Summer Term 2016


Week commencing 18/07/2016

Year 6 have had a light week.  As it's their last week in primary school, we have decided to do fun activities for most of the week.  The children have been to the park, gone swimming and had a film and popcorn party.  On Monday evening, the children were amazing when reading their memories to the parents at graduation.  I am looking forward to tracking their progress in future years and wish them all the very best.


Week commencing 11/07/2016

Year 6 have had a very busy week!  They have performed their production to the parents on Tuesday, whilst preparing to peak on Thursday evening (the final performance).  While the children have been busy rehearsing, they have been learning all about finding the area and circumference of circles - in preparation for secondary school.  In addition, Year 6 have been reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', which the children are enjoying immensely.

Please remember it is the Butlins trip on Friday. The children will need their swimming kit and packed lunch.  Also, it is non school uniform.


Week commencing 04/07/2016

This was a very busy week in Year 6. On Tuesday and Thursday, the children helped Miss Dix to do EYFS and KS1 Sports Days.  The children really enjoyed helping the young ones work hard at their sport.  On Friday, Year 6 (along with the rest of KS2) had their own sports day; the children worked tremendously hard, even though the teacher race was a fix!  Special congratulations must go to Carley Mantle who achieved 'Pupil of the Year 2016' in Lincolnshire.  This is an outstanding achievement and the whole school are immensly proud of her!

Week commencing 27/06/2016

This was a short week for Year 6, because on Friday the children went to visit their secondary school ready for September.  The rest of the week was spent rehearsing for the upcoming performance of 'The Pirates of the Curry Bean'. The dates production, graduation and awards assembly are listed below:

08/07/2016 - KS2 Sports Day and School Disco (evening)

12/07/2016 - Production (1.30pm start)

14/07/2016 - Production (6.30pm start)

15/07/2016 - Butlins Trip

18/07/2016 - Graduation (TTBA)

22/07/2016 - Awards Assembly (1.30pm start)


Week commencing 20/06/2016

It was an action packed week in Year 6. On Monday the children enjoyed a Samba drumming workshop, which was perfect to co-incide with the week's Brazilan theme.  The children really enjoyed learning how to play the drums to a Latin American style.  Additionally, the children have been researching all about key aspects of Brazilian life, such as: Amazon Rainforest, Rio, sport and the contrasting lives in Brazil's large cities and what life is like in the Brazilian favelas. On Wednesday, Year 6 spent the whole morning learning the Samba dance, which the children showcased in an assembly that day.  Finally, Miss Dix taught the children how to play blind football, ensuring that the key to playing is to listen! Year 6 were the last class to take part in their nominated sport for the Olympic/Paralympic sport week. Sport pictures

Week commencing 13/06/2016

So much has happened already this week in Year 6, with the children having had numerous visits from guests from the local community.  On Monday, Dan from E -Safety gave the children a very interesting lesson on how to look after ourselves on the the internet, while Father Ruben came in to introduce himself to the children and explained that he helps the secondary schools with their pastoral care, so it was ideal for the children to get to know him ready for September. In addition, St George's Acadamy helped Year 6 on Tuesday afternoon with their writing, by reading out 4 exceptional pieces that the secondary school pupils had produced.


 Week commencing 06/06/2016

This week, the children in Year 6 have been locked in a political debate about whether to remain in the European Union.  This has fuelled their need to produce a balanced argument to help the people of Britain make a careful and calculated decision in preparation for the end of June vote! The other big task this week was to continue to rehearse the end of year production; the class are doing exceptionally well.


Week commencing 16/05/2016

This week, the children have auditioned and been given their roles.  This was a tough auditioning process, with incredibilty difficult decisions to be made.  Now, the children can focus their energies on learning their lines, whilst perfecting their actions.  Also, Year 6 have been writing a diary entry - when Aladdin first saw Jasmine in the busy, bustling market place.


Week commencing 09/05/2016

Year 6 have had a really tough week. On Monday, the children found the reading paper extremely tough, however, they never gave up and worked really hard - I was so impressed with them.  Tuesday, the children embarked on a voyage of punctuation, grammar and spelling; they found them easier than the previous day's test.  To complete the dramatic week of tests, the children had 3 maths papers over 2 days.  I was extremely proud of how they all conducted themselves during this stressful period of time.  Now, the children are gearing up for their end of year production, with auditions taking place to secure the leading roles.


Week commencing 24/04/2016

This week the children have been exceptional!  There are really trying to push themselves to be ready for the upcoming SATs.  This week they have mainly been working in pairs to help teach each other anyb gaps that may arise.  Below is today's numeracy lesson where the children are teaching each other.


Week commencing 11/04/2016

After a long 2 weeks off from school, the children are really back into the swing of things.  Year 6 have been busy preparing for their SATs.  I have been extremely impressed by their focus and dedication since they have returned from the Easter break.  The main focus this week has been to get the children to know what 20 minutes feels like, so they can pace themselves through the papers.  On Friday, I decided to answer a section of a reading paper myself, with the children harshly marking (in pairs) my efforts and explaining what I need to improve. My average group score out of 18 was 5.5 (I obviously answered them incorrectly, so they could see what a silly mistake was!!).  

Here are the children in their pairs trying to make my score as low as possible!