Key Stage 2 SATs Timetable 2016

Year 6 will be tested from Monday 9th of May through to Thursday 12th.  The individual subjects are listed below (Maths, English and GaPS). Additional information can be found by clicking 'Information for parents about KS2 SATs' on the left hand side of this page.

Children will be invited for breakfast on these mornings. Further details will be available nearer the time.


Week commencing 21/03/2016

This week, the children have been investigating different nets of 3D shapes, as well as tackling the tricky concept of average (mean, median, mode and range).  Also, the children have been finishing their short stories about a girl who was trapped inside a doll. The Easter service was a success and the children were able to reflect on the stories told. Hope you all have a lovely Easter!



 Week commencing 14/03/2016

This has been a very busy, but exellent week in Year 6. Parents evening was a great success and the children should take the credit for that! They have progressed really well and their work ethic at present is phenomenal.  This week the children have been studying all about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, whilst learning all about nets of those 3D shapes.  In addition, the children have started drafting their own short story all about a young girl who gets trapped inside a porceline doll (very surreal).  I know the children are all ready for their 2 week break - in preparartion for an intense half term following it!   


Week commencing 07/03/2016

Year 6 have been researching the Victorian scientist Charles Darwin and have used this knowledge to create a biography with fascinating facts about him.  The pieces of wrting are fantasting; and very soon the children will have typed them up and put on display outside the Year 6 classroom (perhaps you could come and have a look at parents evening). In numeracy, the children have been looking at ratio and proportion while continuing their arithmetic practise.  Year 6 are keen to teach the class themselves and this week they prepared a powerpoint on key grammar terminology and use of punctuation.


Week commencing 22/02/2016

We are back into the swing of things since Paris and half term.  The children have really knuckled down in full preparation for the SATs that start in May. To the left, I have added a link to all the sample materials for KS2 assessments this year - this will allow you to look at what your children are expected to know and learn ( The Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling paper is a real eye opener!).  This week, Year 6 have been learning how to write a balanced argument about whether Fagin should allow his boys to go out and 'pick pocket'.  This allowed the children to write 'formally' using impersonal writing and explore both sides of the argument.  In maths, the childen have been learning all about reading scales and timetables - which is a unique skill which will help them in their daily lives.


Week commencing 10/02/2016


This week the children have been planning and writing a descriptive piece of literature, which included tension and vivid imagery. Year 6 have excelled in their writing, by including short sentences (for effect), exciting descrition and asking the reader questions to kep them guessing.


In numeracy, the children have been estimating and measuiring angles, while being able to calculate area and volume of rectangles and cubes/cuboids respectively.  in addition, the children's arithmetic is improving week by week.



Week commencing 04/01/2016.

This week, Year 6 have been studying all about the area and perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes.  In addition, the children are continually trying to improve their arithmetic fluency in preparation for their SATs test.

Electricity has been the science topic this week. The children have had an introduction to circuits and components in preparation to investigate different elements and misconceptions.

Here, I am giving the children a glimpse of the components in action.  Year 6 had lots of questions about this, which hopefully they can answer next week!


Year 6 have already achieved so much this year already!  I have been so impressed with the progress they have made.  We have been busy gaining fluency in the four operations in Numeracy, which is in much more depth from that of last year's curriculum.  In Literacy, the writing the children have done is outstanding.  Recently, the children have been learning poetry and how to incorporate many key strategies to accomplish impressive imagery.