Spring Term 2020

W/C 2nd February 

     Another great week in the Church Lane world of Year 5. We have been building more knowledge of Science Fiction. We have watch several film trailers as well as reading parts of a variety of Sci-Fi books to help us enhance our knowledge of science fiction themes. We were invitied to send off science fiction film ideas to 'LA Productions' this week, so we have been writing a storyboard and a 'blurb' to persuade the producers to choose our film idea!

   In Maths, we have been comparing and ordering fractions as well as adding and subtracting improper and mixed number fractions. I've always said that fractions are the most challenging area of Mathematics but the class have shown great resilience and attainment in these areas so far - well done!

    It was Geography week in the class and we began by walking around Sleaford, searching for human and physical geography. The children discussed why there was more human than physical geography and what might happen if we run out of land to build on in Sleaford. We then went on a larger scale and looked at the geography of our continent, noticing the vast differences between North and South. Mr Clay then had the pleasure of comparing North and South America with the children - "they love a question" was the most apt quote from this lesson...

We then summarised the week by writing about geographical diversity across the world and why might this be!

W/C 24th February

     It been lovely to be back in the classroom with everybody and to see all the children refreshed and raring to go now that they're on the countdown to year 6!

     Maths is all about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages this term - probably one of the trickiest units but I have every faith in the abilities of all children to succeed. 

In English we are looking at Sci-fi texts (as well as films) before writing our very own Sci-fi thriller!! We'll also be writing our own fables later in the term.

  This term, we have decided to block our subjects so it's the turn of science! We have continued looking in to the (outer) world of Space - the children have been stargazing in their spare time and have so many questions!!!

   We have also managed to squeeze in a bit of French and have learned how to order hot and cold drinks in a cafe!


W/C 10th February


 W/C 3rd February

     It has been an absolutely manic week due to term (for most of Y5/6) finishing this week - Residential in Paris awaits!!

    We have completed our letters to 'The Crayons that left' in English - the children showed real personality in their writing which made for great reading!

   In Maths we wrapped up our Multiplication and Division unit, the scores were fantastic, which was never in doubt considering how hard the children have worked this term.

    In Geography we have continued to study the Earth and in Science we have delved even further in to Space - it's literally blowing our mind!!

    We have been studying Pompeii in History, looking at its eruption and effects of it. We have also been learning about Christianity in RE; Embracing differences in PSHE and learning how to create sounds in music.

W/C 27th January

 We have been looking at the value of words in English - understanding that some are more powerful than others and some we should use more than others. We have also been acting out some scenes from our CURIOSITY book!

   In Maths we have been multiplying 2 digits by 2, 3 and 4!! Again, the children picked up the concept really quickly but have taken their learning beyond the stretch of my imagination!

   It been all about the race to space in History. Learning about what the space race was, how and why is began and infered how modern space travel was inspired by early space travel.

W/C 20th January


    After two weeks off on paternity leave, Mr Barratt has returned to teach Year 5! To begin with we have been smashing Multiplication and Division! WOW! The children have picked up on a lot of concepts really well and have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as looking at multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.

   In English, we have begun reading CURIOSITY - The Story of a Mars Rover. What a fantastic book this is! We have gained a ridiculous amount of knowledge from this book and continue to work towards writing a non-chronological report and a letter (from Mars)!!!

    Our Geography lessons have led us on to learning about the journey of a river looking at how their natural journey can shape the physical nature of Earth.

W/C 13th January


Another great week in Year 5, the children have all been working really hard in all areas of the curriculum. 


In science, we started to look at the Solar system, naming all the planets and putting them in the right order. We used a rhyme to help us to rember the order. (My very easy method just sppeds up naming planets). We discussed why Pluto is no longer a planet, and has been re-classified as a dwarf planet!


In Geography, we started to look at Volcanoes, understanding what happens when a volcano erupts and naming all the parts. This lead us into our History lesson, where we learnt about Mount Vesuvius, a volcano in Italy, and how it erupted in 79D killing thousands of people in the Roman city of Pompeii. 


In Maths, we have been continuing with multiplication and division. learning about prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. 


In English, we have been continuing with our poems, looking at Cinquain poems and Rhyming poems. 


W/C 6th January

A lovely first week back in Year 5. We have started our new topics this week, 'Extreme Earth' and 'Infinity and Beyond'. 

In Science, we discussed how we know the Earth is spherical, looking at evidence for a spherical Earth and evidence for a flat Earth. We found out that Aristotle, was one of the first Greek philosophers, who believed the Earth was spherical, based on his observations of boats going over the horizon. 

In Geography, we looked at what is beneath our feet. First, the layers of soil and the the layers of the Earth. We used modelling clay and polystyrene balls to create our own representation on the layers of the Earth. 



In English, we have been looking at different forms of Poetry. First we learnt about a Haiku, which is a traditional Japanese three line poem. We then looked at a Renga, which means linked poem, where we had to collaborate our ideas with a partner to write some poems together. 

In Maths, we have started our unit on Multiplication and Division, initially focsing on multiples and factors.