. Church Lane are absolutely rocking it this Summer Term. Please look on our instagram/ Facebook page for the pictures. 

Now let's take a peek at what we have been getting up to in the classroom...

We know that we are coming to the end of the term, but please do not let the reading become less and less at home. Remember: reading is the magic to the universe. the whole world opens when we learn to read. 

On this note, have a wonderful weekend. Make lots of wonderful memories you fabulous lot. 


Week commencing 24th June

We have had a lovely calm week this week. However, the germs have hit year 2 again! Please can we make sure that we are extra viglient and ensure that we are washing our hands and making sure that we are looking after our hygience to ensure that the bugs do not defeat us. 

This week we have spent two afternoons with our new teacher: Miss Brand. Some of us have loved it and some of us are a little nervous. However, we recognise that it is ok to be nervous and change can be scary- I reassure them that Miss Brand is a lovely teacher and they are going to have a fantastic time :-)

In the middle of all these transitions, we have still had time to continue with our lessons. 

In Art/ DT this week the children have been learning how to weave with natural materials. We discussed what was meant by weaving and what it is used for (eg our clothing). We looked at using a hand loom to weave and how mechanical loom weaving frames are used in large factories. We also thought about how long it can take to create art using weaving.

As part of our Wonderful World topic we then used materials from nature to try to make our own loom weave. Using the natural materials sticks/twigs, we followed instructions and tried making our own loom frames to weave in. This was very tricky to assemble and we had to try to tie strong knots! Well done for sticking at it and helping each other!

Some children were ready to wrap wool. Next week we will complete our looms and then we will use a mixture of different natural materials such as leaves to have a go at weaving on our very own handmade loom! Doesn't this sound AMAZING! 

In Math's this week we have been describing and acting out movements to help us think about position and direction! We had to follow the instructions and describe the movement. It helped us rehearse our left and right too! 


In our writing this week, we have started to watch a clip called Zahra. It has a smiliar story to the Tin Forest, however, it is set in a different culture. Watch the clip on the below link:

This weekend the weather is suppose to be scorching hot... make the most of it before those pesky clouds come out again! We are going to be having a BBQ and doing some coloured iced painting. Whatever you decide to do, please have lots of fun and stay sun safe! See you next week. 



Week commencing 17.6.19

Wow, this week has absolutely flown by. In can't keep up. Here is what we have been up to...




This week has been our final week on The Tin Forest- we are all very sad. We have enjoyed this book and the many different hidden meanings behind it. Our final big write was a setting description on the new, colourful Tin forest. In order to write this, we had to go eploring using our 5 senses. Our touch and smell involved exploring our outdoir area; for sound we listened to a rainforest clip and for sight we looked at the pictures and became a sight detective. Please take a look at the typed up big writes. 


I really cannot believe what amazing authors we have in year 2! We are very blessed with the amount of hard work that they put in and their zest of learning that spurs them on. 

Week commencing 10.6.19

What on earth have you all done to the weather? Despite the downpour (and the 4 buckets strategically placed around our classroom), this did not put a damper on our learning. 


In Maths this week, we have been focussing on measuring lengths and heights using CM and M. We had great fun! 

We completed a challenge together as a class which was to invesitgate whether the taller you are, the bigger the feet. In order to tackle this, the shoes had to come off... we meant beusiness! After smelling out the classroom with our stinky feet, we then measured certain children’s height and then their feet. We decided to record this data in a table as we felt that it would show our results more clearly.

After this, we then looked at the data and started making comparisons. 100% of the class screamed that it was false because Kai, Courtney and Amy had the same measurements for their feet despite Courtney being the tallest in our sample. 



We have just completed our explanation text on the life cycle of a raspberry plant with the focus being on internal animal seed dispersal. As you can imagine, our children loved learning about how animals bodily functions impact the growth of our plants! Also, this week, we have been learning about similes and their grammatical features. Not only this, but we have had to write our own too! Mrs Egan-Shaw told us that this was a year 3 objective- we felt really smart! Next week, we shall continue to look at the devices used to create magnificent descriptions with the main outcome being to write a stting descritption from the Tin Forest. 




We have continued with our book: The day the ocean went away. We have fully immersed ourselves into this book and are now beginning to see the impact of: "It's just one straw." We have been identifying with the sea creatures who have found themselves mistaking plastic for food, being tangled in netting and those that have difficulty breathing due to the plastic pollution. I am really impressed with year 2's mature approach to this book and they want to be change! It is a fantastic book, I highly recommending purchasing for the message alone.



We have been super busy in our topic this week. In art, we have been using natural resources to recreate sculptures.

In History, we have continued to embark on our journey alongside Neil Armstrong. I love that year 2 have a thirst for facts and enjoy the topics that they have been studying alongside us this year.

After this weeks wonderful learing, I hope that you have a lovely, relaxing weekend. Fingers crossed the blue skies make a sneaky appearance. 

This qoute of the week is:

Week commencing 3.6.19

Welcome back. Oh how we have missed you wonderful lot! 

On Friday, we worked hard to produce a explanation text using our plans. This means, that next week, we shall be proof-reading, editing and rewriting our BIG writes (explanation texts). We can't wait to share them with you. 

Week commencing 20.5.19


This week we have completed our formal letter writing sessions. We had to write a letter to the old man from The Tin Forest offering him suggestions on how we could turn his life around. Take a look- we are blessed to have so many hardworking and authors in our class: 

I think your children deserve a week off to rest... maybe an ice cream treat too! See you after half term.


Week commencing 13.5.19

Wow! What a week we have had! Year 2 have offically finished their testing and I cannot believe how hard they have worked. EVERY single member of year 2 displayed fantastic resilience and relished the challenge. We are so so proud of you all. 

Amongst all the testing we still managed to get outside to focus on our Science topic!

We had the perfect weather to take our learning outside and be plant detectives! We discussed if seeds and plants are alive and how we know. We thought about the signs of life including moving, breathing and eating.

We then talked about how plants move, breathe (or respire) through the tiny holes in their leaves or take in food and water from the soil through their roots. We then set off on our detective hunt in our school grounds looking for both live and dead plants! We did some drawings of them in their location and shared some super descriptions as a group. We then recorded our thoughts and shared our ideas with our friends.

Well done year 2. We are extremely proud of you. One more week to go until you can have that well deserved week off! 

Week commencing 6.5.19

This week year 2 have sat both of their Maths tests and have ALL done really well. We couldn't be prouder. Not only this, amongst their testing, the children have continued to work hard in their topic work too! 

This week we have been focussing on History and Computing. 


In History this term, we are focusing on Christopher Columbus. The chidlren have been engrossed in their learning and are keen to find out more. We started off with finding out a little about him via reading for information, we then sequenced his key events, wrote a diary entry AND completed a venn diagram to demonstrate how sailing on the seas differs from now. 


Still in the editing process.


In Computing this week, we have been finishing off our reserach task that Mrs. Egan-Shaw challenged us with. We had to research one of the given forests/ rainforest but we could only use keywords to locate specific information. We found this rather tricky, however, we loved every minute. After this, when we thought we were done, Mrs Egan-Shaw then further challenged us by asking us to collect data and create a bar chart. Take a look...


I can't wait to see what work we will be completing next week... 

Week commencing 29.4.19

Wow, what a busy week! We have been working our socks off... literally. 

Here are some examples of what we have been focusing on this week:




In Maths this week we have been focusing on effiecient methods. We looked at what this meant, how it linked with real life and how to apply effieicent methods. Here is a snapshot from one of our lessons this week. 


Can you guess what we have been doing?

Your children here in year 2 have worked super hard this week. Same again next week! :-) 

Week commencing 23.4.19

Welcome back. We hope that you have had a lovelyand restful Easter Holiday. It is a busy term for year 2 with testing and, of course, an amazing topic to explore. This term we have opted to explore the book: Tin Forest. Take a look at what we have been covering in a couple of our English lessons this week. 

After looking at the front cover of The Tin Forest we noticed it was a forest made of rubbish. This then generated discussions about the issues in our environment today and how our rubbish is having a huge impact on this and what we could do about it. In groups, we accepted our new employment as bin persons and we sorted a variety of rubbish into 3 groups:

1) bin                2) reuse        3) recycle

Each group were amazing in their new jobs and some interesting debates and discussions took place but we did manage to work in our groups successfully. We noticed that a lot of today’s rubbish can actually be recycled or reused!

After this, we thought about ways that we could encourage others to be excited about reusing and recycling. In our talk partners we, we created expanded noun phrases for different pieces of rubbish that would persuade other people to recycle and reuse. We shared our best ones and added them to our working walls so that we could magpie when producing our persuasive posters.

We then used a thesaurus to practise improving some of our adjective choices.