Summer Term 2021

Week commencing 3.5.21 

     Another week draws to a close with yet more positivity oozing out of the Year 5 classroom. We have been adding and subtracting mixed number and improper fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. The children have not found this easy but have risen to the challenge and all credit to them for this.

    We have been writing a first person autobiography (from the eyes of a toy or pet) with historical context. A complicated challenge from the off but WOW! A massive well done is due as the outcomes have been practically perfect! 

    We continue to work on Maya civilisation this term. We have looked at, discussed and written about Maya trade this week. Understanding how the Maya traded food, what they ate differently to us and what they ate that we still do now.

Week commencing 26.4.21 

   Another exciting week in the life of Year 5. We have been writing newspaper reports on Otto, who miraculously saved an American soldier's life! We found out that some stories have happy endings and it was great to see Otto finally reunited, many years later, with his original owner. It is sure to inspire some stories next week!

  In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions - this has been a difficult concept to master, but we are slowly getting there. It is key we take small steps to build our knowledge so that we can progress and make links later in the year with decimals and percentages.

   We are continuing to study the Ancient Maya in History - we have looked at their Gods and beliefs as well as farming! Next week is exciting as we will be making Maya hot chocolate and tasting some basic Maya foods!

Week Commencing 19.4.21 

Welcome back to the FINAL term of Year 5! We have begun our learning journey this term with looking at the Ancient Maya. We initially looked at where the Maya fit in to the timeline of history and what links we can make to other periods of time. We have then looked at a typical daily routine for Maya commoners and noble Maya - comparing them with other periods of history we have looked at in school and also to modern history.

In Maths, we have begun looking at Fractions. We have understood equivalent fractions, converting mixed and improper fractions as well as fraction number sequences. 

Our story in English is 'OTTO: The autobiography of a Teddy Bear. A story set in WWII written from a Teddy Bear's perspective. We have looked at vocabulary, expanded noun phrases and contracted form this week - ready to write a newspaper report next week.