Summer Term 2019

WC: 17/06/19

Another week has gone by, we have been working on measures of length in Maths. This has included cm, mm and m and converting between the three of them. We know that 1cm = 10mm, 1m = 100cm.

In English we have started to plan our own informal letter to a friend acting on behalf of Hogarth. We are writing to a friend telling them about our fishing trip and what we could see in the distance. Then explaining what our dad did in his anger!

In PSHE this week, we have started talking about puberty and what changes happen to the outside of our bodies for both boys and girls. Next week we will be discussing the changes that happen to the inside of our bodies.

In Topic, we also learnt about Lithuania. We found out about the countries culture, education and food. Some of our class mates were teaching us Lithuanian too- this was hard!

WC: 10/06/19

Another fab week! This week we have continued to read our class novel 'Iron Man'. We have been looking at the differences between formal and informal letters and who would write these letters. We know that an informal letter is an invitation or a postcard, whereas a formal letter would be a letter of complaint.

In Maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting different amounts of money including giving change. This has taken a lot of practise, but I think we have finally cracked it!

In Topic, we are still learning about Europe, particularly France this week. We got to try different French foods including: Brie, Baguette and Brioche. Some of us loved these items, but some were gross- especially the Brie!!


WC: 03/06/19

A great first week back. We have been really lucky this week as an author came to visit us called Lawrence Prestidge. We had a whole school assembly and Lawrence told us what inspired him to write books and even read us a few of his funny short stories. Then he did a workshop with us where we designed our own characters, check out the photos below:


How lucky are we!!

In English this week, we have started our new novel 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. This book is so much fun! We have read chapter 1 and 2 and summarised what has happened so far and our predictions of what is going to happen next- we can't wait to find out!

In Maths, we have started understanding money. We have looked at pounds and pence and converting between the two. We have also started to add large amounts of money using the column method to exchange too.

WC: 20/05/19

A fantastic term from Year 3. 

We completed our Shape unit in Maths, all achieving fantastic scores in their tests! We have been working super hard. Next term, we will start our 'Measures' unit- this will include money, time, perimeter, mass, capacity and length.

We have also finished our Roman topic this term. Next term, we are going to be looking at Europe and travelling around different countries in Europe- this will be exciting!

Have a lovely week off and look forward to seeing you for the final term in Year 3!

WC: 13/05/19

Another week has gone by, yet again. Year 3 have worked really hard in class this week. In English, we have created our own Mythical story based along the lines of Hercules completing his 13th impossible labor set by the King. Hercules had to travel to a cave to find the deadly, monstrous mythical creature and bring him back to the King either alive or dead (whichever the King requested earlier on in the story!).


We have continued working on Geometry in Maths this week, we have focused on acute and obtuse angles, drawing lines accurately with a ruler focusing on cm and mm. After this, we have been looking at different types of lines: horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.

In ICT, we looked at the copyright law, downloading and streaming movies, games and music. We had a discussion about legal and illegal downloading. The children looked at different scenarios and ways to solve the problems if these occurred at home or at school accidently.

WC: 06/05/19

Another 4 day week- this has been a lovely treat!

In Maths this week, we have been working on turns and angles. We learnt about the 8 points of a compass and turning in 90 degree angles both clockwise and anticlockwise...we found this really tricky. We now also know that a 90 degree angle is also known as right angle. We were finding objects in the classroom that are right angles, however we noticed that some angles are greater than and less than right angles too.

In English, we have been using fronted adverbials to create a mythical creature description all about the ones we created last week. Some of us even remembered our previous English skills and included: similes, adverbs, prepositions and repetition. Also this week, we created a hero profile of Hercules and designed where our hero will live and where he has to go to complete the quest ready for next week's myth story writing.

In Topic, we were marching in Roman formation. We had to follow Latin commands and work as a team to follow the instructions. We really enjoyed it when we charged at one another!

WC: 29/04/19

Second week back already! 

We have been working really hard yet again. In English, we have read a few more myths including Hercules and his 12 impossible labors and learnt about all the monsters he had to defeat. One of the monsters he had to defeat was the 'Lerna Hydra' this creature has seven heads, breaths poison and is half snake half dinosaur- we wrote a fantastic character description all about him using fronted adverbials. Now we have created our own monsters ready for our own myth writing next week!

In Maths, we have finished our unit of working on Statistics. We have worked on pictograms, bar charts and tables drawing, inferring and reasoning them very well. Next week we are beginning our new unit of shape and space.

In Topic this week, we learnt about the Roman soldiers and the key skills needed to be successful in a battle. We learnt about the equipment they used, how they organised the teams and the weapons they used. Being a Roman soldier was a tough job especially if you didn't keep your weapons clean as you would have been put on toilet duty! In Art we continued with the Roman theme, we designed a mosaic pattern piece:


WC: 22/04/19

Welcome back Year 3! Summer term has officially begun...

We have started the term off amazingly well with a great attitude to our learning. In English we have started reading our new novel 'Roman Myths and Legends'. We have started reading a variety of Roman Myths to understand and spot the key features including: Heroes and Heroines, a journey/ quest, monster, superhuman and good vs evil. We are enjoying reading these myths especially when one of the characters has 100 eyes!

In Maths, our new unit of work is 'Statistics'. We have looked at a range of pictograms and bar charts this week trying to interpret what they mean and answering one and two step worded problems.

In Topic, we are learning about the 'Rotten Romans'. We have understood the ruling system and the different ways they used to rule comparing the fairness too. Next we looked at the countries the Roman Empire managed to take over- did you know, using the current countries, the Romans rules 48 countries?

A great start back Year 3. Keep it up.