Autumn Term 2016


Week commencing 19/12/2016

After a brilliant trip to the pantomime yesterday we are looking forward to finishing off our 2016 with carols around the tree on Tuesday at 2pm. 

School begins again on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and I look forward to beginning a new year in January!

Week commencing 12/12/2016

This week the children have learned all about potatoes. They had the privilage of entertaining Branston's Potato Bus, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  


Next week:

Monday - Panto

Tuesday - Carols around the tree (1.30pm)

Have a lovely Christmas

Week commencing 05/12/2016

Year 6 have had an awesome week.  They have been consolidating their knowledge of the 4 operations, by looking at worded problems and highlighted key words to help them calculate it.

Additionally, in Topic, the children have written a balanced argument about whether or not Britain should join the allied effort in tackling the Nazis.


Next week:

Thursday - Singing at the care homes (see Sophie)

Friday - Christmas jumper day, Christmas lunches and Christmas service.

Have a lovely weekend!

Week commencing 28/11/2016

On Tuesday afternoon Year 6 completed a dance that they had been creating in PE. Below are some pictures of their motif's that they have been adding to a dance routine. 

Week commencing 21/11/2016

This has been an extremely busy week.  Year 6 have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages in Maths, while researching beavers ready for an information text in English (linked to the class novel: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe). In addition, the children have been experimenting with electrivity; working out what makes bulbs brighter, or buzzers quieter.  

Year 6 have also had guests from the NSPCC, who discussed many aspects of abuse.

Next week:

Friday - Christmas Fayre.



Week commencing 14/11/2016

This week, Year 6 have been looking at multiplying and dividing decimals; planning their persuasive letter; calculating the cost to feed their family in WW2; and creating an information leaflet on Anti-bullying (as it's anti-bullying week).

Additionally, some Y6 children have been helping Y4 with some Maths intervention.


Next week:

Friday - Non-uniform day (more info will follow).


Week commencing 07/11/2016

Welcome back everyone!

Year 6 have started this termlet really strong. We have started to plan our letter - trying to persuade the Queen of Narnia to release Mr Tumnus from Jardis' Castle.  In Maths, the children have been looking at decimals and working out the value of each digit, while rounding them to 1/2/3 decimal places.  Additionally, Year 6 have investigated Muslim's place of worship: The Mosque, and what is inside one.  Finally, the children have started to look at electricity, and how to complete a series circuit.

Next week, it is Anti bullying week and Children in Need is on Friday (more info to follow!).

Have a nice weekend.

Week commencing 17/10/2016

Year 6 have had an amazing week.  They have finished their balanced argument, and some people believe that Mr Tumnus should be sent to prison, however most argue that he deserves to be spared jail (ask your child to hear their argument)  In Maths, the children have completed their topic of fractions, while finishing with a complex investigation.  This week was the last week of swimming, until they return to the pool in June.  Miss Dix and Miss Jackson were thrilled with their progress!  Finally, on Friday the children took part in an inter-house volleyball tournament, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


Have an enjoyable two weeks with your children and look forward to seeing them back on Monday 7th November.


Next half term, PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Week commencing 10/10/2016

Year 6 have had a full weel of learning.  They have been focusing on fractions, while planning their balnced argument in English.  In addition, the children have had a visit form Father Ruben, who talked about different feelings and emotions, while linking these to the bible. Additionally, year 6 have been experimenting with light and learning knew scientific language.

Dates for next week:

Monday - PE (due to Miss Dix being away on Tues)

Wednesday - Swimming (final session)

Friday - Disco/End of term.

Have a lovely weekend

Week commencing 03/10/2016

I have been so impressed with Year 6 this week. They have been working really hard and progressing really well; I like to say that they are - on fire!

This week, the children have been learning all about fractions and how to write a balanced argument.  I addition, the children have helped record a rendition of 'Like a Prayer' by Bon Jovi, whilst performing their french song for the harvest festival.  

With only two weeks left until half term, I really want to finish the term strongly and get some excellent work from the children

Have a lovely weekend.

Dates for next week:

Tuesday - PE and Parents evening;

Wednesday - Swimming;

Friday - Girls football tournament. 


Week commencing 26/09/2016

Year 6 have had another busy week.  They have been consolidating their knowledge of division, whilst learning the order of operations.  In addition, they have been finishing their diary entry from the the viewpoint of Lucy (Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe). Year 6 have also been learning their harvest festival - Chanson du benevole - which is about giving your time and thinking of others.

Dates for next week:

  • Recording school song on Tuesday
  • Swimming Wednesday
  • Harvest festival Thursday

Have a lovely weekend. Peace out.


Week commencing 19/09/2016

 It has been a really busy week in Year 6!  The children have worked exceptionally hard in all subjects.  This week, the children have been revising the 4 operations (addition, multiplication, division and subtraction), while planning a diary entry based on the first 2 chapters of Narnia, in the voice of Lucy.  In Science, the children have been investigating all about light: looking to see the direction light travels and why shadows are formed.

Dates for next week:

  • Individual photos on Tuesday

  • Swimming on Wednesday


Week commencing 12/09/2016

 Year 6 have worked extremely hard this week!  As it was Roald Dahl week, the children have been studying the book 'The Twits', and re-writing a recount of one of the awful tricks that Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other.  In addition, Year 6 having been learning all about negative numbers and place value, while revising really hard for the 11+, which is today!

Dates for next week:

  • PE on Tuesday
  • 11+ on Friday (Non-verbal)

Enjoy the weekend


Week commencing 05/09/2016

Year 6 have had a very busy week: we have written a description on a haunted house; discussed place value and numbers up to 10 million; started our new class novel (The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe); and we have been fortunate to have Father Ruben introduce himself to the class - as he will be delivering their PSHE topic of friendships and relationships.

On Wednesday, the children had the privilage of watching M and M productions version of Oliver Twist, while enjoying their first swimming lesson on Wednesday.

Please remember for next week (week commencing 12/9/16):

  • Roald Dahl day on Tuesday,
  • Swimming Wednesday,
  • 11+ on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the home reading (it's definitely having an impact).


Welcome Back!

Hope you have all had a lovely summer break!  As this week is only 2 days long, I felt it necessary to break the class in gently!  Therefore, we have revised a number of the key concepts in Maths, while starting to plan a basic description in English (finding out what writing skills we all have!).  Our topic is World War 2, with a nice introduction on the first day to how the war started.  Please read the important information below:

  • PE will be on Tuesdays and swimming on Wednesdays (Please remember kits!)
  • Homework will be sent out on a Thursday - to be returned on the following Tuesday
  • The children will need to read every night and have their diary signed by an adult
  • Spellings will be sent out on a Friday; the children will be tested on the following Friday

If there are any issues please come in and see me.