Autumn Term 2016

W/C 5th December

This week we have been continuing to look at features and key word that are used in recounts. We looked at a gossipy recount and discussed how we could make it better - we then improved it ourselves. We also started to write our own recounts about the birth of Jesus (which links to our R.E topic too!) In Maths, we reached the end of the multiplication and division topic and spent some time looking at word problems and investigations. We will be taking our tests next week! In Science, we explored what sound waves are and were able to draw them making sure that we knew which part showed pitch and which part showed volume. On Friday, 9 children from Year 4 took part in cross country at PGL Caythorpe. Two of the class were the highest achievers in the school, they came 5th and 8th out of over 100 children.

Excellent work! Not long until the Christmas break now! :)


W/C 28th November

This week Year 4 have been exploring our non-fiction topic of recounts. We have been able to identify the key features and begin to write our own versions using notes from a person visited by aliens! In Maths we have been working hard to understand how to use short division for some really hard calculations. In Science, we have looked at the human ear and how we hear sound. We can recognise key parts of the ear from the pinna to the auditory nerve! In Topic, we have been able to write about what is like to be a Viking invading Britain! On Friday, we also got to show off our D&T work in which we created some reindeer and santa hot chocolates to sell at our Christmas Fayre! All of them sold out! 

Fab job, Year 4!

W/C 21st November


This week Year Four wrote a big write. We were able to use all the poetry techniques we have learnt including similes, onomatopoeia, rhyme and metaphors. They produced really great work. In Science, we have also been looking at how sound is created by vibrations. In Maths we have been starting to look at a formal method of multiplication which involved carrying. We have worked very hard to master this! Some of us are even able to explain how the calculations are solved by using reasoning too!

We really are super!

W/C 7th and 14th November

This week Year 4 have been focusing on Poetry! We have looked at Haikus and rhyming couplets as well as being able to create some briliant descriptive paragraphs using alliteration, similes and great sentence openers! We also did a little bit of drama on the poem 'At the End of the School Day'. In Maths, we have been working hard to master our times tables and have been able to apply our knowledge to mental problems involving multiplication and division! Last week, we created poppies for Remembrance Day and started our new topic of the Vikings! We were able to work out where they came from and where they settled in Britain This week, we have also looked at Anti-Bullying and what we can do to stop it from happening!

What a full couple of weeks with lots of great work!


W/C 10th October 

This week Year 4 have been looking at non-fiction writing and have started writing persuasive trailers. We know what a voice-over is and how to use cameras to help use make our stories exciting. We have also used column addition! We can all use carrying to add large numbers. We also wrote a big write in Topic about what life would have been like for an Anglo-Saxon when they came to Britain.

A great week!


W/C 3rd October

What a great week! On Tuesday, we were also able to record our very own CD which we will be able to buy soon! We sang Mamma Mia amazingly well and we joined in with other classes in recording some more songs. This week we were also able to get involved in the Harvest Festival with the rest of the school! This was really exciting as we got the chance to show the rest of the school and some families what we have been doing to celebrate. We showed off our Harvest wreath that we had made from different autumn leaves. They also had what we were thankful for written on them. In addition to that, we have been busy working on two new topics in Maths and English.

A fab week, Year Four!


W/C 26th September

This week we have been busy writing our own versions of The Sugarcane Juice story and today we have finally finished them! We have also been finishing our Maths topic of Place Value and have completed a post-test to show our progress. In Topic, we were looking at place names around Lincolnshire and the East Midlands to work out whether they came from Anglo-Saxon origins. In Music we are continuing to learn about our song 'Mamma Mia' and are getting ready to record it for the school CD next week. We are all really looking forward to it!

W/C 19th September

During this week, we started to create our own circuits in Science. We were able to predict if we thought the circuits would work and then test them out! In Maths, we have been mastering the very tricky topic of Roman Numerals and we could even work out some codes with them! In English, we have started to write our own stories based on The Sugarcane Juice story and have made a great start!

Keep it up!  

W/C 12th September

This week in Year Four, we continued to look at the Sugarcane Juice story and began to explore the different types of ways that we could find out information about the main character which included some drama! In Maths, we continued with place value and are now becoming more confident with negative numbers. Our Science lesson was focused on working out the dangers that electricity can bring. We even made our own posters to warn everybody about the importance of electrical safety! Our favourite day was Tuesday because we got to celebrate the life and books of Roald Dahl, especially with our dress up day!



W/C 5th September

This week Year Four began to learn about electricity in Science and the different appliances that we have at home that use electricity. We played with some games that use electricity to buzz as well as having a go at building a circuit to test our knowledge. We also started our new Maths topic of Place Value which we are currently working hard to master! In English, we read a story based in Pakistan and thought about how we would feel in the character's situation. In Topic, we looked at who the Anglo-Saxons were, where came from and where they settled. In R.E. we began by looking at the Hindu creation story and were able to retell it using some key words. 

It's been a very busy week, phew! Well done Year Four :)