Spring Term 2019


School Games Afternoon

Thursday 4th April was the day of our second School Games Afternoon. Pupils in Key Stage 2, all took part in an intra-school competition, competiting in their house teams, against other pupils in the class. 

This time round, Year 3 took part in Tri-Golf, Year 4 played Handball, Year 5 Basketball whilst Year 6 played TAG Rugby. 

The results were as follows: 

Year 3 Tri-Golf

1st Oak - 177 points

2nd Willow - 155 points

3rd Cedar - 153 points

4th Beech - 101 points

Year 4 Handball 

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X 1-4 0-8 2-4 0 4th
Beech 4-1 X 1-6 1-2 3 3rd
Willow 8-0 6-1  X 2-1 9 1st
Cedar 4-2 2-1 1-2  X 6 2nd

Year 5 Basketball 

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X 2-2.5 1-5.5 3-5 0 4th
Beech 2.5-2 X 3-9.5 7-3.5 2 3rd
Willow 5.5-1 9.5-3  X 7-0 9 1st
Cedar 3-5 3.5-7 0-7  X 3 2nd

Year 6 TAG Rugby 

X Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X 1-8 9-0 2-5 3 3rd
Beech 8-1 X 7-0 3-3 7 1st
Willow 0-9 0-7  X 1-9 0 4th
Cedar 5-2 3-3 9-1  X 7 2nd


KS1 Tri-Golf

On Friday 29th March, eight children from Year 1 and 2, travelled across to Sleaford Golf Club to take part in a Tri-Golf Festival. 

The children took part in a carousel of activities, designed to improve their hand-eye coordination and aiming skills. 

The event was designed to encourage more children to attend Sleaford Golf Club and inspire them to take a up a new sport. 

The children throughly enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying themselves:

Football v Our Lady

On Thursday 28th March, the Church Lane Football team went to Our Lady to play another league fixture. After the recent win against Rauceby the team were in very high spirits. 

The game got off to a slow start, however Church Lane quickly gained the majority of the possession. After the first few minutes the control of possession paid off and Thomas scored from Connor's corner. This possession continued and very quickly Thomas was able to dribbled down the wing and double his tally. 2-0.


The game continued to play out well for Church Lane, Cameron in goal having very little to do. But it was Connor C who managed to steal another sneaky goal, which luckily defflected his way. 3-0. 

With only a few minutes to go Church Lane were still eager to score another, it was Thomas who manged to get his hatrick. That was the end though and Connor C was able to get another before the half time whistle. 5-0.


The second half, Church Lane changed the team up a bit, allowing players to try out some different positions. Kaci playing particularly well up front and having a number of chances on goal. However, it was Connor C who scored first in the second half, getting hatrick as well. 6-0. 

Church Lane continued to play some lovely football, Scott having at least four shots, which were either saved or narrowly off target. His perserverance paid off and right before the final whistle, he managed to lob the keeper with an amazing shot! Final score Church Lane 7 v 0 Our Lady. 


Quicksticks Hockey tournament

On Friday 22nd March, four children from Year 6 went to Chestnut Street Primary School in Ruskington, to take part in the Quicksticks Hockey qualifiers. Schools from the Sleaford area were taking part at a variety if different venues, with the aim to qualify for the finals later in the term. 

Church Lane were up against teams from Winchelsea, William Alvey, Kirkby La Thorpe, Chestnut Street and Cranwell. Each team would play each other once, with the winners progressing to the finals. 

The first game of the day was against the hosts, Chestnut Street. Church Lane took a while to find their feet and Chestnut Street played to a really high standard. Final score Church Lane 0 - 10 Chestnut Street. Next up were Cranwell, after the initial defeat the Church LAne team started to play some good Hockey and manged to take the win 2-1. 

With confidence on the up, Church Lane then took on Kirkby la Thorpe. A closely fought game which ended in a well deserved 1-1 draw. This was followed by Winchelsea, Church Lane again played to a good standard, this time winning 3-1. 

The final game of the day was against William Alvey, another close game with Church LAne taking the win. 

At the end of the tournament, Church Lane finished in 3rd position. A number of staff and organisors commented on how the Church Lane team played with an excellent attitude, displaying honesty throughout the competition. This is something that I am very proud of, well done to Connor, Thomas, Madeleine and Millie. 


Football v Rauceby

On Monday 18th March, the Church Lane Football travelled to Rauceby to take part in another league match. 

Rauceby kicked off and immediately started to play some nice football, passing the ball really well. However, Church Lane quickly got possession of the ball, Connor M made a great through ball which enabled Connor C to go one on one with the keeper, the keeper made a great save but Connor was quick and placed the rebounded ball into the back of the net. 0-1. 

Church Lane were all of a sudden full of confidence and this showed, Connor M dribbling down the wing, crossed the ball to Connor C, whose shot was again saved, but this time it was Scott on the end of it who took the goal. 0-2. 

Both teams continued to play some excellent football, however another through ball, this time saw Connor M go one on one with the Rauceby keeper, he neatly put it in the bottok corner. 0-3. 

Rauceby however did not give up, their attack made Cameron and the Church Lane defence of Kaci, Clayton and Thomas work hard. A corner for Church Lane saw another opportunity to score, Connor M took the corner and Thomas was able to strike it past the Rauceby defence. 0-4. 

With only a few minutes to go before half time, both teams were still playing hard and pushing for more goals. Some more excellent attacking play from Church Lane saw Scott get his second goal of the game. 0-5 at half time. 

The second half got underway, and it was clear to see that Rauceby had not given up. They continued to play some excellent football, making the Church Lane team work hard. Another excelent cross from Connor M saw Connor C slot home another to make it 0-6. This was quickly followed by Connor's third goal and hatrick to make it 0-7. 

Credit to Rauceby who showed no signs of giving up, and their hard work and determination paid off as they got a goal just before the full time whistle. Final score Raucbey 1 - 7 Church Lane. 

Change4Life Walk

On Friday 15th March, two children from Year 4 travelled to Blankney to take part in a Change4Life Walking event. The event was designed to get children outdoors and finding different ways of enjoying a walk. The children were challenged not just to complete the walk, but to take part in two additional challenges. The first was a caption competition. The children were encouraged to use their camera to take the best picture they could. Secondly, a story competiton, there were story inspiration cards dotted around on the walk, the children were challenged to use them to create thier own story whilst enjoying the walk. 

Winners of the two challenges will be anounced on twitter, with the best pictures uploaded.


Netball v Rauceby

On Monday 11th March, the Church Lane Netball travelled to Rauceby to take part in a league match. The team have been working really hard in training and werte looking forward to another match. 

The game got off to a great start for Church Lane, with them dominating the possession. After only a few minutes Connor and Madeleine were able to secure a three nil cushion. 

In the second quarter, Rauceby started to pull it back, gaining more of the possession and having a number of shooting chances. However the excellent Church Lane defence, kept it to just one goal. 1-3 at half time. 

With two quarters left to play, both teams were pushing hard to keep possession. Church Lane had most of the play but it was Rauceby who pulled back the two goals to make it 3-3 with one quarter left to play. 

The final quarter saw a big push from both teams. End to end play, saw some amazing goals from Connor and one more from Rauceby. Final score Rauceby 4 - 8 Church LAne.

Football v Kirkby La Thorpe

On Thursday 7th March the Church Lane Football team played another of their league matches against Kirkby La Thorpe, this was a home fixture and there was lots of support for the CHurch Lane team. 

The first half got off to fast start, Church Lane had the majority of the possession and numerous shots on goal early on. Against the run of play, Kirkby managed to get through the defence and scored the first goal of the match. 0-1.

Initially, the Church Lane team seemed deflated, however they quickly turned it back on and continued to push for the win. Half time 0-1. 

The second half again got off to a quick start, with both teams pushing to keep the possession. A slip in the Church Lane defence saw an own goal sneak past the Church Lane keeper. 2-0.

However, the Church Lane team kept piling on the pressure and continued to work well as a team. Finley and Connor M passing the ball well in the centre of the pitch were able to cross the ball to Thomas, who was able to put it past the keep with a volley. 2-1. 

The game continued to be end to end, with chances from both teams. Credit to both goalkeepers, due the their amazing saves the score line was much lower. 

Kirkby managed to steal another goal, this was a fantastic strike from outside the box, which Cameron was unable to reach at full stretch. 

There was only a few minutes left to play, but Church Lane continued to show excellent determination and continued to push on. Some more great play in midfield from Connor M, enabled him to cross the ball to Connor C who slotted home the final goal of the game. 

Final score 2-3. 


On Friday 1st March, four children from Year 5 went across to Carre's 1grammar School to take part in a Basketball event. The event was designed to encourage children to take a new sport outside of school. Children from schools across Sleaford were in attendance and the children were mixed up into different teams. This enabled them to socialise and make new friends, whilst developing their basketball skills and game play. Hopefully the children involved will be inspired to take up basketball outside of school.


On Friday 15th February, four children from Year 3 and 4 went across to Carre's Grammar School to take part in a Rowing competition. The children were using Rowing machines and were timed to see how quickly they could complete a set distance. After each child had their turn they then look part in a relay. The children worked really hard and throughly enjoyed themselves.

Results can be seen in the table below:



Goalball Finals

On Friday 15th February, three children from Year 3 and 4, travelled to Nocton to take part in the Goalball finals. The children had already played in a competition a few weeks ago, having won that event they then qualified for the finals. 

Church Lane competed against teams from Billinghay, Tatershall, Kirkby La Thorpe, Horbling Browns, Holy Trinity, Nocton and Brant Broughton. The competition was strong, as all of these schools had also won their local qualifier. 

Each team played each other once. The Church Lane team had great fun, but unfortunately were out of the medals this time. 

School Games Day

On Thursday 14th February, all children in Key Stage 2 took part in a School Games Afternoon. The children were competing against the other children in thier class in their house teams. 

Children in Year 3 took part in New Aged Curling, Year 4 played a Basketball tournament, Year 5 had a Football tournament, whilst Year 6 played a Lacrosse tournament. 

Every child took part, and all demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and resilience. 

The results were as follows:

Year 3 Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  0 - 1 1 - 0 1 - 0 6 2nd
Beech 1 - 0    X 1 - 0 0 - 1 6 (+2) 1st
Willow 0 - 1 0 - 1    X 1 - 0 3 4th
Cedar 0 - 1 1 - 0 0 - 1   X 3 (+2) 3rd




Year 4 Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  1 - 5 0 - 4 0 - 0 1 4th
Beech 5 - 1    X 3 - 5 2 - 2 4 2nd 
Willow 4 - 0 5 - 3    X 2 - 1 9 1st
Cedar 0 - 0  1 - 2 2 - 1   X 4 3rd




Year 5 Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  2 - 0 0 - 3 1 - 2 3 3rd
Beech 0 - 2    X 1 - 0 4 - 3 6 2nd
Willow 3 - 0 1 - 0    X 5 - 0 9 1st 
Cedar 2 - 1 3 - 4 0 - 5   X 3 4th 


Year 6 Oak Beech Willow Cedar Points Position
Oak  X  1 - 1 0 - 2 1 - 3 1 4th
Beech 1 - 1    X 1 - 4 2 - 2 2 3rd
Willow 2 - 0 1 - 4    X 1 - 3 3 2nd 
Cedar 3 - 1 2 - 2 3 - 1   X 7 1st



Please click here to see more pictures in our gallery.  

Sportshall Athletics

On Friday 1st February, twelve children from Year 5 and 6 travelled across to Carre's Grammar School to take part in the annual Sportshall Athletics competition. As always the competition is extremely popular, with schools taking part from all over the Sleaford area. Because of this, the small school competition, was split into two events. Church Lane were competing against schools from Billingborough, Brant Broughton, Billinghay, Caythorpe, Digby, Dunston, Navenby, Nocton, Winchelsea and Welbourn, on the day, but the final scores would be compared to the earlier event to find the overall winner. 

All children who took part all had to compete in two track events and two field events. These included; obstacle relay, 1+1 relay, 2+2 relay and a 4x1 relay, as well as; javelin, speed bounce, chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump and vertial jump. 

All of the Church Lane pupils perfomed to a high standard, pushing themselves to go faster, higher and further! Well done to all who took part. The results will be published on here when we receive them from Carre's.


Change4Life Combat

On Friday 25th January, four children from Year 4 and 5 walked across to William Alvey to take part in a Change4Life festival, based around Combat sports. 

The aims of the festival was give the children some different ideas for games they could deliver back at our school’s Change4Life club. They were mixed up with children from other schools in order to encourage some social skill development. 

The children took part in a carousel of activities, each one delivered by a member of the Carre's Outreach Team. 

The children throughly enjoyed themselves, here are some pictures!



On Friday 25th January three children attended a Goalball competition, played at Church Lane. Pupils from St Botolph's, Chestnut Street and William Alvey were the opponents. 

Goalball is a team sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells in it into the opponents' goal. The ball is thrown by hand and never kicked. To ensure all players are equal, everyone wears a blind fold. 

Church Lane played extremely well, beating Chestnut Street 3-0, beating St Botolph's 3-0 and drawing 0-0 against William Alvey. 

Well done to the team, who qualify for the finals on Friday 15th February. 

Netball v Leasingham

On Tuesday 22nd January, the Church Lane Netball team headed to Leasingham for another fixture! After their win last week the team were on a high! It was going to be a tough match. 

Leasingham started very well, dominating the first quarter. The Church Lane defence, Kaci and Darcy, had a lot of work to do and found it difficult to mark the much taller players. Leasingham scored 5 goals within the first 5 minutes! 

The second quarter saw a much more even game, Church Lane passed the ball well and defended to a good standard. Both teams had a few chances, but neither were able to convert these into goals!

The third quarter was again very evenly matched, a few more chances from Church Lane with Maddie, Kaci and Darcy working hard in attack! But Leasingham manged to sneak another goal before the end of the quarter. 6-0.

With one quarter left to play, the Church Lane team were still determined to score! They showed excellent resilience throughout the entire game and continued to play their best until the final whistle. Leasingham again dominated, but the perserverance paid off and Church Lane got the goal they deserved! 

Final score Leasingham 10 v 1 Church Lane. 

Tae Kwon-Do

On Friday 18th January, three children from Year 1 travelled over to St Gilberts Primary School in Pointon to take part in a Tae Kwon-Do taster session.

This was a great opportunity to try a new sport!

If you are interested in your child joining a Tae-Kwondo Club, then please look at the leaflet below.

Netball v William Alvey

On Thursday 17th January, the Church Lane Netball team travelled the short distance to William Alvey, to play their third match of thr season. The team had played well in previous matches, but had been unlucky and lost on both occassions. The children had been working hard building up to this game, especially on their shooting. 

From the off, the game was end to end, both teams attacking and defending to a high standard. It was William Alvey who got on the score sheet first. However, Church Lane came back strongly and the attcking play from Zoe and Connor allowed them to equalise quickly. The game was still very close and William Alvey were just able to get another goal before the end of the quarter. 2-1. 

After the rotation, it was Kamilla and Millie in the attcking postions, they played extremely well together and after a few misses were able to net two goals and take the lead for the first time in the game. But again William came back to draw level at half time. 3-3.

The third quarter was even tighter than the previous two. Millie and Kamilla were now in the defence positions after the rotation and battled really hard to keep the William Alvey attackers at bay. However they managed to score one more in the quarter. The Church Lane attack of Darcy and Madeleine, were very unlucky, having a number of shots between them that narrowly missed. 4-3 with one quarter left to play. 

Church Lane were eager to secure the win and showed excellent detemination in the last quarter. The play was end to end throughout, with excellent passing and interceptions from both teams. It was goal for goal until the final couple of minutes, the scored tied at 6-6. But Church Lane dug in deep and their determination paid off, one goal with a minute to spare, followed by a second as the final whistle was blown! Final score William Alvey 6 v 8 Church Lane. 

Well done to all who played, a FANTASTIC result!

Football v Chestnut Street

On Monday 14th January, the Church Lane Football team travelled to Ruskington to play Chestnut Street in their second league match of the season. Having lost their first match against Winchelsea, the team were keen to get a win. 

The game got off to a slow start, with both teams passing the ball well. Church Lane were the first to make an attack with Connor C putting his shot just over the bar. Chestnut Street played some good attacking football and had a couple of chances on the break. Che made an excellent save early on, keeping the score line at 0-0.

It was Finley who was next to have a chance, his shot went through the keepers legs, who somehow managed to turn around quickly enough to keep it from going over the line. However, it was Chestnut who were first to get on the score sheet, another break in play saw the Chestnut Streer attacker one on one with Che! 1-0 to Chestnut Street at half time. 

The second half saw Church Lane dominate, some much better defending and great attacking football gave them a number of chances. The first came from Connor M's throw in, Kaci managed to get on the end of it, but it was cleared off the line! The second came from Connor C, a great strike from outside the box, but an even more impressive save from the Chestnut Street keeper kept the goals at bay. Connor C made an excellent run down the wing, he was able to pass the ball into Thomas, whose shot was saved again by the keeper! 

Final score Chestnut Street 1 v 0 Church Lane, well done to all who played.