Autumn Term 2016

Cross Country

On Friday 9th December thirty two children from Key Stage 2 took part in the annual Cross Country competition at PGL Caythorpe. 

The conditions were perfect for running and there were some excellent results. Children in Year 3 and 4 ran 1500m, while the Year 5 and 6 children ran 2000m. 

The best two results from Church Lane were Connor who finished 5th and Tia who finished in 8th. 


Well done to all who took part. Check out our gallery page for all the pictures from the event. 

Netball Finals

Twenty teams entered the Netball tournament and only eight teams made it to the finals!

Church Lane were one of the eight, a fantastic achievement! Each of the eight teams were drawn against the others to play in the quarter finals, the winners would then progress to the semi-final and then onto the final. 

Church Lane were drawn against Mrs Mary King's Primary School. Church Lane played well against a team that was considerably taller! However this did not stop their determination to win. The first quarter Mrs Mary King dominated, scoring seven goals in total, Alicia and Gvins had to work hard to try and stop the ball from getting into the shooting circle, but this seemed an impossible task. 

After the half time rotation, Church Lane started to get more possession. Katie was working hard as centre, with Maddy and Connor creating some excellent passes. But again the opposition were too strong and were able to score one more goal. Final score 7- 0. 

This sadly meant that the Church Lane team had been knocked out. However the Netball wasn't over. Four other teams were in the same situation, so all teams played two more games. 

Our next opponent was Holy Trinity Primary School. The Church Lane team had the pressure off now and quickly dominated the game scoring two goals beofre half time. After the rotation Maddy, Alicia and Connor were able to work the ball down the court with ease, scoring two more goals, taking the win 4 - 0. 

The final game of the day was against Cranwell, this was a much closer game with end to end play. Cranwell scored first and then quickly socred again, however a fantastic shot from Joe put Church Lane back in the game just beofre half time. The second half was just as close, Church Lane made it level, but Cranwell were able to sneak in two more goals before the end. Final score 4 -2. 

Well done to all who played, click here to see more pictures from the event. 

Football v Heckington

On Monday 28th November, the Church Lane football team finally got to play their first league match of the season. After two cancelled matches, which have been rearranged for the new year, the team were eager to play. 

The game got off to a good start, Church Lane had kick off and immediatley started to pass the ball around well. But the Heckington defence were quick to intercept and started to dominate. They fired shots at Matthew, who was able to make some excellent saves. For a while it looked like he would keep a clean sheet in the first half, until an unstoppable shot. 1 - 0. 

Church Lane worked hard to try and get on the score sheet, Thomas and Connor M both narrowly missing the goal, but in the end they kept the score at a respectful 1 - 0 until half time. 

It was a quick turn around for the second half, as the dark night was drawing in. Heckington again came out strong, but Joe and Archie in defence were relentless, making some great tackles. A shot from outside the area was again unstoppable and Heckington stretched the lead to 2 - 0. 

Again Church Lane did not give up, Connor D hitting the cross bar from a free kick and Connor M having another opportunity on goal. However it was Josh who was sucessful, after a good pass from Connoe M, he was one on one with the goalkeeper managing to put it past him to take the score to 2 - 1. 

Final score 2 - 1. Well done to all who played. Visit our gallery page for more photographs.

Change4Life Combat Sports Festival

On Friday 25th November three children from Key Stage Two travelled across to Kesteven and Sleaford High School to take part in a Change4Life Festival. Pupils from a large number of local primary schools were at the event aimed to engage pupils in a variety of different sports, hopefully inspire them to take up a new sport and most importantly for them to have fun. 

The first game the children played was a Combat game, where they had to try and steal the opponents tag's from their belt! Annabelle was incredible at this game, even beating the instructor!

The second sport the children tried was Taekwondo, the children used pads to develop kicking and punching and learnt that the skills are only used when doing Taekwondo with an instructor. 

The final sport was Judo, the children had a go at throwing their opponent and holding them to the ground. 

All sports were throughly enjoyed by all. Well done to the children that took part and I hope they were inspired!

Netball Tournament

On Friday 18th November the Church Lane Netball team were busy again! This time they had a tournament, which was played at Heckington Primary School. Another cold afternoon, but the team were up for the challenge. 

Their first game was against St Botolph's, who quickly started to dominate the game. Five goals were scored in quick sucession and Church Lane struggled to get the ball into their attacking third. With some excellent teamwork, they were able to pull one back to take the score to 1 - 5 at half time.  

After the rotation Church Lane started to find their feet, scoring two more goals to St Botolphs 3. Final score 3 - 8. 

The second game was against St Gilberts. It was a close game from the start with both teams having a number of chances. 1 - 1 at half time. After the rotation, the Church Lane team started to dominate. They quickly scored three more goals to St Gilberts one. Final score 4 - 1. 

The third opponents were Kirkby la Thorpe, another close game. However the Church Lane team attacked well, having numerous chances on goal, they were able to score two before half time. After the rotation the game slowed down, both teams made some great interceptions. Church Lane managed to edge it and score one more goal to take the win 3 - 0. 

The final game was set to be crucial, the scores were tight, meaning it was down to the last game to see who qualified for the finals. Heckington were the opponents and they had also only lost one game so far. Church Lane knew they had to work hard to take the win. The game started slowly, with both teams having a number of shots, Church Lane were able to convert one to a goal. After the rotation at half time the game became more tense, both teams had a large number of shots. Heckington scored two, however Church Lane scored three more taking the win. Final score 4 - 2. 

Well done to all who played and congratulations to the team for qualifying for the finals on Wednesday 30th November. 

Netball v Caythorpe

On Thursday 17th November the Church Lane Netball team had their second match of the season. This time the opponents were Caythorpe and Church Lane were the hosts. 

It was a very cold evening, not helped by the fading light!! The gaem got off to a steady start with the teams showing even possession. Church Lane had a number of shots, were unable to convert them to a goal. The defence played extremely well, preventing Caythorpe from having any shots. 0 v 0 a time.


After the rotation the second quarter proved to be just as close as the first. Caythorpe initally dominated, quickly scoring 2 consecutive goals. However the determination of the Church Lane team was evident, as Maddy and Katie both scored fantastic goals from a long way out. 2 v 2 at half time. 

In the third quarter, things seemed to slow down, both teams were working well but the dark night was drawing in. Church Lane had a large number of shots, but unfortunatelt could not convert these to goals. Caythorpe seemed to be going the same way but eventually they were able to score two more, giving them the lead. 4 v 2. 

The final quarter was crucial and both teams were determined to get the win. Church Lane quickly scored, with a great goal from Kamlyn, closing the gap on Caythorpe. However with only a few minutes left Caythorpe found their form and were able to clinch two vital goals. 

Final score: Church Lane 3 v 6 Caythorpe. 

Well done to all who played. Please click here to see some more photographs of the game in the 'Sports competitions' Album. 

Sportshall Athletics

On Tuesday 15th November, twelve children from Key Stage Two went across to Carre's Grammar School to take part in a Sportshall Athletics competition. Six girls and six boys each took part in two track events and two field events, to try and score as many points as possible. 

There were fifteen schools in total taking part, so each event was run in three heats of five. The children raced in an Obstacle relay, a 1+1 relay, a 2+2 relay and a 4 x 1 relay. They also took part in Chest Push, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Soft Javelin, Vertical Jump and Speed Bounce. 

There were some outstanding performances from the Church Lane team, unfortunately not good enough to win a medal this year. 

Well done to all who took part, finishing in 8th overall. 

Click here to view some more photos of the event in the 'Sports Competitions' Album. 

Netball v William Alvey

On Friday 11th November seven members of the Church Lane Netball team went across to William Alvey for thier first league Netball match of the year. 

The children had never played a competitive match together before, so they knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to develop as a team. 

The match started well with both teams dispalying some good Netball. Both teams were able to work the ball into the shooting circle, William Alvey scoring two, but Church Lane were unable to add to the score sheet. 2 - 0 after one quarter. 

After the first rotation, William Alvey came into their own and quickly started to dominate the game, scoring a further five goals. Church Lane worked hard and had a number of shots but again were unable to score. 7 - 0 at half time. 

The next rotation saw Joe and Kamlyn in the shooting circle, with Alicia playing as Centre. THis quarter was much stronger for Church Lane, as they started to develop their confidence. William Alvey scoring two more goals and Joe getting Church Lanes first took the score to 9 - 1 with one quarter left to play.

The final quarter was much better for Church Lane, the team were starting the gel and play some excellent Netball. The quarter was very close, with both teams scoring one goal each. Final score 10 - 2. 

Well done to all who played, the next match is on Thursday against Caythorpe. 

Click here for more photos of the game


School Games Afternoon

On Friday 21st October, all children in Key Stage 2 took part in a Schools Games Afternoon. They represented their House teams in Football, Volleyball, Utlimate Frisbee and Handball. 

The results were as follows:

Year 3 - Handball

1st - Willow

2nd - Oak

3rd - Beech

4th - Cedar

Year 4 - Ultimate Frisbee

1st - Oak

2nd - Beech

3rd - Willow

4th - Cedar

Year 5 - Football

1st - Cedar

2nd - Willow

3rd - Oak

4th - Beech

Year 6 - Volleyball

1st - Beech

2nd - Willow

3rd - Cedae

4th - Oak


 Click here for more photographs of the event. 

Rowing Competition

On Tuesday 18th October four children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a Rowing Competition at Carre's Grammar School. This was not conventional rowing, but using Concept 2 rowing machines. 

The children took part in an individual competition, against children of the same gender and year group. Jess finished in 11th, Finley 8th, Zak 2nd and Tia was 1st!!

In the team competition the children had to complete 500m between them inthe shortest time possible. The Church Lane team finished 2nd in a time of 3.21.8.


Girls Football Tournament

On Friday 14th October eight girls went across to Carre's Grammar School to take part in a Girls Football tournament. Ten Schools in total entered the competition with the teams being spilt into two groups playing across two different venues. The Church Lane team played over at Governor's field along with teams from Billingborough, Cranwell and Digby & Dunston. Each team would play one another over two halves of 8 minutues. 

Church Lane's first game was against Billingborough. The girls were nervous as many had never played a competitive game of football outside of school. The girls worked hard, making some good passes. Katie was able to break through the Billingbough defence a number of times and was able to score two goals. Final score 2 - 0. 

The second game was against Cranwell. Church Lane were much more confident after thier first game win and this was evident in thier football. Zoe and Kaci battled hard in midfield, passing the ball and moving up the field well with the support of Katie. Church Lane had a number of chances but Cranwell defended well. Maddy worked hard in defence, making some good tackles throughout the game. Alicia was forced to make a number of saves, but unfortunately could not stop them all. Final score 1 - 0. 

Church Lanes final opponents were Digby & Dunston. The teams were starting to tire and this was to be a much slower paced game. However the girls continued to work hard, showing great determination. Jennifer and Harley made some good tackles and passes enabling Kaci and Katie to have a number of chances on goal between them. The game was drawing to a close and it looked like it would be a nil nil draw, however Digby & Dunston made a final break for goal and were able to secure the win just before the final whistle. Final score 1 - 0. 

Well done to all who played, unfortunately they did not do enough to progress through and play in the overal finals, but still a fanastic effort from all involved. 

Click here for some more photos. 

Change4Life Target Skills Festival

On Friday 7th October four children from Key Stage Two travelled across to St Botolph's Primary School to take part in a Change4Life Festival. Pupils from Rauceby, St Botolph's, Cranwell, Caythorpe and Navenby were at the event aimed to improve pupils target skills and most importantly for them to have fun. 

Click here to see some pictures of the event. 

Football Tournament

On Friday 30th September the Church Lane Football team took part in a Football tournament. The tournament was run by Carre's Outreach and was one of four tournaments running for small schools. The winner of each of the four cluster tournaments will progress to the semi-finals to be held at Carre's Grammar School in two weeks. 

Church Lane were up against teams from five different schools, including Billingborough, Pointon, Horbling, Heckington and Osbournby. Each school would play the other schools once, with the scores being calculated at the end to find an overall winner. 

Church Lane's first game was against Osbournby, it was a very shakey start, for some of the players this was the first time they had represented the school. Matthew made some excellent saves, but unfortunately the team were not able to create any chances. Osbournby had a few opportunities to score, only one of them made their way into the back of the net.  Final score 1-0. 

The second game was against Billingborough, this time Church Lane seemed more confident and were having a number of chances on goal. A slip in the defence saw Billingborough take an early lead, but Church Lane worked hard and a goal from Connor M gave them the draw they deserved. 1-1.

The third game of the tournament was against Horbling, both teams battled hard and had a number of chances. The two best opportunities in the game both came from Connor D, who was denied the goals by some excellent saves from the Horbling keeper.Final score 0-0.

The fourth game was against Heckington, a side to whom Church Lane have lost to in the past. The game was played to a high standard and both teams were working hard to secure the win. Heckington were first to score after beating the Church Lane keeper, however some superb passing from Connor M and Connor D gave Gvins to the chance to equalise. Final score 1-1. 

The last game of the competition was against Pointon, Church Lane were dominant and had multiple chances to score. The goalkeeper made some great saves denying Archie and Connor C a goal to take the win. Final score 0-0. 

Well done to the team of Matthew, Joe, Connor C, Josh, Connor M, Connor D, Archie and Gvins.

Click here for more photos of the tournament

Dodgeball Festival 

On Friday 16th September six children from KS1 travelled to Winchelsea for a Dodgeball Festival. The aim of the afternoon was for the children to experience competition against children from other schools, develop their Dodgeball skills and most importantly hjave fun!

Below are some pictures of the children throughly enjoying themselves. 

Click here for more photos