Spring Term 2018

This term we are learning:

Term 3

W/C: 26/3/18

Some amazing work this week in Year 3. In English, the children have finished their short stories and written them up in neat. In Maths the children worked hard to complete their work on fractions, with some excellent results in the test. 

The children carried out an experiment using coke and mentos! An explosion similar to that seen in a volcano occured, much to the childrens delight! Luckily we had quite a few bottles of coke, so we had lots of goes!

Well done to all the children on all their hard work this term, enjoy the Easter break!

W/C: 19/3/18

Another busy week in Year 3! The children have been working hard in English, looking at the use of direct speech! They have also planned their own story, all about their own space character and have started to write the introduction and build up!

In Maths the children have been finding fractions of amounts, dividing the amount by the denominator and then multiplying by the numerator. The children have worked really hard on this and we will continue to develop it further next week. 

The children have been looking at the days of the week in French, learning a simple song to help them remember them!

"Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche"

On Friday the children dressed in their sports gear for Sport Relief! In Year 3, we had a variety of different outfits, including a horse rider, a Kuk Sool Wang fighter, Footballers and Mrs Smith came in her Netball kit! In the afternoon the children took part in an hour of sports activities, with the challenge of who could move the most!

A number of Year 3 pupils also took part in a Tri-Golf event at Carre's Grammar School!


W/C: 12/3/18

This week in English, the children have been creating their own space character!

We have read the first chapter of our class book, Monkey Madness, which has inspired us to create our own short stories!

In Maths, the children have been ordering simple fractions, from smallest to largest and largest to smallest! All the fractions have the same denominator, which hasn't made it too difficult! However next week we will be looking at fractions with different denominators!

Year 3 were very lucky this week to have two treats! The first was a trip inside the Space dome, the children weere taken on a journey deep into outer space, looking at the stars and planets in our Solar system, they even got to see the sunset on Mars!

The second of the two treats involved cooking! The children had a visit from the ladies from Farm Kitchen, who cook our Hot School Meals. They all joined in, making a creamy chicken and cocconut curry! The children have a copy of the recipe, so you can try it at home. We also discussed how to make the curry a vegetarian or vegan option, something else you can try at home!


W/C: 5/3/18

A very bust week in Year 3, the children have been focusing on writing instructions and finished the week with their big write. 'How to keep Satnik alive". The children created thier own instructions and looked at what they needed to do to keep him safe. They talked about how he needed food, water, warmth, exercise and needed to be kept clean. 

In Topic the children have been learning about the first moon landing and watched a video of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time. 

They have started a Power Point Presentation on Michael Foale, an astronaught from Louth! We will be continuing with this for the rest of the term. 

W/C: 26/2/18

A good second week back, which was unfortunately cut short due to the weather. I hope you all enjoyed your snow days!

In English, the children have started to develop their own set of instructions. This will be developed further next week with their big write of how to look after an alien!

In Maths we have been continuing with our work on fractions and will be looking at adding and subtracting fractions next week, as well as looking at equivalent fractions. 

We have also been looking at how to use Power Point in computing. The children spent time exploring how they can change text, colurs etc as well as adding pictures and animation. 

W/C: 19/02/18

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely relaxing half term.

Year 3 have come back on full force. We have begun the term looking at instructions in English. We have looked at the different features included and worked on lots of different skills to make our own instructions. On Friday, we had to write down instructions 'How to make a Jam Sandwich'. The children took this in their stride and quickly told me that this was 'too easy'. So, because this was too easy, the children had to tell me exactly what to do... they realised very quickly that instructions have to be VERY precise! One group made me wash my hands with the bread- safe to say that bread was not edible! Another group didn't tell me how much jam to use or what to use, so the whole jar went on with my hands. We realised very quickly, instructions are not easy but can be very funny indeed!

In Maths we have started looking at Fractions. So far we have looked at what a fraction is and know that it is very important the parts are EQUAL. We have also been counting up and down in tenths and solving problems relating to this. 

We started our Topic 'Michael Foale' who is our local Historian. He is an astronaut, who now works for NASA, he is originally from Louth, Lincolnshire. We looked at the Space Race between the USSR (Russia) and the US (America), we researched the different tasks to be completed and who won them. Overall, the US won! We cannot wait to continue learning about this Topic.

A great first week back, well done Year 3!

Don't forget World Book Day is on Thursday 1st March- dress up as your favourite book character.

W/C: 29/01/18

We have been busy yet again! This week in Maths we have been using the short division method to divide larger numbers. We have practiced this alot and have finally cracked it ready for our post-test next week!

In English we have completed final plans for our myth. We are writing the 13th impossible Labor of Hercules. We have designed a mythical creature, created a hero (Hercules) and picked our setting. Next week, we are writing our own myth to add to the previous 12 Labors that he managed to complete!

In Topic, we have been looking at the Roman army in particular. We found out that they all lived in a 'Fort' together and all had different roles within the forts. We looked at their weapons, what equipment they had when they went to battle and also how they organised their legionnaires. Did you know there are 6,000 soldiers per legionnaire? 

You'll have to check next weeks post; we are going to be marching in soldier formation!

W/C: 22/01/18

This week in Topic, we were looking why the Romans used columns to build with as well as the arches last week. We looked at a range of Roman buildings that have columns even ones still around today. We had the task of building a Roman building using columns and pediments (the triangle stone block on the roof) using just paper. Here are some of us having a go...


In Maths, we have begun looking at dividing and knowing that this is sharing a number. In Year 3 we must share EQUALLY! We used Base 10 and Place Value counters to help us understand how to share larger numbers beyond our times tables.

For English, we have planned and written our Mythical Creature character descriptions. We created a success criteria to help us make our writing really exciting. Some of the skills were; alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes and adverbs! WE have really impressed Mrs Barratt with our writing skills. These character descriptions will help us plan our myth, which will be 'The 13th impossible Labor for Hercules'.


W/C: 15/01/18

We have had yet another very busy week!

This week in English, we have looked at a range of Mythical creatures and designed our own ones. Some look like humans but are deadly inside; others look very scary and are still very evil inside! We are all ready to create a character description of our Roman Mythical Creatures next week now.

In Topic, we have been looking at Roman settlements. We were investigating arches and why the Romans used them to build with, especially big buildings like the coliseum! Here we are experimenting, we tested to see which bridge would be stronger- no arches, 1/2/3 or 4 arches. We found that 2 or more arches seemed to have the same strength and carry the same weight!

In Ict this week, Joe was talking to us about e-safety and how to stay safe online. We spoke about privacy settings and how to make sure only the people we want to see it can and also about cyber bullying and what to do if this happens.

In Maths this week, we have been working on multiplying larger numbers. To do this we have looked at partitioning the numbers and multiplying and also using a formal written method. We have worked extremely hard to grasp all the concepts and have cracked it! Next week we are going to be beginning division.


After our first full week back, our brains are already soaking everything in!

We have had a very busy week- In Science; we completed our first experiment ensuring it was s a fair test. We were testing which surface had the least friction. This experiment was looking at a range of surfaces including: carpet, sandpaper, sponge, rubber and plastic and finding out which surface allowed the car to travel the furthest. Which surface would you have predicted had the least friction?

In English, we have continued to look at other myths. These include: Prometheus and Io and The Oak and the Linden Tree. Both myths tell a different moral at the end. We are really enjoying reading these myths- some of the gods and goddess are evil though and use their powers for evil things! We also included a bit of acting for one of the myths....Frankie was Queen of the gods 'Juno, Lukus was King of the gods 'Jupiter' and Sophia was a beautiful princess 'Io'. Frankie (Juno) was very jealous of Sophia's (Io's) beauty and the fact that Lukus (Jupiter) loved her, so Frankie (Juno) turned her into a cow and gave her to an evil monster with 100 hundred eyes called Argus!! 

In Maths, we are working really hard still learning our times tables- also including the division facts to go with these. We practice chanting them every day, why not try and test us at home- just the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.

A great full week- well done Year 3!

W/C: 03/01/18

Welcome to 2018!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year.

Year 3 have come back with a bang! We have started our new topic 'Rotten Romans' and found out about their ruling system- it seemed manic, especially when the Republic ruled! This has linked in nicely with our English; we are looking at Roman Myths. This week we have looked at what a myth is, we then moved onto our first myth 'Romulus and Remus'. WE have many more that we will read in English.

In Maths, we have started our multiplication and division unit of work. Well done to all those children who went home and practiced their 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables- you can definitely tell in the classroom! 

In Science we are looking at 'Forces and Magnets', we started the week off looking at a few basic forces; push, pull and twist.