Spring Term 2017


On Friday 31st March twenty three children from across the school took part in three different Tri-Golf events. 

The first was for children in Years 1 and 2, five girls and five boys took part in a fun Tri-Golf festival. They learnt how to how a golf stick and had a go at a series of putting and chipping games all designed to imporve their hand eye coordination and introduce some basic golfing skills. 

The second was a festival for children with additional needs, again this was an event based on learning and developing their basic skills. All children who took part tried out all the different activities and developed a number of different skills. 

The third event of the day was a competition for children in Years 3 and 4, five girls and five boys competed in a series of Tri-Golf games, the scores being added up during each of the different stations. 

Unfortunately there were no medals for Church Lane this time, but all the children throughly enjoyed themselves!


PE Reward Trip

On Thursday 30th March, sixteen children from Key Stage Two were rewarded for their commitment to extra-curricular sport. Their reward was a day of activities at PGL Caythorpe! 

The competition had been up and running since September, where all the extra-curricular sessions that the children had attended where added up. The top sixteen children were chosen to receive this trip for free, all funded by the PE Premium. The idea behind this was to encourage more children to take part in extra-curricular sport, and it has definitely worked. Since the trip more children have signed up for extra-curricular clubs, and the numbers are still rising! We will be holding another reward trip in the summer months. 

The children had a fantastic day, taking part in Archery, Climbing, Quad Biking and Rifle Shooting! 



Have a look at our gallery page for more pictures of the day. 

Year 3 and 4 Football Friendly

On Monday 27th March the Year 3 and 4 Football team took on Leasingam Primary School in a Friendly Football match. 

The Church Lane team were very excited, as for some of them it was the first time they had represented the school in a Football match. They proudly stepped forward with eager faces, Leasingham had kick off and it was obviously from the start that they were a strong side. However the Church Lane team soon got stuck in!

The game was very close, with both teams making some great passes and tackles. Thomas was forced to make some outstanding saves in goal, he even saved one with his face!

Leasingham were the first to score, a shot in the top corner was way out of reach for Thomas, who gave it a good go! 0 -1. However the determination from the Church Lane team was fantastic, not one player gave up or looked upset, they simply continued working hard. Half time came and it was still 0 - 1, a respectable score. 

The second half kicked off and Church Lane showed a change of pace, they were keen to get a goal. It was Ricky playing as striker who had the first opportunity, followed by Connor C. However an excellent run down the wing enable Ricky to slot the ball low and past the keeper. 1 - 1. 

Leasingham however quickly fought back and showed some great skills, Thomas was again forced to make some difficult saves and Connor C and Zak put in some fantastic tackles. Unfortunately Leasingham scored two more before the final whistle. Final score 1 - 3. 

Well done to all who played!Click here to be taken to our gallery page to see more pictures of the match 

Change4Life Dance Festival

Friday 24th March saw another Change4Life Festival, this time it was Creative sports and the chosen sport was dance. Four children from Year 6 travelled over the Sleaford Girls High School to try out some different types of dance. 

First of all was the warm-up, the children all played a warm-up game around the hall getting them ready for some dancing. 

Next the children learnt a cheerleading routine, a street dance routine and one group were able to create thier own dance. An excellent, fun, energetic afternoon of dance for all (including the Carre's staff and Miss Dix) 

For more photos of the event click here to be taken to our gallry page. 

Hockey Finals

On Thursday 23rd March the Church Lane Hockey team attended the Lincolnshire Central School Sport Partnership Hockey Finals 2017. Eight quarter finalists were in attendance along with Young Leader Officials from Kesteven and Sleaford Girls High School. 

Twenty three teams took part in the qualifying rounds and over 120 boys and girls took part. 

The competition was run as a knock out competition. The eight teams were drawn against another, playing an eight minutes each way game. The winning school would then progress to the semi-final. 

Church Lane were drawn against Rauceby for their quarter final match, a difficult draw, but the team gave it their best. Rauceby had most of the possession during the first half and Church Lane only had one shot at goal which was stopped by a Rauceby defender. 8 - 0 down at half time, but Church Lane did not give up. 

They had a target to score one goal in the second half, which they were determined to meet. They played a more sensible second half and worked better as a team, Joe scoring two goals and Alicia one, some excellent defending ensured Rauceny only scored one more. Final score 3 - 9. 

This did mean that they were out of the competition. All the teams who had been knocked out then played two friendly matches. Church Lane then played William Aley and Kirkby on Bain. They beat William Alvey 6 - 2, with two goals from Joe, two from Alicia, one from Connor and one from Katie. They then lost against Kirkby on Bain, 5 -1, with the one goal coming from Connor. 


Well done to the team of Katie, Joe, Connor and Alicia (pictured below). Please click here to see more pictures of the event in our Sports Competition Gallery page. 

Table Tennis

On Friday 17th March four children from Year 5 took part in a Table Tennis competition at Carre's Grammar School. Children from five different Primary Schools were in attendance, including Our Lady A and B, Digby A and B, Dunston A and B and Metheringham A and B. 

Each of the A teams would play each other and each each of the B teams would play each other, schools were also set to play against their own team!

The first opponents were Digby, the A team of Jonathon and Jack won 3 games to 1 and the B team of Kayley and Demija lost 3 games to 1. 

Next up were Our Lady, the A team lost 3 games to 1 and the B team lost 4 games to 0. 

The next opponents were Metheringham. The A team played really well and were able to win 3 games to 1, unfortunately the B team lost 4 games to 0, but were really starting to show some improvement. 

Then the two Church Lane teams played against each other, all four games were extremely close and it ended 2 games each! 

The final opponents were Dunston, Jonathon and Jack lost 3 games to 1 and Kayley and Demija lost 4 games to 0. 

After all the games were played the final standings were as follows: 

Church Lane A - 3rd place in the A team competition. 

Church Lane B - 5th place in the B team competition.

Church Lane - 5th place overall. 

Football League update

Below is the Football league table, correct as of 15th March 2017. 

  Football - Main League          
  Team P W L D Pts
1 Navenby 6 3 2 1 10
2 Leasingham 4 2 1 1 7
3 Caythorpe  4 2 2 0 6
4 St Botolph's 2 2 0 0 6
5 Rauceby 2 1 1 0 3
6 Willam Alvey 1 1 0 0 3
7 Cranwell 5 0 4 1 1
8 Brant Broughton 2 0 1 1 1
  Football - Feeder League          
   Team  W  D Pts 
1 Winchelsea 4 3 1 0 9
2 Helpringham 5 2 1 1 8
3 Kirkby La Thorpe 2 2 0 0 6
4 Heckington 3 1 1 1 4
5 Our Lady 4 2 2 0 6
6 Church Lane 6 1 3 2 5
7 Chestnut Street  1 0 0 1 0
8 Leadenham 1 0 1 0 0


Hockey Tournament

On Friday 10th March, four children from Year 6 travelled across to William Alvey School for the Hockey qualifiers. Three events were taking place on the same day, with the top two schools from each event qualifying to take part in the finals. 

There were teams from six schools taking part, including William Alvey A and B, Kirkby la Thorpe, Navenby, Our Lady and Church Lane. Each team would play the others once in a round robin style competition. 

Church Lane first opposition were Navenby, a close game finishing 2 v 1, with Alicia and Joe scoring a goal each. 

The second game was against William Alvey, Church Lane scored first with a goal from Joe, but William Alvey then were able to score three more. 1 v 3. 

The next opposition were Our Lady, Joe scored two goals, giving Church Lane the 2 v 0 win. 

The penultimate game was against Kirkby La Thorpe, Joe was once again on the score sheet, scoring two goals with Connor scoring one. Excellent defending from Katie kept the score at 3 v 0. 

The final game was against William Alvey B, an extremely close game. Joe was first to score, followed by Connor. William Alvey B scored shortly afterwards making it 2 v 1. However Joe was able to open up a lead scoring again, this was quickly followed by another goal from William Alvey B. Final score 3 v 2. 

Well done to all who played and well done to the Church Lane team and William Alvey, who both qualify for the finals on 23rd March. 

Football v Leadenham

On Thursday 9th March the Church Lane Primary School Football team travelled to Leadenham for their final League Football match of the year. They were keen to win as their best result all year was a draw against Helpringham. 

Church Lane got off to a good start and scored very early on, with a back heal from Connor D, Gvins was able to slot it past the keeper. Not long after Church Lane were awarded a corner, Gvins took it and was able to swerve the ball past the defence and into the back of the net. Gvins was playing extremely well and was soon able to score his hat-trick. 3 - 0. 

Church Lane continued to dominate the game, the Leadenham defence were forced to work hard, this then resulted in a penalty for Church Lane after a hand ball in the box. Connor D stepped up to take it and calmly slotted the ball in the bottom left corner. With only a few minutes to go before half time, the team continued to pass and play to a high standard, Gvins dribbled past three players to score once more, 4 - 0 at half time. 

The second half saw a change of position and players. Connor D was first to get himself on the score sheet, taking a shot from outside the penalty area which zoomed past the keeper. Gvins and Connor then scored another goal each taking the score to 8 - 0. 

Connor M then stepped up to play as striker and he was also able to score two goals, followed by two more from Zak. Final score 12 - 0. 

Well done to all who played. Please click here to be taken to the gallery page to see more photos from the match. 


Football v Our Lady

On Tuesday 7th March the Church Lane Primary School Football team travelled across to local Primary School, Our Lady of Good Counsel, for a league Football match. The team had suffered a big defeat recently and were keen to have a good game. 

The pitch was very wet and muddy due to the high amounts of rain over the weekend, so this made the playing conditions difficult. The ball was moving slowly...and so were the players!

Both teams started well, with end to end play and a number of shots, however it was a Church Lane defensive error that gave Our Lady the early lead. 1 - 0. Church Lane tried to fight back, but Connor, playing as striker, struggled to get the ball through the defence. 

Our Lady continued to play well, an excellent shot from just over the half way line, flew straight past Matthew and into the top corner, 2 - 0. Church Lane showed great determination to try and pull back the gap, but Our Lady continued to dominate the game and scored another goal with only a few minutes left before the half time whistle, 3 - 0. Church Lane still did not give up, their effort and passion was excellent and some great teamwork and passing allowed Connor D to score just before the half time whistle, 3 - 1. 

The goal just before half time had really lifted their spirits and they knew they had to work hard in the second half to pull it back. It started well for Church Lane, a number of chances for first time player Jack, and more opportunities for Connor D to add another to the score sheet. Our Lady put up a good fight and fired shot after shot at Matthew, who pulled put some amazing saves. Unfortunately a misplaced foot caused Our Lady to be gifted an own goal, 4 - 1. 

But this did not get the team down and they continued to push even harder. This time it was Gvins who was able to dribble past two defenders and slot the ball in the back of the net, 4 - 2. 

In the final stages of the game Connor C made some excellent tackles and runs up the wing, causing Our Lady a number of problems, it was this excellent play that enabled Church Lane to earn a corner. Gvins took it and Connor D was able to add a second goal to the score sheet to make the score 4 - 3 with only minutes left to play. 

It was a tense last few minutes with both teams still eager to score again. But that was over. Final score Our Lady 4 v 3 Church Lane. 

An excellent game of Football, well done to all who played!


Volleyball tournament

On Friday 3rd March, two teams represented the school in a Volleyball tournament held at Carre's Grammar School. There were eleven teams in attendance and they were split into two groups. Each group played each other once and the total number of points scored were then added up at the end, with the winners and runners-up progressing to the semi-final and then onto the final. 

Church Lane 2 were up against teams from Dunston, Kirkby la Thorpe, Leasingham, Navenby 2 and Chestnut Street. While Church Lane 1 were against Cranwell, Navenby 1, Digby and Tatershall.

The round robins went well for both teams, with Church Lane 2 winning three games, drawing one and loosing one, giving them a total of 41 points. Church Lane 1 won two, drew one and lost one, finishing on a total of 43 points. 

This meant that Church Lane 1 qualified for the semi-final after finishing in 2nd place in their group, where as Church Lane 2 finished joint 2nd place, missing out on the semi-final on points conceded. 

Church Lane 1 were up against Chestnut Street in the semi-final and it didn't start well for the Church Lane team, going 5 - 0 down early on. However they refocused and were able to pull it back and eventually take the lead. Once they took the lead they started to play some excellent Volleyball and progressed to the final with ease. 

The final saw them up against Navenby 1, who they drew against in the round robin stage. The game started well for both teams and it was pretty even for the majority of the game, but then as before the Church Lane team settled down and played to a high standard, eventually winning the game 22 v 12. 

Well done to all who took part, especially Joe, Jack, Gvins and Archie, who now progress to the County Final in May. 


TAG Rugby tournament

On Friday 3rd March, ten children from Years 5 and 6 travelled across to Sleaford Rugby Club to take part in the annual TAG Rugby tournament. The tournament had been rescheduled due to poor weather, but unfortunately it was a similar situation, wet and cold! However the children (and staff) braved the rain and the cold conditions and gave it their best!

Schools were drawn into two leagues and each school played against the other in a round robin style competition. The winners and runners-up would then progress to the semi-finals and then onto the final. 

The Church Lane team had a difficult time, loosing all of their games. However a big well done to Jamie, who was the only player to score a try!

Well done to all who took part in what were very difficult conditions. 

Mini TAG Rugby Festival

On Friday 3rd March, ten children from Years 3 and 4 braved the wet and cold weather to take part in a Mini TAG Rugby Festival.

Children from twelve different schools took part in an event designed to improve children's Rugby skills and inspire them to take up Rugby in the future. 

The children played a number of different games, all based around key Rugby skills, such as passing, running with the ball, scoring a try and tagging!

Despite the wet and cold weather, the children enjoyed themselves and hopefully will be encouraged to play more Rugby. 

Netball v Our Lady

On Tuesday 28th February the Church Lane Netball team travelled the short distance to local Primary school, Our Lady. 

Church Lane started strongly, passing the ball well and keeping possession. Both Joe and Maddy, playing this rotation as shooters, were able to have a couple of shots each. Whilst at the defending end Gvins and Alicia were able to keep the ball away from their shooter, only having two shots all quarter. Maddy and Joe were both able to score, to Our Lady's one goal, taking the score at quarter time to 1 v 2. 

The second quarter was much the same, with play going from end to end, with some fantastic interceptions from both teams. Both teams had two shots on goal, but neither were able to score. Half time 1 v 2. 

The third quarter was completely different and saw Our Lady dominate, they kept the possession and were able to stop Katie and Gvins from getting the ball inside the shooting circle. Maddy and Joe had a difficult time defending and worked hard to only allow Our Lady to score one goal, making the score 2 v 2 with one quarter left to play. 

The final quarter saw both teams play some of their best Netball, Maddy, Joe and Alicia played really well together and this enabled them to have three shots between them. Unfortunately they were not going in...and Our Lady jumped on this opportunity, scoring two goals before the end. Final score Our Lady 4 v 2 Church Lane. 

Football v Kirkby La Thorpe

Monday 27th February saw the Church Lane Football team travel to Kirkby la Thorpe for a league match. It was a cold and wet evening and the Kirkby La Thorpe team were very strong. 

The match kicked off and started evenly, with both teams having a number of chances on goal, however a goal kick from Kirkby, trickled past Matthew to gift them their first goal. Church Lane worked well, but found the opposition challenging, another soft goal made in 2 - 0 after on 5 minutes. 

They continued to work hard and Gvins and Connor C had a couple of chances, but these were easily picked up by the keeper. A sloppy own goal from Church Lane gave Kirkby the 3 - 0 lead half way through the first half. 

Unfortunately it wasn't Church Lane's day and they were down to 4 - 0 at half time. 

A half time talk was needed and the team agreed that they all needed to work harder and not let the score get them down. However Kirkby came back stronger and scored two more goals in quick succession. 

Church Lane did have a moment to celebrate when a shot was deflected into the goal, 7 - 1. 

Kirkby were relentless and did not give up, a penalty to them saw the score move to 8 - 1 with over 5 minutes left to play. Connor D had another couple of chances on goal and so did Connor M, but it was not enough. Kirkby were able to steal another goal before the final whistle, making the final score 9 - 1. 

Well done to both teams, a difficult game. The Church Lane team have two more games to play before the league finishes at the end of April. 


Pop Lacrosse

On Friday 3rd February eight children from Year 5 and 6 travelled across to Helpringham to try out Pop Lacrosse in a friendly competition. 

The children had never played before, so quickly had a go with the equipment, learnt the rules of the game and started the competition. 

The children played four games in total, drawing two, loosing one and winning one!







Well done to all who took part, click here to see more photos of the event!

Football v Winchelsea

Wednesday 25th January saw Church Lane take on Winchelsea in a league Football match. It was a cold and foggy evening and both teams were looking forward to the challenge. 

The first half was close, with both teams attacking and defending well. Matthew, in goal, was forced to make a number of excellent saves to keep the score line at 0 v 0. 

As it drew closer to half time, both teams were having a frustrating time, still unable to put the ball in the back of the net. A free kick from Connor D was an excellent opportunity, but this was tipped over the bar. Half time 0 v 0. 

As the second half kicked off Winchelsea picked up the pace. They were firing shots at Matthew and making things very difficult for the defence. Connor C made some crucial tackles in the penalty box and was able to keep the goals at bay. 

Unfortunately it was Winchelsea who had the break through first, a strike which went past two Church Lane defenders, slipped into the bottom corner, out of Matthew's reach. 0 v 1. 

However Church Lane did not give up, they showed excellent determination and fought back. Connor M, Connor D and Thomas all having chances on goal, but it was just not meant to be. With a matters of minutes left on the clock, Winchelsea were on the attack again! With nearly all the Church Lane team in the box defending, it was a melee of feet. Unfortunately one of these tackles took out a Winchelsea player and a penalty was given! Matthew was able to predict which way the player would shoot, but was unable to get a hand to it. 0 v 2. 

With seconds left to play, Church Lane continued to play well, but it wasn't enough. Final score 0 v 2. Well done to Winchlesea on the win. 

Please click here for more photos of the match in our Sports Competitions Gallery page. 

Goalball Competition

On Friday 20th Janaury, six children from Year 5 and 6 travelled across to St Botolph's Primary School to take part in an inclusive sport, Goalball. This sport is for players with a visual impairment, so to make it a fair game all children wore blindfolds and a ball with a bell in it was used. 

There were four teams in the competition, a team from St Botolph's, William Alvey and two teams from Church Lane. Each team played the others so all children got to play three games in total. 

When children were not playing, they took on the role of officials, timekeeping, scoring and acting as line and goal judges. 


In each game the children scored points by scoring a goal, 3 points, and saving a goal, 1 point. The children had to stay on the floor, in either a seated or a kneeling position but were able to move to get the ball, when they heard it moving towards them. 

Well done to all who played, the final positions were as follows:

1st - William Alvey

2nd - Church Lane Year 5's

3rd - Church Lane Year 6's

4th - St Botolph's. 

Please click here to view more pictures from the competition. 


Football v Helpringham

On Thursday 19th Janaury, the Football team played another of their league fixtures against Helpringham Primary School. The matches against the two schools are always closely fought and played in excellent spirits and this was not exception.  

The game kicked off and straight away the play was end to end, both teams taking their chances to score. Matthew was made to work hard in goal, making some excellent saves from the off. As half time was looming, it looked like it would stay at 0 v 0, however some fantastic Football from Helpringham saw one player dribble past most of the Church Lane team and score a fantastic goal. 0 v 1 at half time. 

During the half time talk, the Church Lane team knew they were still in the game, they had played very well and were unlucky not to score. They were determined not to loose this one!

However, Helpringham had the same idea. Again the play was closely fought the with play constantly changing, another piece of outstanding Football saw Helpringham open up the lead a bit more 0 v 2, but there was still plently of time left on the clock. 

The Church Lane team did not give up, and quickly after the re-start they were back attacking, with chances on goal from Connor, Gvins and Thomas. However, it was Connor D who was able to put the ball in the back of the net with a fantastic strike, 1 v 2. 

The game seemed to pick up the pace, as Church Lane had a new found confidence, Helpringham were rattled and shots were flying in from nearly every player on the team, surely it was just a matter of time until they scored. 


It was some excellent team work that helped Church Lane crawl back, Connor M receiving the ball just to the left of the penatly box, was able to cross the ball, which was fumbled by the keeper and eventually tapped in. 2 v 2 final score. 

Well done to all who played. Please click here to be taken to our gallery page to see more photos of the game. 

Netball v Heckington

On Tuesday 17th Janaury, the Church Lane Netball team travelled to Heckington for their fourth Netball match of the league. 

The game got off to a good start, with both teams displaying some excellent Netball skills. Church Lane were the first to score with a goal from Connor, a period of domination from Church Lane allowed Maddy the opportunity to score. It was beginning to look like Church Lane were going to score again but Heckington managed to turn it around and pulled a goal back before quarter time. 2 v 1.

The second quarter saw Church Lane again dominate, however with a large number of scoring opportunities they were unable to score. Maddy and Connor, now in defence, battled hard to keep the ball out of the Heckington semi-circle, but the one chance Heckington had they took, taking the score to 2 v 2 at half time. 

The third quarter began with Church Lane battling hard, Alicia and Gvins had seven shots between them, but were unable to turn these into goals. Archie and Kamlyn had a difficult time defending, with Heckington making some excellent passes. They had two shots on goal, scoring one and giving them the lead for the first time in the game. 2 v 3. 

With one quarter left to play, the Church Lane team knew they had to work hard to pull it back. But Heckington showed fantastic determination scoring quickly! 2 v 4. A fantastic combination of Katie, Maddy and Connor proved unstoppable. Between them they worked the ball down the court, seven shots were had in total and Connor was able to score three and Katie one. Taking the final score to 6 v 4, an excellent come back!!

Well done to all who played!For more photos of the game please click here and look at our sports competitions gallery page. 


Football v Chestnut Street

On Wednesay 11th January, the Church Lane Football team played host to Chestnut Street Primary School in a league fixture.

Church Lane had a strong start with opportunities on goal from Connor and Gvins. The team played well together with Joe and Archie, in defence, keeping the ball away from Goalkeeper Matthew who had very little to do in the first half. 

One if the best chances of a goal came from Gvins' free kick, which narrowly missed the goal and Connor's head! Half time 0 v 0.

The second half kicked off and Church Lane were on the attack, some excellent team play and Connor C was able to put the ball in the back of the net. 1 v 0.

Chestnut Street quickly picked up the tempo and were also on the attack, they played the ball brilliantly and made a fantastic shot, there wasn't much Matthew could do! 1 v 1. 

Both teams continued to play to a good standard, with multiple shots at both ends of the pitch. Some outstanding saves from the Chestnut Street goalkeeper, kept Connor M, Connor D and Gvins from scoring.

As the game was drawing to an end, Chestnut Street went on one final attack, they displayed some excellent football skills and scored just beofre the final whistle. 

Well done to all who played! 

Please click here for more photos of the match. 

Netball v Kirkby la Thorpe

On Monday 9th Janaury the Church Lane Netball team played their first fixture in the new year. The team had already faced Kirkby recently in a tournament so were looking forward to another match against them. 

The weather was slightly wet, but the rain had stopped in time for the start of the first quarter. It was a steady start from both teams, Church Lane eventually found their feet mid way through the quarter and Maddy and Joe had a number of shooting opportunities. However, it was Kirkby la Thorpe who scored first, taking the Church Lane defenders by surprise. Quickly Church Lane turned it around and Joe was able to score before the whistle went for quarter time. 1 - 1. 

The second quarter was again very steady, Church Lane again had the majority of possession and a number of opportunities to score, but could not get the ball in the net! Kirkby la Thorpe again caught out the defenders and were able to take the lead. 2 v 1 at half time. 

Church Lane were not disheartened by this and took to the court for the third quarter in high spirits. Again they dominated the play and possession, with Alicia, Katie and Gvins working extremely well together. However a number of attempts eventually gave a goal to each of the shooters, Katie and Gvins, giving Church Lane the lead for the first time in the game. 3 v 2.

With one quarter left to play, the team were eager to keep the lead. The final quarter saw a complete turn around, it started to rain, but this seemed to make the Church Lane team play even better. Another four goals were scored in the last six minutes between Joe and Alicia, an amazing turn around. Final score Kirkby la Thorpe 2 v 7 Church Lane. 

Well done to all who played. The teams next fixture is on 17th January against Heckington. 


Year 1 and 2 Multi-skills Festival

On Friday 6th January eight children from Year 1 and 2 travelled across to Cranwell Primary School to take part in a Multi-skills Festival. Children from Cranwell, Leasingham, Rauceby and Caythorpe were also in attendance. 

The children carried out a round robin of activities designed to improve a variety of skills.



           Target throw                                                                   Speed Bounce


         Standing Long Jump                                                        Bat and ball skills

'Flamingo' balance


Whole team relay to finish with!

Well done to all the children who took part, especially those who earnt stickers for working at a high level. 

For more pictures of the event please click here and open the Sports competitions gallery.