Summer Term 2017

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What are we learning in Term 5?

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W/C: 03/10/17

We have had such an amazing week, it was Sports Day! The children had such an amazing day. All the children worked super hard showing determination, self belief, respect and team work to not only their own team but towards other teams too.


W/C: 26/06/17

Another week by and Year 3 are still working their socks off! We have finally finished our last Big Write in English, this was an informal letter to our best friend telling them about what we saw when we were fishing! The letters blew Miss Jackson's socks off they were that good! 

In Maths we have been continuing to solve tricky problems and explaining the way our brains work to work out these calculations- next week we are having a go at algebra; this will be exciting!

In Topic we have been learning about different festivals in Spain. The best one is 'La Tomatina' this festival looks incredible because it is the biggest tomato fight ever! There are some rules they have to follow but everybody enjoys it. We wonder why England doesn't have a festival like this!?


In Science, we looked at how blind people read and fin things they want. We now know they have a special alphabet called Braille to help them read. Their alphabet is based around dots that are slightly raised and as they run their finger over the top they understand what it says (they are so clever!). We got to have a go writing a sentence in Braille; it was tricky but fun to learn about.


W/C: 19/06/17

Week 3 has been and gone! We are so close to starting our Big Write in English. We have planned our informal letter to our best friend telling him all about the night we saw the Iron Man just stood there in the distance eating the barbed wire, also how we lured him closer and trapped him in the farmers deep hole. Miss Jackson can't wait to read them! In Maths we are one step closer, we are completing a range of reasoning and problem solving questions where there are a range of answers and even where we have to write our own question that matches the answer given.

Topic was great this week, we got to use the IPads again to research key football players from the famous team Real Madrid in Spain and create Top Trump cards to show all their stats and figures to show what great players they are.

The Summer fair was amazing! We sold all but three of our pencil pots, which shows just how amazing they were, thanks to our parents and carers for coming down to show your support!

W/C: 12/06/17

Year 3 are back in the swing of working hard! In English we have been looking at the key skills to write an informal letter. We looked at the similarities and differences between formal and informal letters, how letters are structured and ordered. In Maths we have been multiplication and division, this has mainly been looking at our raid recall of our 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables. We are really good at these though!

In Topic we researched a range of different buildings that have sentimental value in Madrid, they included the Cathedral, Gate of the sun and the Royal Palace. These are fascinating buildings and have a huge amount of History, we used the IPads to find out and answer questions about them. We really want to go to Madrid to see them in real life!

Don't forget the Summer Fair Friday next week, lots of exciting things to be sold and games to be played and food to be eaten!!

W/C: 05/06/17

A fantastic first week back and my, hasn't it been busy! We had settled back into full swing really well in Year 3! We have come back to working on addition and subtraction calculations using mental and formal methods. We moved onto reasoning and problem solving very quickly as the children were cracking through the challenges! 

In English we have started reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. Wow, what an author! His writing is amazing and we have enjoyed reading just chapter 1 and 2 this week. We have used lots of his ideas to help build our own sentences, inferred what the text is about and what it could mean and also recapping our basic punctuation.

In Science our topic is Light. This week we looked at different light sources and what reflects light. We now know that the moon is not a light source and that it is actually reflected from the sun. We thought about the absence of light and how it can affect us on a daily basis. So Miss Jackson took away light and we were left in darkness and had to complete simple tasks with the help from our friends....


W/C: 22/05/17

The final week of term 5 has gone already! What a week we have had; In science we have been making fossils after learning all about them last week:


Also this week in Art, we exploded our rockets! This was great fun- we used a bottle and straws to design our rocket then used bicarbonate soda and distilled vinegar to cause a reaction and watch them shoot up into space!

A great week by all! Have a fab half term and see you all back in a week ready for the final term in Year 3!

W/C: 15/05/17

Another week has flown by, we have begun looking at instructions in English including adverbs of time, adverbs and imperative verbs. We will need to use these skills to write our own instructions to keep our 'Space pet' alive. 

In Maths, we have finished recapping Place Value. This has involved lots of mastery questions where the children had to investigate missing numbers and explaining their answers. We ended the week with an assessment and WOW didn't we do well!

In Art with Fiona, Year 3 have created and made rockets ready to explode next week! Check this page out next week for pictures and videos of the big take off!

In Science we have also learnt about how fossils are formed. We were surprised when we found out fossils develop over millions and millions of years. First of all and animal or plant dies, the soft parts rot away and the skeleton remains, next bits of mud, rock, sand, dust etc cover the skeleton and layer up. These layers are called sediment, which compress into a rock. After this process, (millions of years later) the sediment is worked away by the rain and wind along with the movement of Earth through earthquakes and the fossil moves closer to the surface. Eventually, the fossil is either uncovered or found and paleontologists work together to find out about the fossil.

W/C: 08/05/17

Wow! Another week has passed- Year 3 is flying by!

This has been a really tough week; Year 6 had their SATs all week which we are very proud of them for succeeding through a tough week. But also, we had to work hard and silently (which was tough!). So we took this challenge and accepted, in English we completed our big write. We all wrote an adventure story where our Space Pet created carnage! Miss Jackson even thinks that our stories are just as good as the stories we read at the beginning of term!

In Maths, we are working really hard on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We know that fluency is a recap of previous learning, reasoning in Maths is where we have to justify our reasoning by explaining or showing using a model and finally, problem solving involves us having to find more than one answer and playing around with numbers. So far we are doing really well, there are some really tricky ones but we are overcoming these difficulties and getting much better especially at our reasoning skills!

In Topic this week, we have been creating a biography all about Michael Foale. We are using the program 'PowerPoint' on the computers to create a range of skilled slides to tell everyone about Michael Foale. They have to include; different fonts, different sizes of writing, colour change, backgrounds, animations, pictures and transitions. These are looking great- can't wait to see the finished products!

W/C: 01/05/17

Another 4 day week has been completed, however we have still worked just as hard as a 5 day week! We have finally completed working on shape in Maths. We have looked at parallel and perpendicular lines and how to remember them, also we know about horizontal and vertical lines and even created a picture to show all 4 lines together. We finished off the unit with a post test and we all cracked it!

In English we have finished looking at the skills needed to write a narrative, including; adverbs, conjunctions and adjectives then completed our planning sheet. Our narrative story will include a space pet and two children who go on an exciting adventure- unfortunately the space pets gets up to lots of mischief! Will the children get things back to normal before being caught?

In Science, we have been learning about volcano's. We know there are different types of volcanos and there is a volcano in Hawaii that has constantly been erupting since the 1990's! We looked at the damage a volcano causes to people and towns, but also how volcanos can improve the land and soil after an eruption. 

W/C: 24/04/17

Every Wednesday since Christmas, Year 3 were selected out of the whole school to complete a year program to help us get fit. This program is called 'DanceFit' which entails a range of stretches, games, activities and teamwork alongside music to help us all get fit and hopefully see an improvement in our stamina. This is an extra hour on top of our normal PE lessons with Mrs Smith too! We have so much fun and enjoy working with Rachel. Here we are in action:



If you would like to see some more pictures, please click here to be taken to our gallery page. 

W/C: 18/04/17

Welcome back Year 3!

Now, that half term was needed and well deserved, but we must get back to the hard stuff!

In English we have began our new novel 'Monkey Madness' by Jan Burchett. Inside this book there are short crazy stories all about space pets. The first character we have been introduced is Fizz, Fizz is a Satnik (a type of animal from Saturn). Fizz is like a dog apparently, but has a trumpet nose and is purple with yellow spots! She is busy looking for ants on her visit to Earth- however; her Satpad is slightly confused and should be looking for a kangaroo. We have read a few pages so far; from this we have designed our own Space pet and described what it looks like and what it can do!

In Maths so far, we have been looking at geometry (shape). We started with turns, we used North, South, East and West to look at different turns and what each turn represents e.g. half a turn, quarter of a turn which then moved onto right angles and that this is worth 90o. This will continue next week too!

For our exciting topic this term, we are researching and finding lots out about 'Michael Foale', he is an astronaut originally from Louth. This week, we have investigated the Space race- who it is between and what they achieved! Wouldn't it be so much better to work together than against each other?!

I'm really excited to see how the next 5 weeks go and what new things we learn!