Spring Term 2016

Week beginning 14/03/2016

In literacy this week, we found out what happens when we go to the airport. We used role play to help us understand, then wrote instruction to tell Miss Jack's friends what to do when they go on holiday. Our instructions had numbers to show each step and we even included adverbs of time (first, then , next, after that etc).

In numeracy we've been investigating number bonds, including finding patterns.

In RE this week we have been looking at the story of Easter. We realised that Easter eggs are to remind us of when the stone was rolled away from Jesus' tomb. We decided to decorate our own eggs (boiled first!), decorate them by giving them faces, and then have an egg rolling competition. We had so much fun! Check out our school twitter page to see who won the first roll @SCLPrimary 









On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from the Potato Bus. We learned lots about how they are grown and preppared to sell in Tesco!

























Week beginning 07/03/2016

In literacy this week we have been learning about the different parts of aeroplanes, including the rudder, cockpit and fuselage. We used playdough to sculpt aeroplanes, ensuring they had all the features and discussed our models with the class. We then labelled these on a diagram.









In numeracy we have been finding patterns with number bonds. And helped Jack find different ways to share his magic beans with his mum and Daisy.









In geography we have learned about the UK and know where each country is on a map. We used google maps and atlases to help us.










Week beginning 29/02/2016

In literacy this week we have finished the story of Jack and the beanstalk and thought really carefully about sequencing and writing the whole story. We learned how to use a 'glue word' to join two sentences together (and) and how it is called a conjunction.

In numeracy we have learned about quarters. We know that it means when a shape or amount is shared equally into four parts. We can half then half again to find quarter of a number, even when solving problems.

In science we went on a hunt for wild plants and took a tally of what we could find. We found lots of daisies and ivy!

We had great fun on World Book Day! Check out some snaps from our Readathon...
































Week beginning 22/02/2016

In literacy this week we have started looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have used lots of role play to help us understand how characters are feeling, as well as developing our confidence to perform and share ideas in from of our friends. We have written letters as if we are Jack, so using lots of 'I' and 'me' in our sentences, instead of 'Jack' and 'he'.

In numeracy we have been learning lots about halves - half of shapes AND numbers. We're ace at it!

In science we have started to grow our own magic beans. We think they they will grow best if they are water every day, placed on our windowsill so that it can get light and some heat from the sun. 

In RE we listened to and watched the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible and then thought about how important it is for us to help people, even if they are different form us. We also thought about how we can use our helping hand to help others. We use pastels to create helping hands, which had patterns on.

Week beginning 08/02/2016

In literacy we finished our our Beegu story and wrote a book review. We then rewrote the story!

In numeracy we've been learning how to double numbers. We used paint spots and folded then to see how there was twice as many!

We had a great time at our Alien Tea Party! Check out some of our pictures.

















Week beginning 01/02/2016

You'll never guess what happened in our playground at the weekend... a space ship crash landed! There were footprints coming from the mess leading into our school! We went to investigate and tried our best to answer questions. We even asked some of our own (using question marks at the end!). Take a look...









It turns our it was a creature called Beegu, who accidentally landed here and had lost her parents. We used role play to help us imagine how she might feel and showed what she was thinking in speech bubbles. 

In numeracy we have done some revision, and developed our understanding of tens and ones, finding 10 more and less and even counting backwards in ones.

In science we carried on with thinking about how the weather changes in different seasons.

In art we have finished off our solar systems and painted them after looking closely at the colours of the planets. Some planets were strange colours so we had to do some mixing to get it just right.










Week beginning 25/01/2016

In our literacy lessons this week we have learned about poetry and had a go at writing our own acrostic poems about space. They were fab!

In numeracy we have been learning what it means to half a number. We used butterflies to help us half the total number of spots on their wings. Check us out...









 In our science lesson we started to think about how we might dress depending on the weather. We helped Miss Jack sort out her wardobe so that she wasn't wearing flip flops in the snow!

We had fun using maps in Geography this week! Some moon rocks landed on our back playground and were plotted on a map. Working as a team, we looked at the key to help us figure out where they had landed.










Week beginning 18/01/2016 

In literacy this week we imagined we went to the sun and used our senses to describe what it might be like, using similes and adjectives. We then carried out some research about Neil Armstrong, used a timeline to show importants events for him and wrote a non-fiction text about his life.

In numeracy we have learned about arrays and got to use some magic stars to help us! We also started learning about division (which means sharing eqally). We used chocolate (again!) to help us understand how to make sure they are shared equally.

In art this week we started making a solar system using balloons and paper mache. We're looking forward to finishing these off!


Week beginning 11/01/2016

This week we have been to the moon!

In our literacy lessons we went in our space shuttles and used adjectives and similes to describe the stars. It was the first time we did it and we were brilliant! After days of travelling, by Wednesday we reached the moon. We used our senses to explore what it was like there and wrote awesome descriptions.

In numeracy this week we have been counting groups of objects in 2s, 5s and 10s. We helped Miss Jack count her old pairs of shoes and thought about how many in each pair and how many pairs altogether.

In RE we learned the story of David and Goliath. It taught us we can do anything if we try hard enough. We use our acting skills to perform and gave our friends feedback by telling them something we liked and something they could do better next time. Check out some of our acting...


Week beginning 04/01/2016

Happy New Year! 

Year 1 are back with a bang! This week we have started our Space Adventure with our new topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’. This week we have met our new classroom character; astronaut-in-training, ‘Jim Davies’.

In our literacy we have helped Jim built rocket ships, label diagrams to learn about the different parts of a space shuttle, written safety instructions and explored the process of take off. Check out the pictures from our blast-off performances!









This week, in our numeracy, we have been helping Jim count how many fingers he will need for gloves for his space team. We learnt how to count up in our fives! We’re really good at it… ask us and we’ll prove it to you! We also had a maths test this week and we ALL beat our last scores!

In our science we have started learning about the different seasons and sketched pictures of tree in our playground. We’re looking forward to learning more about this.