Summer Term 2019

W.C 17.06.19

Another busy week here in Year 1, we’ve turned our attention to our new topic, the Great Fire of London. We are beginning to uncover the events of 1666, using descriptive adjectives in our writing after watching a video of Pudding Lane in London. In our History lesson we have created a timeline of the events of those fateful few days, talking about how long the fire lasted and how it was put out.

In Maths we’ve been testing – to see what we know from our fractions lessons and to see what we know about place value before we began our return to the section, this time looking at numbers all the way up to 100. We’ve then started our counting, using a 100 square, working on recognising numbers in digits and words and reminding ourselves of tens and ones.

In Science we have continued to investigate materials, this time looking at their properties. We have even had time for a Music lesson this week. Everyone particularly enjoyed the grown-ups singing the rap lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air….!


Group 1: what, when, should, would, could

Group 2: day, put, and, not, that

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th - transition afternoons to meet new Year 2 teachers.

W.C 10.06.19

In our English lessons this week we have been continuing to prepare for the Phonics Screening Check. We have been playing board games and completing our Monster Phonics booklets, making sure we have lots of practise for the test. We have all tried our best this week and have done a great job of the check. All finished now! We did have chance for a grammar lesson and we learned how to add the suffixes er and est to a root word.

In Maths we’ve been completing our fractions work with some learning about quarters. We know that a quarter is one part out of 4 and have been working hard to remember that these have to be equal parts. We have worked on finding a quarter of a shape and also an amount. With practise we’re getting better at it and have even tried finding three quarters as well as finding out what the whole is when we’re given one quarter.

In Science this week we’ve been sorting materials and their properties. In History we discussed the Great Fire of London and compared firefighters from 1666 and present day. In our RE lesson we discussed the Muslim prayer ritual of Salat and drew our own prayer mats.


Group 1: many, hour, water, people, climb

Group 2: by, so, was, were, you

W.C 03.06.19

Welcome back! We’re in the home stretch now, just a few more weeks together in Year 1 before the long summer holidays. We hope you all had a lovely break, Miss Cragg got a new puppy so she is rather sleep deprived already and the term has only just begun!

In English this week we’ve been concentrating on Phonics, ready for the nation-wide statutory Phonics Screening Check which begins next week. We’ve been playing all manner of Phonics games and have been working through Phonics colouring booklets practising our alien words and real words and looking out for those special friends, letters that when they are together make a certain sound. Our homework this week is a sheet of real and nonsense words to be read at home with an adult. Everyone can spot the special friends and tell the grown-ups those first, then sound out (Fred Talk) and say the word. We will be continuing to practise Phonics next week too whilst we are doing the checks.

In Maths we’ve begun our work on fractions, this week looking at half. We discussed how we could half a shape and noticed that the two parts have to be completely equal for it to be fair. We had a little birthday party for Miss Cragg on Monday and cut all of our party food into half! We’ve also been halving a quantity into two equal groups and were challenged to see if we could divide an odd number between two. We concluded that odd numbers mean that there will always be one left over or unequal groups, we cannot divide them between two – only even numbers. We also related our learning to the part-whole model and used this to share equally. We then were given only one half of an amount and had to work out how to find the other part and the whole. We know that both halves are the same and that to find the whole we needed to add both parts together. Next week we will be learning about quarters.


In Science we have begun a new topic, materials. In our lesson this week we began to discuss some different materials, passing them around our circle and thinking about what they look and feel like. We observed wood, plastic, glass, water, metal and rock. In PSHE we began to think about changes, how we change as we grow. We made comparisons to the animal kingdom, looking at how frogspawn develop and played a matching game to find the younger and adult version of an animal, insect or plant. In History we created a timeline and talked about how to read dates. We then began to look at our final topic, the Great Fire of London. We spoke about differences between the past and present, thinking about how people dressed, where they lived, how they travelled and what streets were like.


Group 1:  move, half, whole, circle, people

Group 2: me, my, you, today, said

Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 3rd July – KS1 Sports Day at 1:30pm on the school field

Friday 12th July – Summer Fayre from 2pm

Friday 19th July – KS1 Disco 6-7pm in the school hall

Tuesday 23rd July – 1:30pm CLASS Award Assembly – all welcome

Tuesday 23rd July – last day of school (children to go home after awards ceremony)

Wednesday 4th September – first day back at school

W.C 20.05.19


W.C 13.05.19

We are very proud to belong to the Church Lane community this week, the big Year 6’s and Year 2’s have worked their socks off and have tried so hard with their SATs. A huge well done to them.

In Year 1 we’ve had a week with much less pressure. In English we have finished our story and finally found out what happened to Beegu after she crashed her spaceship on Earth. We have written about the unfriendly big Earth creatures and the hopeful small ones as well as write a character description about Beegu using lots of lovely adjectives. Next week we will look at sentence structure, decide if sentences need a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark as well as retell the story of Beegu’s adventure.

In Maths this week we have carried on with multiplication and division, finishing off this unit. We have learned about sharing and sharing circles and managed to recap arrays with much more success this time! We can make equal groups, and some of us can even use the multiplication and division signs to write number sentences. On Monday we will do a post-test to see how much we have learnt during the whole unit. Next week we will begin to learn about position and direction, looking at left and right, full, half and quarter turns.


In Science we discussed the importance of a healthy diet and exercise to humans and sorted some healthy food into our lunchbox. We know that we need fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and water in our diet. In our History lesson we learned about George Stephenson, the father of the railways and the Industrial Revolution. We know that he lived a long time ago. In ICT we used the BeeBots to continue to learn about algorithms, developing our understanding of left and right turns – a nice link to our position and direction learning in Maths which will be coming next week! We used the BeeBots to move in a square, practising our turns and commands before programming. In RE we learned about Christianity and specifically the story of the Good Samaritan. We understand how the Bible tells Christians how to treat each other and how to live their lives.


Group 1

think, people, again, know, busy

Group 2

of, here, there, go, to

Dates for your diary:

Last day of term – Friday 4th May

Return to school – Monday 3rd June

W.C 07.05.19

Well, we could get used to three day weekends but there is something about a four day week that gets us all in a muddle! A tough week in terms of behaviour but we’re trying hard to pull our socks up, remember what good friends do and think about our manners.

In English this week we’ve continued to investigate the story of poor Beegu, our alien friend who has crash-landed in a rather unkind world. We have been exploring our use of feeling words, creating a word bank that we can use instead of the word ‘sad’ which has rather become the bane of Miss Cragg’s life! We are now using ‘heartbroken’, ‘glum’, ‘miserable’ and ‘hopeless’ in our writing, which is getting better all the time. This week Beegu has tried to make friends with a box of puppies and ended up in a school playground, lets hope she doesn’t make a return visit to us next week!

In Maths we have been working hard continuing with our multiplication and division topic, moving on to finding double. We know we have to add the same number again and the importance of equals. The importance of equal groups has also carried into our learning about grouping, we’ve been trying to count out a specific number of objects and then sort them into equal groups of a certain number. Next week we are going to look at sharing, before finishing the week recapping arrays – we found them VERY tricky.


In our Science lesson we learnt about the five senses. We can identify things that we can smell, touch, hear, taste and see. In ICT we worked to create algorithms for the BeeBots to follow and in RE we learned about the importance of the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan. In our History lesson we continued to look into the history of travel and transport, this time looking at how cars have changed over the years.


Group 1

sure, half, double, after, clothes

Group 2

me, you, she, we, be

W.C 29.04.19

We’ve been working hard this week and expectations of us all have increased. We are starting to look and think ahead to Year Two now, and both working independently in our lessons as well as coming into school independently is expected of us in that year group. Please support us where you can – in lesson times children are provided with all the tools they need to complete any work set, and if there is a problem with understanding we deal with that by intervention and small group work. Coming into school please assist us by reassuring your child that they are big and grown-up now, and perfectly capable of everything that is being asked! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In English this week we have found out lots more information about Beegu. We know that she is an alien and that her spaceship has crashed. We know that she has been asking questions to rabbits and to leaves, but has been upset that no-one has answered her. We also know that her mother sounds like the ring of a telephone and that she would like to find a friend. We’ve found lots of words to use instead of ‘sad’ when we are describing her feelings and have been very empathetic in our responses to her plight.

In Maths we have moved on to multiplication and arrays, which we have spent all week using, building and reading. We are beginning to understand that rows go across like in a cinema or a theatre, and that columns go down like on a building. We are working hard to learn how to count the rows and the columns and use that information to write a repeated addition number sentence.  Next week we will begin to learn about doubles.


In Science this week we have been looking at the human body, identifying and labelling the different parts. In our ICT lesson with Mrs Smith we have used bossy, imperative verbs to give instructions to make a Mr Potato Head. In History we have learned about Viking longships.


Group 1

kind, many, busy, they, there

Group 2

this, out, in, he, was 

Dates for your diary:

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May

W.C 23.04.19

Welcome back! We hope you had a happy and safe Easter break and you are suitably filled to the brim with chocolate! A good first week back has been had by all here; we’ve crammed enough work in to four days to keep us going for a long time. It’s a short termlet this time round though!

In English we have been introduced to our new book for the half term, Beegu, by Alexis Deacon. Beegu’s spaceship crashed in our outdoor area as you might have seen! What a mess she made. We have been detectives investigating that crash site, looking for clues and starting to think about where Beegu has come from and what she will do next. We have made some great predictions about what might happen in the story and also spent some time on SPaG, adding the suffix –ed to a word to change the meaning and the tense. We will continue to explore this text further next week.


In Maths we have started on our multiplication and division section. We have been making equal groups using mathematical vocabulary such as equal, unequal and equivalent. We know that having equal groups means they are all the same. We’ve had time to be practical and also to use our skip counting skills, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We’ve also reminded ourselves of addition, this time not just adding two numbers together but adding all of our equal groups in a repeated addition number sentence. We will be moving on to making arrays next week, talking about rows which go across and columns which go down.


In our ICT lesson with Mrs Smith we began to talk about algorithms and giving instructions. We used Lego to demonstrate and took photographs using an iPad. In our History lesson we have begun to look at the history of travel and transport, making a timeline of modes of transport through the ages. Next week we will look at Viking longships.


Group 1

prove, both, only, told, everybody

Group 2

just, now, saw, all, so