Autumn Term 2016

Week commencing 5th December

We had the luxury of having the National Space Centre and their Stardome in school this week. Will from the space centre taught us all lots about the stars, Greek myths, the relationship between the Sun, Earth and moon as well as the moon phases. It goes without saying the children had a fantastic time. What was a surprise was the attention paid and questions asked from the children. It provoked a lot of thought and questions and we look forward to hopefully having the stardome in school again soon. Additionally, the children have completed their maths focus and have taken the post test. I am extremely proud of every single one of the children who have all attained high marks in the Multiplication and Division test.

Week commencing 28th November

  This week we have been topping up our knowledge on Ancient Greece and Space in anticipation for the National Space Centre coming in with their Stardome. This exciting opportunity has been made available to us via the IPEELL funding we recieve for English writing. I am hoping it will inspire lots of great writing in the coming weeks.

Week commencing 21st November

   A highly average week this week, the children have been working away like beevers working towards their big write in English and learning about Prime numbers in Maths.


Week commencing 14th November

    This week Year 5 had the luxury of taking their 'Bikeability' course. This meant that the children were taught by the Lincolnshire County Council how to ride their bike safely and sensibly on the roads. There were two courses to complete. One was initially to learn how to manoeuvre their bicycles, how to get on and off safely before being allowed to ride on the open road, learning signalling and where to be on the road during certain turns. I am delighted to say the feedback I recieved from the company was that Year 5 were an absolute pleasure to teach and were full of enthusiasm and determination! As each week goes by, I become prouder and prouder of this group! Amazing Year 5!!!


Week commencing 7th November

    Welcome back to the most exciting term of them all...Santa will be coming down our chimney before we know it!

   After a long two weeks half term, we've cracked on with great intentions. The early part of the week began with a maths test and a cold write in English. The results were impressive and the children have come back with a willingness to work extremely hard.

  Furthermore, it is our turn to swim, every Wednesday. So don't forget swimming kit, towel, swimming hat and goggles every Wednesday.

  A fantastic beginning to the term, well done year 5! Keep it up!! :)

Week commencing 10th October

     After a pretty standard, non-exciting week last week, we return with a highly exciting week this week! 

WE BAKED CARROT CAKES!! Not only did we bake carrot cakes, we baked delicious and perfectly decorated carrot cakes. A huge well done to all the children who were impeccably behaved and mature in measuring all the ingredients perfectly. The cakes were baked as an acknowledgement to what we can do with harvested products in Lincolnshire. All products were locally sourced.

   Additionally, we have continued to work through our addition and subtraction unit which is proving challenging. However, year 5 have proven to be a huge step up from year 4. The positive attitude from the children in combating the challenge has been incredible! Well done Year 5!!



Week commencing 26th September

   An excellent week by year 5 beginning with some absolutely brilliant personification paragraphs in science about their chosen planet. The children were tasked with turning a planet into a human by giving it descriptive human features. The paragraphs were phenomenal and a real pleasure to read.

 In Maths, children have completed their post test in Place Value. Every child has progressed and improved since their pre-test which is a great achievement and I am very proud of them.

Proud. This word leads me on to a young man in my class that makes me more than just PROUD. Words cannot describe the admiration this boy deserves. A HUUUUGE well done to Archie who raised over £200 for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity by 'braving the shave' and having ALL of his hair shaved off in front of the entire school in assembly. For somebody so young to want to do this is commendable and hats off (or probably on for Archie as its getting cold) to him for doing this.

Week commencing 19th September

  A fantastically successful week in English this week. We have edited our first piece of writing and the results are truly unbelievable. Every child have shown great progress already. Additionally, the class have independently given themselves next steps (areas for improvement) which will again improve their next piece of writing.

   In maths we have been looking at rounding numbers which we found tough to begin with. Thankfully, Mr Ross came to the rescue and taught us all a cool new method for rounding which has worked perfectly. We have one more week of Number and Place value ahead of us before we move on to Addition and Subtraction.

   Unfortunately, the weather has not been on our side this week as we have tried twice but failed twice to complete our shadow investigation. So we are all hoping to have a sunny day next week so we can finally complete our experiment. 

Week commencing 12th September

Year 5 have had a fabulous week this week, we have been dressed as our favourite Roald Dahl character on Tuesday and on Wednesday we became Archaeologists.

 Tuesday, Roald Dahl day. The entire school dressed as their favourite character and what a sight it was. Everybody looked amazing and the school raised in excess of £150.00. Furthermore, the children participated in several different Roald Dahl activities throughout the day to celebrate the great authors 100th birthday!!

  For our Topic this term we are studying Ancient Greece. We were lucky enough to have Ancient Greek artefacts in the classroom on Wednesday, but not as you would usually know it. We had to unearth them using very fine Archaeology skills and handle each artefact with great care. Once we discovered the precious items we used iPads to research what they were and what the functions were. The children had lots of fun and the work produced from this has been fantastic!

The children have stepped up their knowledge and understanding of Maths again this week, they have mastered negative numbers and will move onto rounding numbers into the millions next week.

Roald Dahl Day  

Week Commencing 5th September

Firstly, welcome back and welcome to year 5! Not much has changed over the past 6 weeks, other than every pupil seems to have grown taller!! Although we have welcomed TWO new students into the class, which takes us to the dizzy heights of 24!

We've settled into the term very well. We have begun to test out our new writing scheme called IPEELL, both the children and I are extremely excited to get started with this cool new project. We are looking at recounts, so far we have recounted what we did over the summer and now we are looking at more recent events.

We are studying 'place value' in Maths - particularly looking at numbers up to millions. Most of the children have found this pretty comfortable, although they don't realise i'm being nice to them this week! :)

We have started our voyage through earth and space and have already had our minds blown at the thought of the size of space. We have so far looked at the perspective sizes of planets in our solar system and have already created a piece of art work on this subject.

We will begin to further develop our knowledge of Ancient Greece in the coming weeks, a massive thank you to 'The Collection' museum in Lincoln on allowing us to rent an Ancient Greeks artifacts box which will be the inspiration for some archeology next week.

Finally, we have all been to the new library in school to sign out a library book to read in class - we are all amazed by the vast range of books on offer now!

A massive well done to everyone this week - it's great to be back!