Autumn Term 2017

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Week commencing 4.12.17 

   It was Christmas fair week this week so the children discuss and voted for their items to sells at the fair. As a democracy, everbody was allowed and encouraged to pitch in and give their thoughts and ideas which turned out to be a fantastic event. We settled on a 'chocolate emporium' theme. Firstly, we wanted a chocolate fountain and have a variety of items to put on a skewer. Next, we decided to make Oreo Truffles (these were my favourite and tasted incredible!) which were dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with broken Oreos. Finally, we made a slow-cooked hot chocolate. Everything sold and as a school we raised over £500 which is absolutely incredible - so, thank you to all parents and family members for making it such a wonderful event!

Week commencing 27.11.17 

    A strong week of learning happened this week. We are in the depths of Addition and Subtraction now and have begun looking at estimating, linking back to Place Value and our rounding skills to help us complete tricky questions (Fluency, Reasoning and problem solving). All children have attempted some problem solving questions this week, there has been a variety of results but what has pleased me incredibly, is the effort and determination the whole class have shown. What fantastic resilience!!

  In English we began watching our clip of 'The Alchemist's Letter'. The entire class used their inference skills to discuss and disect information from the clip. We then looked at using 'silver and gold' adjectives to help make our writing more interesting.

Week commencing 20.11.17 

    Miss Corfield has been teaching Maths this week, in particular, looking at Addition and Subtraction inverse operations. The children have worked particularly hard on this subject area as it is a challenging concept. We have also been looking at Poetry in English. So far we have created wonderful rhyming poems about a clip called 'Dream' that we have watched. The class produced some incredible descriptions in the build up to this too! Moving on to next week, we will be looking at shape poems and then Hailkus which the children are excited to learn about!!

   We have been continuing discovering Europe, exploring the climate and how that helps certain things grow and live. In science, we conducted an investigation about materials and their properties, the children completing it very well!

Week Commencing 13.11.17 

   This week has been all about Cycling! The class have been completing their Bikeability levels 1 and 2 out on the local Sleaford roads. Everybody had the opportunity to hone their cycling skills at Carre's Grammar School before going out on the roads. This was so they could improve their confidence and knowledge of cycling on roads. Day two, three and four the class cycled along many local roads including busy main roads. The entire class had a fantastic time and have really improved their knowledge of cycling safely along the roads - I was very proud of their magnificent behaviour and attentiveness throughout the week.

Finally, on Friday it was prank the teacher day for Children In Need. The school council decided on forfeits that the staff had to complete in an assembly infront of them and parents. Needless to say, year 5 school councillors decided to pick on Mr Barratt's hair and sprayed it a variety of colours, including glitter!!!! It was lovely the see the children enjoy themselves so much and a fantastic £200 was raised for a great cause. Thank you to everybody that donated!


Week commencing 6.11.17 

Firstly, I'd like to say welcome back after a two week break - I hope you all had an awesome time! Secondly, I'd like to say thank you for the mature and determined way all the pupils have returned, ready to knuckle straight back down and wanting to learn and progress.

This term, we will be learning about Addition and Subtraction in Maths, I'm sure all pupils will be already well-knowledged in this particular area of the curriculum, however, in Year 5 we will be using bigger numbers, different mentsal strategies and more worded problems/multi-step problems.

In English, we will be writing some instructions on a variety of things, so if you're children come home explaining everything in detail to you - I'm sorry! In addition to this, we will be writing some Haiku which are a form of poetry and finally, we will be writing an adventure story that links in with out Geography topic this term - Europe.

Moving on to Geography, we will we visiting many countries along our journey and comparing them to each other, looking at things such as: Climate, Wildlife, Culture, Food and drink, industry and famous landmarks. We will use this knowledge to support our English writing.

A reminder that Year 5 will be swimming for the entirety of this term and next so they will require their swimming kit every Wednesday, please. PE will also continue to be on a Thursday - regular school PE will be required for this.

Homework will be sent out on either a Friday evening and expected to be return finished on the following Monday or a Monday evening and expected to be returned on the Friday morning of the same week.

If we could continue to read with our children for at least 3 times a week, this would be fantastic - I must add this has improved dramatically recently and I can see the children improving their reading aloud skills but also their comprehension of texts - so, thank you and keep going!!

Week commencing 9.10.17 

   Bonjour!! This week year 5 had an exciting afternoon as Miss Melloy joined us to teach us some French! The children learnt how to have a simple conversation with each other but not only that, they were able to translate what they were saying back to English! It is always a fun time when Miss Melloy visits and we look forward to our weekly French lessons from her!!

    READ ALL ABOUT IT! Year 5 have finished their newspaper report on the infamous Battle of Marathon. They have told me all about how Pheidippides ran 240km to Sparta to ask for help, then participating in the battle before running another 26miles back to Athens before he unfortunately died!

    We continue to work through place value in Maths, this process has allowed the children to really look at Place Value in greater depth and give themselves a better understanding of how number works!

Week commencing 2.10.17 

    As the end of term draws closer and the children begin to understand what it takes to be a year 5, progress is good. The class have shown great attitude towards all of their core work (place value and non-chronological report writing).

    This week we began writing a newspaper report about the infamous Battle of Marathon. The children have used their knowledge from lessons to create a dramatic newspaper article. We will continue this next week.

   In place value the children are showing great consolidation and mastery of Maths and continue to develop their knowledge and understanding.

   During afternoon lessons we have been painting our Greek pots.

Week commencing 25.9.17  

    It was our Harvest Festival this week and year 5 decided to say thank you to the local farmers by using their products to bake carrot cakes. The children independently weighed, mixed and shared out the mixture in to cases before helping Mr Barratt and Natalie put them in the oven to bake. The results were fabulous! We even made enough to take home and donate to the teachers to say thank you for their hard work during Harvest time...

    Our first big write in year 5 has been completed and they were fantastic. 28 brilliant, informative non-chronological reports, with some children already showing their ability to include most of the punctuation marks such as; semi-colons and colons, parenthesis (brackets), commas and dashes too - very impressive.

   We continue to study Place Value at a greater depth in Maths, looking at problems solving, explaning why an answer is or isn't correct and writing numbers way beyond what is needed into the hundred millions and even billions!!

  Furthermore, we have been continuing our journey around space and going back in time to discover the Battle of Marathon during Ancient Greek times.


Week commencing 18.9.17_

    This week we have had the pleasure of a visit from Mr Clay to see how well we have been doing in Maths. During the week, year 5 have been learning about sequences and counting through zero in to negative numbers. As well as this the class have absolutely smashed rounding numbers!!

   We have been planning our first Year 5 big write in English. The children have obtained lots of knowledge on space through lessons and research on ipads. It will now be down to them to give their reader all of that knowledge in an interesting and insightful way through a non-chronological report.

   We have continued to learn about Ancient Greece, this time looking at the Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses.

In our Art and DT lessons we have been designing our handmade pots.

Week commencing 11.9.17 


We have had such a hectic week this week. In English, we have been studying and learning about Adverbials and Adjectives. We discussed why we include these in sentences and how much they improve the entertainment value of reading work with it in. We have created and edited our work to include these and the results have been fabulous!

In Maths, we continue our Place Value journey. This time we were looking at ordering and comparing numbers, showing different representations of numbers and finding the value of integers in whole numbers.

Science and Topic have been interesting. The children have shown great interest in Space and planets, we have had extremely intellegent conversations and discussions regarding these and I look forward to every lesson. In Topic, we have learnt all about how the Ancient Greeks formed a democracy and how they helped shape democracy in today's world.


Week commencing 5.9.17 

Welcome to year 5, everybody! It has been an eventful, busy and manic week! It was nice to see the children settle in so well to their new surroundings. The group have understood the expectations of the year and how we are going to work together going forward. 

I have been particularly impressed by the work ethic of the entire group, who have worked extremely hard in all subject areas. We have had a taster of Space and Earth in our science lessons. We have studied a snippet about Ancient Greece and have been looking at adverbials and adjectives in English. Finally, in Maths we have been entering the journey of Place Value.

A HUGE well done to all the children so far, long may it continue!!