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W.C. 1.6.20

This week has been focused on doing lots of transition activities to get us back into the school environment. We have thought about our emotions during lockdown and now we're back at schooll, what we want to do when life is back to normal and how to develop our resilience. We have thought about what makes us amazing and also have thought about ways we can thank the superheroes in our community!

W.C. 8.6.20

Our video we have been looking at this week is called Bibo! It's a story of a robot who is all alone but who has fond memories of a time when he children would come to his ice-cream stand. From this, we have predicted, inferred and create our own robot to be Bibo's friend. We used Scratch to bring our robots to life! We have also written character descriptions thinking about why our robot would be a good friend. In Science, we have begun to look at the human body and explored the skeleton - we even know the scientific names and made our own skeleton models. We have also had fun making our own melodies on Chrome Music Lab. In Maths, we have focused on our place value skills reading numbers to 100,000 and representing them too.

W.C. 15.6.20

In English, we have been exploring the video 'Ride of Passage'. It's a story of a tribe who expect their youngest to go and hunt animals. The hunter who gets the biggest animal is the winner but there's a twist... the boy discovers a huge chameleon who becomes his friend instead! We have looked at thoughts, feelings and motivations, using interesting words and manipulating our clauses. We also produced interesting setting descriptions. In Maths, we have been recapping Roman Numerals, rounding and place value to 1,000,000 - next week is addition and subtraction! Our afternoons have been focused on researching our lungs and their function. We have also created our own in clay, comparing one healthy side to an unhealthy side. We've also used Google Classroom! 

W.C. 22.6.20

This week we have been working on improving our inference skills and asking questions to improve our understanding. We have produced our own questions based on our video 'The Scarecrow' and thought about what we know for definite about our main character and what we can infer using the evidence. We have also written a balanced argument. In Maths we have been recapping addition and subtraction including mental and written methods. We have also been looking at food miles, nutrition groups and explored our emotions through art. 

W.C. 29.6.20

We have been working on our new video of 'Little Freak' this week. We have used our knowledge of our school values on tolerance and respect and explained our opinions. We used higher level vocabulary to create a character description, worked on improving our imaginative description through using similes and metaphors and identified different word classes. In Maths, we have turned our attention towards multiplication and division. We have covered factors and dividing and multiplying whole numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 using our place value understanding. We have also created some beautiful silhouette art by creating mood and mixing colours for our backgrounds. We couldn't decide on a history topic so we've each created our own powerpoints exploring our favourite eras and thought about how we would explain this to others! 

W.C. 6.7.20

Our week has been all about high diving giraffes... that's right, giraffes that dive! We have been working on our sequencing skills, researching how Olympic divers dive properly and writing an explanation text for how giraffes dive! In Maths, we have been exploring formal methods of multiplication including short and long column methods! This has been a real test of our times table knowledge. In Science, we have been experimenting with air resistance. We have discovered that when skydivers fall from the sky they need parachutes to help create air resistance to counteract gravity. We created our own parachutes and tested them! In Music, we have been using Chrome Music Lab to create sounds using our voices and different instruments. Some of us had fun trying to recreate famous songs! In Art, we have been looking at the colour wheel and how primary and secondary colours make tertiary colours. We found that you can make almost every colour using red, blue and yellow!