At Church Lane Primary School and Nursery, we embrace the Mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Our teachers will ensure that mathematical skills are taught every day. Teachers use a mixture of resources to support with their teaching including White Rose small steps and Power Maths. In addition to this, staff ensure children receive access to concrete and pictorial representations to aide with the children’s understanding of Mathematical concepts.  Staff also use cross curricular opportunities to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency where possible.

Our pupils understand the importance of mathematics and are encouraged to be confident in the subject and to apply the skills that they learn to reasoning and problem solving tasks.  In each lesson we build on skills and understanding in a step by step and progressive way. During independent tasks all children will start with several Fluency questions and once this has been mastered they will move onto reasoning and then problem solving. Children receive instant feedback in Maths and immediate intervention is given to those who need it.

The school is part of the NCETM Maths Hub and we continue to develop our practice in line with theirs. Our Maths lead is currently working for the Maths Hub as a Primary Maths Specialist delivering workshops and supporting schools on their Maths Mastery Journey. This means that school regularly has visitors coming into school to observe Model Maths practice. In 2019, the school was one of 4 chosen to take part in a DFE report looking at the impact of Mastery Maths on Primary aged children.

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