Summer Term 2021

Summer Term. .C. 26.4.2021

Home learning Timetable for Summer Term 1 - New timetables for any home learners will be added weekly to the home learning page (year 2)

W.C 7.6.21

Welcome back – what a lovely, sunny week we have had!
In English, Miss Cockroft has been busy with the class to use possessive apostrophe, suffixes and different conjunctions – getting all our writing skills developed ready to write our story. The children have been describing the character of the Minpin who lives in the forest. Great facts and imagination year 2. I loved hearing about ‘the tiniest Minpin floating through the wild forest on a leaf’.

In Maths, we have completed our learning on shape by making 3D patterns, sorting shapes by properties and checking our knowledge. We have now started to learn how to tell the time. We have started with a recap on hour and half hour. I’m sure the children will be experts on the reading the clock for our school timetable next week.

In PE, we have continued with Athletics skills and been running and sprinting. We have also started throwing and catching ready to play a team rounders game. In topic, as Scientists, we have been thinking about living and non-living. We have been sorting images and describing what keeps us alive!

We have continued to do lots of reading and writing. Keep reading your home reading book at home and rehearsing your spellings. We are seeing real progress in everyone’s reading in class.


W.C 24.5.21

In English, we have continued to work on our writing skills based on the story of The Minpins by Roald Dahl. The children have produced some fabulous danger posters warning about the toe-crunching, eye-slurping, tooth-pulling creatures that may live in the forest! They have also written great descriptions of the setting and thought carefully about verbs.

In Maths we have explored the properties of 3D shapes, using fabulous mathematical language to discuss edges, vertices and faces. Challenge yourself to describe a shape to your grown up (without using the shape name!) and see if they can work it out just by using your clues.

In PE, the children had a KS1 Athletics competition – everyone was a great sports person and had lots of fun – thank you Lance! In topic, as Geographers, we have set off to Africa! We have started to compare this continent to the others we have learnt about – great computer research and writing of facts. We have enjoyed an end of term treat by making Chinese Spring rolls. Something the children had asked to do. Thank-you Mrs Parkin for helping with this.

Over half-term …Why don’t you see what facts you can find out about a country or continent of your choice? 

Have a lovely break in the sunshine - look forward to seeing you on Monday June 7th. 

W.C 17.5.21

In English everyone has had a go at writing their own version of the first two stanzas of the Owl and the Pussy-cat poem. Everyone identified the verbs and the nouns and changed these to a new idea - super job! Lots of children experimented using rhyme or adding their own adjectives. Some original poems were written. Well done!

We have also started our new text, The Minpins by Roald Dahl. We had lots of fun thinking about rules (writing commands and using conjunctions) and beginning to consider whether Billy (the little boy in our story) should break the rules and go into the forest!

In maths we have continued to explore the properties of shape, the children are becoming experts at 2D shapes including drawing these accurately and finding the lines of symmetry. We have started to sort 2D shapes and use our shape property knowledge to help us.

In topic, as Geographers, we have thought about weather and climate in hot and cold places in the world. We all agreed it can be colder in Tasmania, Australia, as we get further from the equator and nearer to Antarctica! We have been fact finding about Australia and writing and drawing pictures to demonstrate our new knowledge. We also did some fun aboriginal art using symbols for natural things around us and we were inspired by the artist Albert Namatjira. Beautiful dot painting Year 2!


W.C 10.5.21
In English we had a great start to the week when the children all wrote love letters from the Owl to the Pussy-cat! They used accurate contractions and wrote like a true romantic! We have continued to work hard, thinking about pre-fixes, tense and rhyme. It was lots of fun interviewing the characters about their journey on the beautiful, pea-green boat. Especially because Miss Cockroft had also made microphones and character masks for the job!
In Maths, we have consolidated and assessed our fraction knowledge. We have also started to explore 2D and 3D shapes.
In topic, as Historians, we have found out about the cartographer Mathew Flinders. We were impressed to discover he was from Lincolnshire. Then as Geographers, our next stop on our travels was to Australia. This meant we could have a go at using compass skills and give some clear directions using a map of Australia. Ask your child to give you some directions using compass points in their best Australian accent!

W.C. 4.5.2021

This short bank holiday week has flown by!
In English, we have now started a new text, The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear and Charlotte Voake. We started by exploring the book cover and discussing if an owl and a pussy cat can be friends? Why? Why not? The children impressed us with their science knowledge – many were concerned they may eat or hurt eat other as are carnivores! The children have worked hard to build their literacy skills. They have used subordinating conjunctions, noun phrases, lists and the suffixes – ful and -less! What a busy time they’ve had.

In Maths, we have continued to find fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts but deepened our understanding by looking at equivalent fractions and unit and non-unit fractions. Ask them all about this so they can show off their maths vocabulary or find three-quarters of a bag of sweets!

In topic, as Geographers we have continued our journey around the world. We have travelled to Asia. We have learnt about the country China (great reading of facts year 2!), written our numbers in Chinese and worked out some maths problems using chinese numbers. We completed the week by making our own Chinese Dragon – the rectangular body of course had to be split into fractions!


W.C. 26.4.2021
Another lovely, busy week in year 2.
In English, we have written our ‘The Great Fire of London’ recount. We have all been impressed with the descriptive writing. Some fabulous adjectives have been used and lots of children have included all the key features in their diary writing. Well-done! We are getting back into the habit of reading our writing back to check it and write it with beautifully presented handwriting.

In Maths, we have continued to find fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts. We have been working hard to think about half, quarter and a third of a shape or amount.

In topic, we have been Artists and created some fabulous colour wheels and squares with concentric circles paintings inspired by the artist Kandinsky. We carefully mixed our primary colours and the children are experts!

We were pleased to meet our trainee teacher Mrs Cockroft who will be working with us for 8 weeks. Look out for her to say hello on the gate in the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday (after the bank holiday) – remember to come in PE kit.


W.C. 19.4.2021
This week, we have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine in year 2 with some athletic skills on the field and our first tennis skills lesson out on the MUGA. Everyone enjoyed being active and experimenting using a racket.

In English, we have been busy building our writing skills ready for our 'The Great Fire of London' recount. We read about how the fire spread ferociously over five days. We have been exploring using suffixes and adjectives. There has been some lovely partner and group work and some powerful adjectives suggested! It was fun doing 'freeze- frames' at different points of the story and our character of the cat certainly looked terrified during this role play! We have also started to discuss the features of a good recount and plan our writing.

In Maths, we have started to learn about Fractions. We have halved and quartered shapes including a chocolate Jaffa cake and eaten it! Everyone has been learning how to check the parts are all equal and think carefully about how even different shaped parts can still sometimes be equal. We have also found fractions of amounts using our number knowledge or counters to calculate this.

In topic, we have set off around the world! We are going to see how far we can travel in 80 days - using a map. We have used globes and atlases to locate our continents and oceans. We have also set off to Europe. We have produced some European Mondrain inspired abstract art by painting geometric shapes with primary colours onto a tile coaster. We also had fun experimenting with these designs to make tints and tones. We have also been to France and found out lots of facts including a new desire by some children to now try eating snails! Au revoir😊
Look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Spellings and homework will be given out and on google classroom.