Autumn Term 2016

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Looking forward to seeing you all back in 2017.


W/C 12.12.16

Another super week was had by all! This was filled with finishing our topic lessons off ready to start next term with 'Rotten Romans'. We enjoyed finishing off the week watching Polar Express to get us into the Christmas Spirit! 

Don't forget the Panto on Monday... Oh no you won't!!

W/C 05.12.16

We had a great week this week. We have completed our Maths unit on Multiplication and Division. The children have worked so hard to learn their multiplication tables to help them solve a range of problems... don't forget to keep practicing though as we need to know them next term ready for Fractions! Also we wrote super explanation texts.. We had to remember fronted adverbials of time and causal conjunctions to explain what the aliens actions were, why he came to Earth in the first place and how he got there. We managed to do this really well and then check our ideas against the actual clip! This was really good fun. 

We also began our clay work to make our Diva Lamps. Did you know, Diva lamps were used in the Rama and Sita story to help them find their way home? Make sure you come back to check out our finished products.. They will look great!

W/C 28.11.16

This week we have been getting ready for the Christmas fair. We have been measuring, mixing, rolling, cutting, cooking and then cleaning! We had lots of fun making cookies ready for the Christmas fair... some of us had more flour on us than in the cookies!


W/C 21.11.16

A busy week this week which has just flown by. We are using our multiplication skills to complete more complex problems, such as 356 x 8! In English, we have begun our explanation text unit... we are researching 'Filpor Aliens'. Did you know they have 3 tongues and 4 layers of teeth?

W/C 14.11.16

Another fantastic week in Year 3, we have been working really hard in Maths especially. We have learnt our 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables. We are practising getting quick at recalling them and answering multiplication and division questions- please keep practising at home as you need to remember them!! Also in English, we have been looking at rainforest poetry. We have been learning which words rhyme in poems and even had a go at these ourselves, our poems are super.

In Art, we have begun something new... Paper Mache!! This involves; glue, newspaper and lots of messy children. Here is Kacie Honey getting all sticky:

W/C 07.11.16

The children have come back rejuvinated and ready to learn. This week we have started looking at poetry and rhyme in our English lessons. The children have performed poetry and even added their own actions to poetry about animals from the rainforest.


W/C 10.10.16

We have had a really fun week this week! We had farm kitchens in on Friday to talk about two different healthy snacks that we could eat. First of all, we made a green smoothie. The ingredients were; spinach, banana, apple juice and lime juice. We got to try some of the ingredients before they went in and then tried the smoothie once it was made. We found it delicious!! Secondly, we made garlic and herb dip, the ingredients were; lemon juice, natural yogurt, garlic and mint. We then got to try the dip with carrots and cucumber, again this was so yummy!


Don't forget the school Halloween disco for Year 3 is 7:15-8:15pm next week!

W/C 03.10.16

Another hard working week in Year 3. We have completed lots of topic lessons this week, which has been great fun! On Tuesday we had a recording studio in to record us singing our song, this was amazing! We had three large microphones placed in the hall and we had to stand absolutely silent until we were ready to sing, then we had to sing beautifully and clearly, once the song had finished we had to stand silently. However, we did have to redo it once because someone coughed right at the end!! But our second attempt was so much better!

In Maths, we have just begun working on our column addition including carrying numbers too. We have even been stretched to adding thousands, we are that good!! Next on the agenda is column subtraction, which I'm sure we will be able to take on the challenge yet again.

In English we have been working on our inverted commas (Speech marks) and where they need to go. Don't forget:

1.) Capital letter
2.) Inverted commas
3.) Punctuation
4.) New speaker, new line.

We started to look at our RE topic 'Diwali' on Friday too, we looked at the Rama and Sita story together and then retold the story. We liked the idea of the people lighting Diva lamps to help them find their way home when it was dark.

W/C 26.09.16

What a fantastic week we have had! This week the children wrote their own 'Mystery stories' set in the rainforest; something was stolen, the detectives had to find the stolen object by following clues left by one of the three suspects, either a: sloth with a smirk across its face, a suspicious tiger who was very angry or a cunning toucan who glared mysteriously at the detectives. Who could have done it? Everybody wrote a fantastic story and Miss Jackson loved reading each and every one of them!

In Maths we have begun our addition and subtraction unit. This has begun with mental methods to add and subtract using pairs of numbers, counting on and back and adding 10's and 100's. This will then lead onto formal written methods such as the column technique.

ICT is getting more and more exciting; the children have planned their script using 'Scratch' explaining what they will do. On Friday they got to design their background and sprite using their plans to help them, which then leads onto them creating their algorithm to make their sprite move and talk. 

We have had a great week learning lots of new things, and even more excited for next week because we are recording our song 'Let your spirit fly' with the recording studio who are coming in!

W/C 19.09.16

Year 3 have started tackling worded math problems. These are very tricky and they have been working with their partners to work out the answers. They have demonstrated how fantastic they are at team work.



Keep up the hard work!


W/C 12.09.16

A great second week! On Tuesday 13th September it was Roald Dahl day. We were really lucky to be able to dress up as characters from his book, there were lots of different characters in Year 3 including; Willy Wonka, Matilda, James, George, The Twits and many more! We had a great day looking at different extracts of texts and talking about how he creates his characters. We had a go at making our own 'Roald Dahl' styled characters. It involved creating an appearance of a character and then mismatching their personality, here are some examples from the children:

Ola's character is a witch with a crooked back and a face sprinkled with warts but decided her witch was sweet and gentle and loved by everyone she met. The witch had a heart of gold and particularly kind to animals! What a great mix up!

Felicity's character is a fairy princess with a delicate smile and hair the colour of sunlight but she is wicked and cruel and delights in disaster. She creates mischief and misfortune wherever they go! What a nasty fairy!


W/C 09.09.16

A fantastic start to Year 3! The children have come back to school ready and raring to learn. They have begun Literacy brilliantly- Felicity predicted the story word for word from just the 5 clues we were given, and Shona guessed out culprit because of the bee-sting on her neck! 

In Numeracy, everybody is working really hard to achieve their learning objectives understanding the value of digits and comparing and ordering numbers. 

We started our first Topic lesson, for this we had to use the atlases to research where the Equator, Tropics and rainforests were- again very successful.

Finally on Friday, we were able to get the musical instruments out! We are learning a new song in Year 3 called 'Let your spirit fly'. This is an R&B song. We had to find the pulse and create a rhythm of our own. Next challenge, the children were asked to recreate the music keeping to the same pulse with their own instruments, here we are in action:


Welcome to Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!

I hope you all had an amazing summer and are ready to begin working really hard again in Year 3.

Our new topic will be 'Raging Rainforest's' where we will be looking at atlases and globes to research the Equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and most importantly, all about the Rainforest itself. This will be really exciting to learn about!

In Literacy we will be beginning with Mystery stories. We will study a story written by John Dougherty called 'Smash and Grab'. This story is all about a theft at a local museum; Katie and Adil are two children who help to solve the mystery. But who did it: the red-faced man, the lady in a pink dress who is smiling or the grumpy older lady? Are there any clues to solve the mystery? Once the mystery is solved, Year 3 will then be writing their own mystery story based in the rainforest... I can't wait to have a read of them!

In Numeracy, Year 3 will start with number and place value. The children will understand the value of digits including finding 10 and 100 more and less, ordering and comparing numbers, counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100.

Looking forward to having you all back at school ready to learn lots of new exciting things!