Second Half Term

24th February to 20th March

This half term we have been focusing on evolution and inheritance. We have looked at how we inherit different features from our parents and how those inherited features can cause changes to a whole species after a very long time. 

We have also begun to look at the effect that humans have on our planet and how we can make small changes to help the world around us. 



First Half Term

6th January to 14th February

This half term we have moved on to looking at the world around us. How it was formed, how it changed over time and how the animals and creatures who live on the Earth change both themselves and the world around them. 

The children have studied the Earth, the climates around us and how the structure of the Earth can cause devastation. We studied fault lines, earthquakes and mass extinctions as well as looking at and summarising 4.5 billion years of the Earth's development. (It turns out it takes a very, very long time to create life.)

We used what we had learnt to predict what might happen to the Earth in future and the children gave great news broadcasts about this.